Baking Sheets

Bakers, get advice on which baking sheets to buy and how to care for them. Ask the Chowhound experts about the best materials and places to buy baking sheets.

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baking sheets

by swoll50 12 years ago

Wife and I are slowly replacing the "wedding" stuff we got a few years ago with better cookware/appliances. Where do you look for various baking sheets? The stuff we have is either hand-me-down...

Seen Bobby Flay's ads for ceramic baking sheets? What do you think?

by Normandie 12 years ago

Recently I've seen his commercials hawking his cookware and electrics for Kohl's. I was really surprised to see the line has in it ceramic baking pans, shown for baking cookies. Now, I know that ...

Repeat SOS re Cookie Sheets

by Querencia 12 years ago

Let me try again. I have Emeril cookie sheets and want to buy some more as a gift but they are no longer available. However, somebody manufactured them for Emeril and I am trying to track them down...

Non-stick Cookie Sheets?

by SailingChef 12 years ago

Over the past several years, I've switch to using all high-quality commerical half-sheet cookie sheets and have been mostly satisfied. Today, I acquired a non-stick half-sheet pan and I'm not sure...

non-warping cookie sheets

by malvern girl 12 years ago

Can anyone recommend a brand of cookie sheets that won't warp in the oven once they get hot?

baking sheet for hot cross buns

by amyatkendall 12 years ago

I'm trying a new recipe for hot cross buns this year and the recipe is specifying a jelly roll pan. Is there any reason to use this instead of a regular cookie sheet? It doesn't seem like the b...

Non-Stick Baking sheet - Ruined??

by jujuthomas 14 years ago

Help! My husband used one of my non-stick baking sheets to roast some peppers in the oven. He sprayed the pan with non-stick spray before he put in under the broiler. the spray that was not under t...

Cookie/baking sheets larger than 18" x 12" ?

by sweet100s 13 years ago

I need 1 size larger baking sheet than I can find. My baking sheets at ~ 18 x 12 are several inches too narrow to roast a full carton of bacon (on top of stainless cooling racks so the grease dr...

Cookie sheet issue (or, is it my oven?)

by stacylyn 14 years ago

I got some new cookie sheets......problem is......everything seems to be browning on the bottom wayyyyyy too quick. I even doubled up the cookie sheets recently to try to solve this dilemma. Thi...

Is a jellyroll pan the same as a cookie sheet?

by shazzer65 14 years ago

I can't sleep until I get the answer to this burning question. Please help the insomniac. Thanks!

Silpat doesn't fit regular cookie sheet

by Cerise828 14 years ago

Hi everyone, I've just recieved a Silpat for Christmas, however I'm sort of disappointed that is doesn't fit my cookie sheet? Does the Silpat exist in a smaller version to fit my cookie sheets? ...

Grooved-Surface Cookie Sheet

by wittlejosh 14 years ago

Anyone seen any of those grooved surface cookie sheets in the Boston area? I think Emerilware makes one and Doughmakers used to make one. It's that rough surface that has a texture like an old pav...

Best baking sheets? [Moved from Not About Food board]

by stacylyn 14 years ago

Looking for some new baking sheets and I want to find the best (I make a LOT of cookies!). Any you can suggest for me?

Convection baking / what kind of cookie sheet to use

by BJE 14 years ago

I just got a new and first range with a convection oven. I was wondering what type of cookie sheet to use for baking cookies. I have an air insulated one and also the regular flat single layer co...

Cookie Sheet/Baking Rack

Eric in NJ
by Eric in NJ 14 years ago

I have seen quite often on different cooking shows a baking rack that fits inside a cookie sheet. It looks exactly like some cooling racks we have but are probably a heavier gauge metal. Our coolin...

Help! Plastic melted to cookie sheet

JK Grence the Cosmic Jester
by JK Grence the Cosmic Jester 15 years ago

I recently high-roasted a couple of turkeys for a friend of mine. Somehow, a Ziploc bag snuck in between the heavy foil roasting pan and the steel cookie sheet I was using to support the pan. Now...

Any experiences w/ Vollrath's cookie sheet?

Katie Nell
by Katie Nell 15 years ago

I've started perusing Cook's Illustrated website recently, and having always had a love/ hate relationship with my cookie sheets, I'm curious of their touting this one as nothing short of a miracle...

darkness of cookie sheets and texture

by lisaf 15 years ago

I was baking some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies the other night and had a strange outcome. Using the same batter and baking time in the same oven, some cookies came out soft and chewy while others...

2 baking sheet questions, silicone and puffing!

by pitu 15 years ago

1. I have a silicone sheet (sorta like a Silpat, but by Danesco) There is a rough and a smooth side. Which goes up? I put the rough side down (for traction) when I recently used it, but wasn't rea...

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