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beginner baker

by Zengarden 12 years ago

I think that I have mastered the bundt cake and the fruit/vegetable cakes (carrot, banana, applesauce). I am ready to move on to cakes that are a bit more challenging. The cakes that I mentione...

I'm 15 and I need help on Cooking!

by LiRa92 12 years ago

Help! I only have things like eggs, butter, sugar, salt, white pepper, soy sauce, chicken fillet, apples, pears, Chilies, vegetables and some cheese cakes in my refrigerator. I don't even know what...

How is this list of cooking equipment for a beginner?

by Fanta Cook 12 years ago

I don't want to buy everything, just some essential stuff and start from there. So far I'm planning to buy these two skillets: http://www.amazon.com/Lodge-Pro-Logic-Pre-Seasoned-12-Inch-Skillet/dp...

Teaching a toddler to cook - any suggestions?

by lupaglupa 12 years ago

My 2 1/2 year old son is dying to get into the kitchen and cook with me. I want him to learn but he's very limited in what he can do. For starters - no knives! I have let him stir a bit and put muf...

Filipino Home Cooking - Beginner Question

by banjoboy 12 years ago

A Filipino market just opened near my office in Los Angeles. I'm a pretty experienced home cook but I know next to nothing about Filipino food. Any ideas for recipes and/or ingredients that I could...

Country Ribs for beginners

by Mawrter 13 years ago

So I got country ribs at the FM last week. Had no earthly idea what to do with them. Searched around here, didn't get inspired; found this recipe for kebabs at Epicurious.com. http://www.epi...

Making wonton's - advice needed for a beginner!

by pootle 13 years ago

If you make steamed pork wontons: - Do you cook the filling first? - How long do you cook for? - I was planning to freeze on trays and then cook straight from frozen - will this work okay and ...

First meal to teach a kid to cook

by leahinsc 13 years ago

We've taught our son to make scrambled eggs and omlettes (with supervision of course). Give me some other ideas of things that you've taught your kids or you remember being taught how to prepare -...

steak for beginners

by helenheaven 13 years ago

wednesday night i've signed on to make a steak dinner for my boyfriend, and i'm completely in the dark. what cut of meat? what marinade? what cooking technique? i don't have access to an outdoor gr...

Beginner Question: No more propane in the BBQ, how do i cook a steak in stove?

by niccole 13 years ago

hello all i have 2 filet mignons thawing in fridge right now. my husband usually grills them on BBQ but we are out of propane right now. whats the best way to cook on stove/oven? just pop t...

Basic bread recipe--good place to start for a beginner?

by AppleSister 13 years ago

I've been really inspired by all of you bread bakers, and by this great blog, www.breadbasketcase.blogspot.com, and would like to start teaching myself to make bread this winter. I own RLB's "Brea...

Help! Dim Sum for Beginners

by tlegray 13 years ago

Going to have Dim Sum this weekend but I've never been. What do I need to know? How do I order? What do I order?

Beginner needs VERY EASY and descriptive bread recipe

by chriscinfl 13 years ago

Growing up my Sicilian grandmother made the best homemade bread. Unfortunately she passed away without sharing any of her recipes with us. Years ago I got a breadmaker and although some of my rec...

Great Beginner Cookbook

by Claire 14 years ago

Looking at some posts about cookbooks made me think of one my Grandmother got for me some time ago. Reader's Digest Kitchen Secrets is a great beginner cookbook. Explains various cooking methods,...

Tamales 101: A Beginner's Guide to Making Traditional Tamales

by rworange 14 years ago

I don’t buy cookbooks to cook, but rather to understand what I’m eating. This was an excellent guide with 60 color pictures accompanying the recipes and 15 illustrations for the 15 different ways t...

Indian for Beginners

by Dommy! 14 years ago

I think I've explained before, my parents have everything they could ever want so for holidays and such instead of buying them a 'gift', I make them a very special dinner. This year, I'd love t...

Should a beginner tackle this recipe?

by Gary Soup 14 years ago

My daughter sent me this link, I think she's trying to tell me comething. Check out the reviews. Plenty of advice on fine tuning the recipe. Link: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/recipe_views/...

Beginner-level cookbook with beautiful photos? Italian preferred

by Sir Gawain 14 years ago

I'm one of those lame people who need visual stimulation in order to get motivated to cook a meal. (This is not true of baking, only cooking.) And I really, really need to learn how to cook - I onl...

Suggestions for a healthy beginners cookbook

by mili 15 years ago

Hi, I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for a cookbook(s) for a beginner cook, and the recipient also needs to watch his diet (diabetic and weight control) it needs to be healthy. I wo...

duck for beginners

by babette feasts 15 years ago

I never learned much about cooking meat, but since I've cultivated a deep appreciation for duck, I've been challenging myself to cook it. Do ducks carry pathogens and how paranoid should I be abo...

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