Beef Stew


Adding more meat to left over beef stew?

by angelsfan2005 10 days ago

I made beef stew in the insta pot tonight. The recipe I used only called for 1 pd but I should have used 2. I have a good amount of juice and vegetables left but no meat. Can I buy more meat, cook ...

Petite Tender (teres major) Stew?

by zackly 19 days ago

I don't have a lot of experience with this beef shoulder cut but one of my local supermarkets features it regularly for $5.00 lb. It is pretty much 100% usable. The only way I've ever prepared it h...

Why why why is my stew meat always dry & tough?

by denishaskin 12 months ago

Whenever I try to make a beef stew, the meat pretty much always comes out tough, and is not tender etc as the recipe always promises. What am I doing wrong? Today's stew was stew meat from New Le...

Pot roast question

by vanessa7 11 months ago

I made Ina Garten's company pot roast last month and had maybe 3-4 cups of pureed vegetable sauce leftover that I froze. I was going to make another pot roast and I am wondering if I can cook the c...

Help with a slow cooker beef stew recipe?

by Buttercups 3 years ago

I usually have luck with slow cooker recipes, but I had a terrible experience last year and I'm not keen on repeating it. I made beef stew; I browned the beef and added it to the crock pot along wi...

Accidentally froze carrots... can I still use them in Boeuf Bourguignon?

by vanessa7 1 year ago

Wasn't thinking this morning and put my carrots in the freezer. Can I still use them in Boeuf Bourguignon or should I buy some fresh ones in the morning? We have company coming over for dinner tomo...

Help ASAP! Tough beef stew!

by julseydesign 12 years ago

I'm in the process of making a beef stew. I started cooking about 2 hrs ago, and started with some onions and garlic, browned my meat, added a little tomato paste and some spices, tossed in some m...

beef stew with strip steak- is this going to be awful?

by shpitzlefan 10 years ago

i frequently make beef stew in my crockpot, but i always use chuck. this morning i threw in a package of something called 'strip steak' that i had in my freezer- now i'm wondering if it's going to...

Using Ribeye for Beef Stew?

by Oboegal 7 years ago

I'll be making beef stew this week, with a broth made from roasted neckbones. The only other beef I have currently in the freezer is 1 ribeye steak. I realize that beef stew is usually made from...

Beef stew for a picky boyfriend?

by carophil11 2 years ago

Hey all! I have a top round roast that got a bit freezer burned, and with the chilly weather lately, I want to make a big batch of beef stew. I grew up with beef stew having potatoes, onions...

Carrot tops

by E_M 2 years ago

I am making beef burgundy. After sautéing the carrot/onion mixture, I like to wrap it in cheesecloth with the herbs for easy removal. Would it be stupid to add the leafy carrot tops to the mixture...

Need Beef Stew Rescue

by EaterBen 3 years ago

Hi All, Not sure what happened, but I just checked a beef stew that I was making about an hour in and the beef is grey and dry - like eating leather. Is there any way to salvage? Would also lo...

How Can I Thicken a Beef Stew Without Wheat Flour?

by nance 8 years ago

I am making beef bourguignon and can not use flour but I want to thicken the sauce. I've read that either potato starch or sweet rice flour can be used. Which one is the best and what cautions sh...

How to give beef stew more punch?

by ziggystardust 10 years ago

I'm planning on doing a slow cooker beef stew this weekend. Other than the meat itself, it'll be a pretty standard mix; carrots, onions, potatoes and celery. Every recipe I've tried including my mo...

Best Beef Stew in New York City?

by balabat 9 years ago

Hi, hounds! Just wondering: what eatery makes the best beef stew in NYC? Traditional and non-traditional stews are welcome. Thanks!

Need 2nd entree to pair with beef stew night before Thanksgiving

by TGiving_is_Best 3 years ago

In my family there is a long tradition of having beef stew the night before Thanksgiving for dinner. This year we are having folks stay with us and they will be here for dinner the night before. I ...

Can I just toss "stew meat" in a slow cooker?

by lilclerk 6 years ago

I make pot roast in my slow cooker quite often during the winter by just browning the roast in seasoning, and tossing it in the slow cooker for 10 hrs with about 1/3 cup of water. It comes out so ...

Ayuda Me! Using beef bone broth in a stew?

by fruttidimare 3 years ago

Hi, I am in the process of making a beef (marrow) bone broth - already a nearly 20 hour simmer after a brief high temp roast - that I was intending to use in a beef stew for tonight. I suppos...

Beef Stew & Dumplings recipe

by cookswithlove 3 years ago

I found this beef stew and dumplings recipe from St. Patrick's Day which has a ton of ingredients. Has anyone tried this recipe? Looking for input before I go out and buy the whole veggie aisle.

How do I add extra sauce/gravy to my beef stew?

by deee47 4 years ago

My beef stew turned out great, but I would like more gravy in it. How do I make more gravy without it being/tasting waterd down?