Birthplace of Natty Boh beer and epicenter of blue crab drenched in Old Bay seasoning, Baltimore has a unique food culture: a little Southern, a little urban, and a little artsy. Get recommendations from our community for the best restaurants for pizza, farm-to-table cuisine, and views of the Inner Harbor.

Everything You Never Knew About Old Bay Seasoning

If you grew up in a certain sliver of America near the Chesapeake Bay, Old Bay was a holy nectar. It was applied to chicken, shrimp, fish, and, of course, crabs. But the story behind this East Coast...

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Pho in Baltimore

by Mr. Pra5 20 years ago

I'm moving to Baltimore (Catonsville) in June, and I'm looking for a place where I can get good Pho. I'm a big fan of the Pho 75 chain, but I'd rather not have to hike all the way down to Rockvill...

Baltimore- Preston's 500 review

by Lucien Walsh 20 years ago

Well I'd been thinking about the discussion we had earlier about Charleston, so I decided to head to a restaurant that, in terms of food pricing, is roughly equivalent. Even better, it was within w...

Baltimore Crabs

by Mike Clark 20 years ago

Going down to Baltimore for the Preakness next weekend. Crabs are definitely on the menu. I've been to Obrycki's and thought they were excellent there. Should I go back or is there better? If you...

The Helmand in Baltimore???

by sailor 21 years ago

Is the Helmand as good as all the reviewers say? (Better than the Silk Road?) We're looking for a special place to spend my birthday and were wondering if Afghan food might be fun to try. But we're...

Baltimore hounds, watch out for...

by Lucien Walsh 20 years ago

...the Metropolitan Cafe, I think it is called. On the soutth-eastern tip of Mt. Vernon/Washington Monument on Charles Street. Used to be The Buttery, a greasy but somehow comforting 24 hour diner....

Baltimore Recommendation--Italian

by chopin 20 years ago

Because I am new and people have to have common experiences so they can adjust my opinions accordingly, I would like to offer my first suggestion for this board which I believe follows the phil...

Baltimore Tip Sheet Complete!

by Jim Leff 20 years ago

[note--I originally posted this with a bad link...this one's correct!] Thanks to the herculean efforts of chowhound Melissa Garland, we now offer a Baltimore Tip Sheet including the accumulated c...

Baltimore Tip Sheet Complete!

by Jim Leff 20 years ago

Thanks to the herculean efforts of chowhound Melissa Garland, we now offer a Baltimore Tip Sheet including the accumulated chow-wisdom of the innumerable chowhounds on these message boards.   Read ...

prix-fixe, multiple courses in Baltimore or D.C.?

by Dawn 21 years ago

I'm looking for someplace in the area offering a multi-course dinner, preferably paired with appropriate wines, or with suggested pairings. Doesn't necessarily have to be prix-fixe, but I'd imagin...

2 Excellent Finds in Baltimore!!!

by Steve 21 years ago

If you're planning to spend a weekend in Baltimore as my wife and I and some friends did just recently, may I recommend you stay at a lovely B and B in the Mt. Vernon section, one of the loveiest p...

Blue Agave in Baltimore?

by greg 21 years ago

Has anyone here been to this place in Baltimore (on Light Street in Federal Hill)? My brother is taking me there next week for my birthday, and I'd like to know if there's anything I should avoid ...

Baltimore Bar Food

by Peter 22 years ago

Anyone interested is sharing information on bar's with good food in Baltimore. Seems like a lot of bars serve food, but it's tough for one man alone to venture into the wilderness dodging cans of c...

New Restaurant in Baltimore Called Louisiana?

by Bob W. 21 years ago

Has anyone heard of this place? It's in Fells Point, and we are thinking of going there for Mother's Day Brunch. TIA!

Louie's in Baltimore

by Valerie 21 years ago

Returned to Balto after years away and went to an old favorite-Louie's Cafe f/k/a/ Louie's Bookstore Cafe. What a disappointment. The bookstore, which made the place cute and different, is gone. ...


by MichaelH 21 years ago

I'm making a weekend baseball junket to Baltimore. Where can I get the best crabcake sandwich or barbecue? If I can combine either with a Saturday brunch, that would be wonderful. Critiques of si...

vietnamese and mexican in baltimore

by Chris Myers 22 years ago

can anyone recommend a good vietnamese or mexican restaurant in baltimore? we've been here a year and have yet to find any vietnamese restaurant in the city and the two mexican places recomm...

Baltimore's Little Italy

by adam stoler 22 years ago

any suggestions for a truly well prepared southern italian meal here?or are we talking tourist traps only?looking for red sauce, well spiced,nice wines by the glass..of course this meal should b...

Ethiopian in Baltimore?

by peter 22 years ago

Anybody know of/enjoyed Ethiopian in Baltimore? I had a good (but not great) meal at Five Seasons on St. Paul. I don't know of any other Ethiopian Restaurants, but there must be some (I hope).


by Christine Bridges 23 years ago

Well, although I wish I were going to the San Gabriel Valley in California, I find myself headed to Baltimore on Monday for a week on business. Anyone have any favorites in the downtown area? ...

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