The Ultimate Summer Produce Guide, from Apricots to Zucchini

Summer fruit and vegetables are starting to come into their own again—and if you want to know when everything from strawberries to tomatoes tastes the best, this summer produce guide is a handy cheat...

Can you store bulk bought dried spices in plastic sandwich bags in a large plastic container in a cool, dark corner?

by josemartinlopez 17 days ago

Can you store bulk bought dried spices in plastic sandwich bags in a large plastic container in a cool, dark corner? I came across the iHerb online store and saw that one pound of dried spices f...

recipe request: braised beef shanks and oxtail stew with lemongrass and thai basil

by sepandee 9 years ago

I went to this restaurant yesterday and had the most delicious stew ever. It was braised beef shanks and oxtail stew with lemongrass and thai basil. I was in a rush, and it was dark, so I couldn't ...

Cinnamon Basil

by small h 1 year ago

I received a free seed packet of this herb in my Baker Creek order, and it's grown like something out of Sleeper. According to the interwebs, it's also called either Thai basil or Mexican basil (?)...

Why is my pesto turning brown?

by roxlet 9 years ago

I have been making pesto nearly my whole life, and suddenly, I am having a problem with my pesto turning brown. Of course, pesto will oxidize when exposed to air, so I always put a layer of olive ...

DIY greenhouse

by Dorothee5 2 years ago

Hello everyone. I have got a big garden, but I wanted to create a place in it where I can grow some plants like vegetables and fruits. However, prices of greenhouses are really high for me, so I th...

Fresh Basil

by zigzag17 2 years ago

When I buy basil in supermarkets in those plastic containers, the leaves are always soft and delicate in a good way. When I buy it at farmer’s markets, the leaves are kind of tough. What gives? ...

What to do with Lots of Basil Besides Pesto?

by Euonymous 14 years ago

My husband recently returned from the Farmers' Market with three gigantic bunches of fresh basil. My second daughter has recently decided she hates pesto. What can we do besides making pesto and ...

Where to find Thai Basil?

by sallyt 2 years ago

Anyone know where to find Thai Basil? Metrowest is ideal. Thanks!

Revelation Re: Fresh Basil

by walker 2 years ago

For years, I've tried different methods of keeping fresh basil, in the fridge, one way or another. Sometimes I've just gotten the plant from Trader Joe. More recently, I've had better luck with t...

What should I do with a large amount of mixed basil?

by vonshu 2 years ago

Went around this morning and harvested a bunch of basil so that it doesn't go to seed and now I don't know what to do with it all. Have a large bowl of thai basil, holy basil, italian basil, and le...

Thai basil, kaffir lime leaves, Thai eggplant in bay area

by learntocookchinese 3 years ago

I think I've seen Thai basil and kaffir lime leaves before at Ranch 99 in Mountain View, but they aren't there now. Are they only there when they're in season? Can I get them frozen?

Basil Pesto in bulk

by e_bone 12 years ago

I have a mountain of basil and I'd like to make copious amounts of pesto. I usually eyeball quantities but with this much (I literally have nearly a pillowcase full) I'm looking for a recipe based ...

Blanched Basil is Bland

by HouseofEscobar 3 years ago

I am trying to preserve a pound of basil via blanch and freeze. I didn't think I did the blanching too long, maybe 8 seconds. I also didn't do an ice bath, but instead, very cold water. The harves...

Can I freeze lemongrass and basil?

by Westy 7 years ago

Has anyone had any success freezing basil and lemongrass? I have a bumper crop, but I know we are facing a freeze pretty quick. Thanks. Matt

Menus from the Garden

by dfrostnh 3 years ago

What are you growing based on a particular favorite vegetable? Last year I experimented with a lot of different peppers in an effort to grow my own Aleppo pepper. If I was going to try one new...

Lemon Basil - What to do with it?

by Cebca 11 years ago

I bought a wonderfully fragrant, deliciously fresh bunch of lemon basil at the Farmer's Market on Tuesday and cannot figure out what to do with it. On Tuesday I tried it in a quinoa dish with saut...

Is is safe to eat Basil with bugs?

by crowmuncher 9 years ago

I notice this white, nasty growth on my sorry excuse for a basil plant. I do like to use it on pizza, etc but always wondered if it was bad to eat the nasty growth that can't be washed off. I hav...

Wal Mart bags & kiddie pool gardening

by cstout 4 years ago

Larry Hall has started an internet revolution with using Wal Mart grocery bags filled with soil & plants sitting in kiddie pools with about an inch of water on the bottom. I have not tried this met...

Can I still use frozen and darkened basil leaves?

by nycguy20011 3 years ago

I accidentally froze basil leaves in the back of the fridge. The leaves look thinner and darker than usual. Can I still use them to make pesto after they’re thawed? Should I reserve them for sauces...

"Pesto Perpetuo" Basil

by cheesemaestro 7 years ago

This year I grew a pot of this basil to make some late-season pesto. If you're not familiar with this variety, it is an attractive plant, with smallish, variegated leaves: light green mottled with...