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Cookie recipe yields are the world's biggest lie

by hotoynoodle 4 hours ago

no matter what recipe i use, i never get the yield indicated in ANY cookie recipe!! even when using a scoop!! toda...

MidwesternerTT commented 20 minutes ago

What Are You Baking These Days? December 2017 Edition!

by TorontoJo 14 days ago

There's a separate Holiday Treats thread, but not all our December baking will be for the holidays. So...what are you...

Caitlin McGrath commented 2 hours ago

Substituting Almond Meal/Flour for Ground Almonds

by JoanNYC 2 years ago

Going to bake a cake (Maida Heatter's "Queen Mother Cake") that calls for 6.5 ounces of ground almonds/finely ground....


khphoto1 commented 3 hours ago

What Cookbooks Have You Bought Lately, or Are You Lusting After? December 2017 Edition!

by buttertart 14 days ago

A little late to the party, but...I have just finished reading the ATK cookie book, and there is almost nothing in it...

Caitlin McGrath commented 4 hours ago

Tea Cake Recipe - not the cookies

by LisaN 10 years ago

I am looking for a recipe for Tea cakes like from Martino's Bakery in Southern California - http://www.martinosbaker...


madammania commented 7 hours ago

Baking large baked brie

by pumpkinspice 9 hours ago

I made baked brie wrapped in puff pastry (with apples and cinnamon). It was good but it got SO gooey before the puff ...

Ttrockwood commented 7 hours ago

Goerges Brown - Baking Art course

by charlotte34280 2 days ago

Hello :) As anyone taken this class recently and have an opinion? Positive or negative, I am just trying to know i...


jjmellon commented 13 hours ago

Stuffoli Dough. help adjusting

by jwalter007 4 years ago

I just made struffoli and it came out too dry & cakey. I don't know where to start to try to adjust. Here's what i ...


bklynbrn98 commented 14 hours ago

Looking for recipe for "frozen dough" pastry

by tantesheri 1 year ago

Jewish bakeries in Boston made a cinnamon horn breakfast pastry known as "frozen dough". The dough itself was a combi...


catsmeow commented 23 hours ago

Home Cooking Be the first to comment

Sicilian Italian Toto Cookies- Chocolate with Fruit, Nuts and Spice

by junipero 1 day ago

These are my all time favorite cookies so I thought I would share the recipe. Chocolate with a subtle spice. Reminds ...

Source for dried fruit in Chicago area

by twodales2 2 months ago

I need currants, sultanas (golden raisins) and raisins for some baking sessions. Where am I likely to get the most r...


Eldon Kreider commented 2 days ago

Problem with my pizzelles

by karykat 10 years ago

I made a batch of pizzelles tonight with my electric pizzelle maker. They did not turn out as crisp as I remember fr...


Grammi70 commented 2 days ago

Home Cooking Be the first to comment

Thawing A Genoise Cake From the Freezer

by MadameLartigue 2 days ago

OK. In an attempt to prepare as many baked goods ahead as I could, I froze a genoise cake. It is unfrosted. It is al...

Plastic Wrap in the Oven

by sedimental 1 year ago

Do you? I have always been afraid of getting plastic in my food. However, I was reading about it ( various debates ...

coll commented 2 days ago

Sweetmeat Empanadas with New Mexico influence

by Bourgeois 8 years ago

Please help me find a recipe for sweetmeat empanadas. My grandma, Teresina, used to make these at Christmas. She us...


annieronquillo commented 2 days ago

Added baking soda and powder to cookie batter too soon

by The Cats Other Mother 5 days ago

I'm making gingerbread cookies and I accidentally added the baking powder and baking soda to the butter, molasses and...


pumpkinspice commented 3 days ago

Winter 2017–18 Baking Cookbook of the Month VOTING

by Caitlin McGrath 6 days ago

Hello, and welcome to the voting round for our Winter BCOTM, covering the second half of December 2017 and January an...

MidwesternerTT commented 3 days ago

Fall 2017 Baking/Dessert Cookbook of the Month Nominations

by Caitlin McGrath 4 months ago

Are you ready to contemplate fall baking projects, to think about goodies to make from the start of the school year r...

Caitlin McGrath commented 3 days ago

Winter 2017-18 Baking/Dessert Cookbook of the Month Nominations

by Caitlin McGrath 11 days ago

It's time to nominate books for a Winter 2017–18 Baking/Dessert Cookbook of the Month, covering mid-December 2017, an...

Caitlin McGrath commented 3 days ago

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