Bell Peppers

A Red Hot Guide to Our Favorite Chile Peppers

This is a partial field guide to peppers. With upwards of 2,000 kinds of chile peppers in the world, it's hard to catch 'em all, but we delved in and picked a peck: 19 of our favorite peppers, from...

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Questions about roasting peppers...

by FitMom4Life 9 years ago

I tried roasting peppers for the first time this weekend. I was somewhat disappointed I think, as I felt like I ended up with far less pepper than I have when I just cut them up and cook them. Fo...

bottled roasted red peppers

by divadmas 6 years ago

These are great on a sandwich. But once you open the bottle they don't keep well, they go moldy. Why is that, other peppers in bottles seem to keep just fine. And do you use the red peppers for ...

canning roasted red peppers?

by redsintoronto 12 years ago

Hi this will be my first year of canning this fabulous vegetable. Any tips as I have never canned before? Thanks

Red vs. Green, Yellow Peppers

by ihearthothippo 6 years ago

Are there different species of bell pepper that do not change color when they mature? For example, are there bell peppers that will never turn from green to red?

Sausage, peppers and onions

by momoftwo 6 years ago

HI, I am hosting a post golf outing for 20 or so hungry guys in a couple of weeks. I plan on making sausage, peppers and onions as my husband requested it, I make a delicious baked sausage :) What ...

Asian recipe calls for capsicum peppers - which one?

by terlin 10 years ago

I'm making Schezwan Veg Fried Rice and the recipe calls for capsicum peppers. They're all capsicum peppers, so which do you recommend? Know a great recipe for Schezwan Veg Fried Rice?

STUFFED VEGETABLES! Home Cooking Dish of the Month (September 2014)

by L.Nightshade 7 years ago

Welcome to the reporting thread for the September Dish of the Month. This month we'll all be preparing Stuffed Vegetables. We've got lots of leeway this month: any vegetable, and any stuffing. Let ...

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