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Thai basil, kaffir lime leaves, Thai eggplant in bay area

by learntocookchinese 1 month ago

I think I've seen Thai basil and kaffir lime leaves before at Ranch 99 in Mountain View, but they aren't there now. A...


bolshutka commented 19 days ago

Wal Mart bags & kiddie pool gardening

by cstout 1 year ago

Larry Hall has started an internet revolution with using Wal Mart grocery bags filled with soil & plants sitting in k...

ad7yn commented 2 months ago

Can I still use frozen and darkened basil leaves?

by nycguy20011 3 months ago

I accidentally froze basil leaves in the back of the fridge. The leaves look thinner and darker than usual. Can I sti...

hill food commented 3 months ago

Lemon Basil - What to do with it?

by Cebca 8 years ago

I bought a wonderfully fragrant, deliciously fresh bunch of lemon basil at the Farmer's Market on Tuesday and cannot ...


SHAREE commented 5 months ago

"Pesto Perpetuo" Basil

by cheesemaestro 4 years ago

This year I grew a pot of this basil to make some late-season pesto. If you're not familiar with this variety, it is...

DonShirer commented 6 months ago

Cheap basil

by sbug206 8 months ago

Any suggestions to get a large quantity of basil cheap? I want to make a batch of pesto.


KitchenVoodoo commented 8 months ago

*July 2009 COTM* SPICE: Parsley, Mint, Dill, and Sweet Basil

by foxy fairy 8 years ago

Our Chowhound July 2009 Cookbook of the Month is Spice: Flavors of the Eastern Mediterranean by Ana Sortun. Plea...

beetlebug commented 8 months ago

Other than pesto...

by small h 8 months ago

What can do I with an enormous amount of basil? I'm just one (small) person, and there's only so much panzanella and ...


munchkin1 commented 8 months ago

Why did my hydroponic basil wither and die?

by fldhkybnva 4 years ago

I have been using a lot of basil and so I figured it'd be a good idea to get a hydropic plant. I have never had a gre...


bettynorth commented 8 months ago

Favorite ways to enjoy basil

by ChefyV 9 months ago

I love basil and use it in sandwiches and pesto. What are some of your favorite ways to use basil? Just looking to...


ratgirlagogo commented 9 months ago

Basil Pesto in bulk

by e_bone 8 years ago

I have a mountain of basil and I'd like to make copious amounts of pesto. I usually eyeball quantities but with this ...

coll commented 9 months ago

basil drink recipes please!

by hungrymom 5 years ago

For the first time ever here in Montana we have an ABUNDANCE of basil in the garden. I have exhausted all recipes an...


curseofleisure commented 10 months ago

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Basil and the Asiatic Beetle

by Bonbon10 12 months ago

Basil is a leafy herb that is enjoyed not only by humans but these contacorous pest called Asiatic Beetles. I never ...

Something is eating my basil??

by cassC863 3 years ago

So I bought some basil and planted it! It took a while for me to get around to planting it, so I kept it in the pot f...


Bonbon10 commented 12 months ago

Testing Ingredient Ideas For A Classic Bite

by VinoPair 1 year ago

I've got another classic bite - Table cracker, aged white cheddar, balsamic glaze, basil, and strawberry. Here's som...

nannygoat commented 1 year ago

Basil What did I do wrong?

by walker 1 year ago

Today I bought a really fresh bunch of basil at the farmer's market. I asked the vendor if I should just place it in ...


momof5x commented 1 year ago

Where to find large bunches of basil?

by s4zando 1 year ago

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away... I recall buying a big bunch of basil (for pesto) at a reasonable price ...

ibew292 commented 1 year ago

Pesto - Someone help me, PLEASE

by caiatransplant 1 year ago

Hi all. Until day before yesterday I had a beautiful couple of basil plants, flourishing and leafy. Then my yard gu...


jjjrfoodie commented 1 year ago

Where to buy basil in southern Chester County

by CindyJ 1 year ago

Here we are in peak tomato season and my home grown basil has succumbed to insects. Is there a good place to buy fre...


george2 commented 1 year ago

Fun things to do with huge basil leaves?

by cshoe 2 years ago

I succesfully grew a new variety of basil in my garden this year, and now I have lots of very large basil leaves. I'v...


angelsmom commented 1 year ago