10 Insider Tips for a Barcelona First-Timer

Near-perfect weather year-round, friendly locals with seemingly no worries, iconic food and culture—it's a no-brainer why Barcelona had been a bucket-list destination for years, but I was overwhelmed...

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Tapas / Pintxos for Dinner in Barcelona & San Sebastian

by nlight 1 year ago

My wife and 1 year old and I are going to Barcelona and San Sebastián this coming October. We love eating tapas for dinner and going to markets for delicious and casual lunches. So here’s our ask. ...

Lunch in Girona

by LABeam 12 months ago

Looking for a place to have lunch in Girona. Excellent food is a requirement, but do not want to eat in a formal place. Something with great ambiance, perhaps with outdoor seating, nothing fussy,...

Tickets Barcelona reservation tips

by crunchbury 1 year ago

Hi, I'm looking for any tips on getting reservations to Tickets successfully. I know they open reservations at midnight Barcelona time. Today I had the page loaded up on two computers, and refreshe...

Rubia Gallega (Galician Blonde beef) in Barcelona

by ace123 1 year ago

Arriving in Barcelona in August. Are there restaurants/tapas places in Barcelone that serve this steak? Are they available in the market that I can cook in the airbnb? Thanks a lot in advance.

Lunch at Goliard or La Gormanda

by sylvial 1 year ago

We (2 adults, 3 kids--17, 16,12) are visiting Barcelona for spring break. On the day we go to La Sagrada Familia, I picked out Goliard for lunch and sent them an email (because I don't speak Spanis...

BCN, Granada, Seville, Toledo, Madrid with Family

by Wafer_thin 1 year ago

Hello. We will be traveling with my 10-year old to Spain this month. When we travel, we love eating at places serving great local wines and authentic food or great contemporary takes on classic d...

Barcelona in March (Mala Hierba - Tapas in Gracia - Sunday)

by tobiask 1 year ago

Hello! My sister and I are treating our mother to a surprise weekend to Barcelona for her 60th (we won’t tell her until the airport hoho). We´ll be there for March 8th - 10th, and are staying in ...

Paco Meralgo or Petit Comitè?

by steverap 1 year ago

I will be in Barcelona next month (haven't been in a few years). In addition to revisiting favorites (hisop, etc.), I'm considering Paco Meralgo or Petit Comitè for tapas one evening. Thoughts?

Tipping Barcelona / Madrid

by zurwella 2 years ago

What is the tipping protocol for higher end restaurants in Barcelona (Disfrutar) and Madrid (Dstage + DiverXO)? thanks.

Favorite Inexpensive Restaurants?

by templemo 1 year ago

We'll be in Barcelona (and Seville) with 5 teenagers this December and are looking for some budget friendly dinner options. We don't want fast food or bright lights; a sit down meal in a nice atmo...

Suckling pig and lamb in Barcelona

by ace123 1 year ago

Can someone recommend a restaurant for the above dishes? We can only have one meal like this and would like to get a good one. Thank you so much.

Thinking about a Feb. 2019 trip to Spain

by smiles33 2 years ago

We are a family of 4 (including 9 and 12 year old daughters) that loves to eat and plans our vacations around what we eat. We've never been to Spain and are trying to figure out an itinerary for th...

The definitive Barcelona restaurant/patisserie list 2018

by zurwella 1 year ago

We spend a lot of time in Spain every year and particularly Barcelona. This year we had a chef coordinate our culinary adventures. You cant go wrong with any of the recommendations below. 1-7 a...

Barcelona foodie trip in September feedback please!

by Belkisw 1 year ago

Hi all, We are heading to Barcelona in September for a foodie week. Would love feedback on the following plan for restaurants- please let me know if I am missing anything key or should drop or swa...

Casual dinners for 10

by debbie421 1 year ago

Hello! I've been doing some research, both on Chowhound on possibly less trusted sites, and need your help. I need to book 2 dinners in Barcelona, on Saturday 10/20 and Sunday 10/21. Both dinner...

Barcelona in October

by Gummy 1 year ago

Hoping to get some help with our itinerary for Barcelona in October. Struggling a bit as we are with a 4 year old this time. He loves to eat, but places like Disfrugar / Enigma either don't allow c...

Report: Enigma; Disfrutar; Tickets; Gresca

by estufarian 2 years ago

One general observation (not necessarily in the restaurants mentioned, but noticeable across the more casual places we visited) was the decline in service attentiveness. Generally I found this had ...

Last-Minute Barcelona

by szrah 1 year ago

I'm heading to Barcelona from July 5 to 11 as a solo traveler. Unfortunately, I did not have time to make restaurant reservations in advance or do much food research. Would anyone have any recommen...

Barcelona, group of 8-10 people

by fifi 2 years ago

Hello. We will be in Barcelona for a few days and there is a group of us meeting up for dinner on the last night. We are about 8-10 people, aged between 20s to 70s . Nothing too pricey, just lookin...

One Night in Barcelona

by MrMarsellus 2 years ago

My wife and I will be in Barcelona for a Sunday night towards the end of May. We are staying in the Gothic District and are looking for a good dinner recommendation in that neighborhood. We are...