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What are you baking these days? June, 2018 edition!

by buttertart 20 days ago

Out of the merry, merry month of May and into June. Graduations? Weddings? Garden parties? Soirées? Birthdays? Baki...


hirsheys commented 2 minutes ago

Whats the point of zucchini?

by cyndychow 2 days ago

In a zucchini muffin? Made delicious lemon zucchini muffins, using variation of "Simple Muffins" recipe from King A...


sweetTooth commented 7 hours ago

Rosemary Olive oil cake

by kaysheh 2 days ago

I want to make Cooks illustrated's Olive oil cake with rosemary Olive oil instead of regular Olive oil. Yay or nay?


hotoynoodle commented 14 hours ago

Home Cooking Be the first to comment

Searching for a 14 layer caramel cake recipe

by canddedmunds 2 days ago

Hi! I had the most amazing 14 layer caramel cake in Pawleys Island South Carolina. I’m I’m hoping to bake one at hom...

Academic Home Cooks who are avid cooks and/or bakers - why do you do it?

by nofunlatte 7 days ago

Over on the Home Cooking board, there's a concentration of us who are academics, So, if you are an academic, why do y...


Texanbychoice commented 3 days ago

ISO Almost Too Dense to Believe Pound Cake

by scarehairnoelle 4 days ago

Hello, I was looking through the states and cities listed in your places tabs. I noticed that Alabama was not represe...


medlar commented 4 days ago

ISO Hawaiian shortbread recipe

by bakersdozen 10 years ago

I was in Hawaii last year and had some great shortbread from the Honolulu Cookie company. It is the one shaped like ...


CookinCO commented 8 days ago

Cake Flour 5 years past its "Best by" date

by masha 10 days ago

I've got an unopened carton of Swan's Cake Flour with a "best by" date of June 2013. Is it usable? I am not worried ...


hotoynoodle commented 9 days ago

What are you baking these days? May, 2018 edition! [Old]

by buttertart 2 months ago

So here it is just about May. This is the month in which I get to devise a birthday cake for himself (chestnuts will...


Multifoiled commented 10 days ago

Cooking and Baking with Erythritol

by FlavoursGal 11 years ago

As mentioned on previous threads, I dislike using Splenda because of its taste and other factors. I've been using er...


sunshine842 commented 13 days ago

Recs from Breaking Breads?

by sallyt 1 year ago

I just got this out of the library, and am eager for a project - any reviews of the book, and/or any recipes that are...


sallyt commented 14 days ago

Sourdough starter left out too long?

by betsyburdett618 17 days ago

I have had a sourdough starter going for about a year. I have made some awesome breads with it. I have kept it in the...


betsyburdett618 commented 17 days ago

Help finding a Bon Appetit recipe published 1980-1993

by Knitefairy 2 years ago

I used a Chocolate Cheese Cake recipe that I can not find. I believe it was in a Nov or Dec issue 1980-1993. It h...


depew commented 17 days ago

Summer 2018 Baking/Dessert Cookbook of the Month Nominations

by Caitlin McGrath 1 month ago

Welcome to the nominations for our Summer 2018 Baking and/or Dessert COTM, to cover June, July, and August. With summ...

Caitlin McGrath

Caitlin McGrath commented 20 days ago

Summer 2018 Baking/Dessert Cookbook of the Month Voting

by Caitlin McGrath 1 month ago

It's time to choose the book we'll collectively bake and concoct sweet from in June, July, and August 2018. Our two m...

Caitlin McGrath

Caitlin McGrath commented 20 days ago

Whipped Ganache or Mousseline Crème Pâtissière?

by KazzieMack 23 days ago

I have possibly bitten off more than I can chew here .... I am baking a number cake - but want to use cake rather ...


KazzieMack commented 21 days ago

Meringue-tartar question, and tip on making flavored meringues

by santamonica811 4 months ago

I just started playing around with meringues this past week. So far, pretty good success. My question: The recipe...


santamonica811 commented 22 days ago

Healthy Meals in Minutes Recipe Cards - Sugar Cookie Cutouts

by heartz 1 year ago

Hi there! I can't seem to find my Sugar Cookie Cutouts recipe (card #2) from this set and would love to have the rec...


tmgermon commented 23 days ago

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