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Chowhounds offer the definitive guide to baking, with recipe tips, discussion on techniques like making a baguette, and more.

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Overpowering Flavors-Apples

by ananana 24 hours ago

So I just bought some tamarin/chamoy apples. They're delicious, but the flavor is too powerful for the rest of my fam...


Smokeydoke30 commented 3 hours ago

Quick cakes that don't require preplanning

by MmeFleiss 2 days ago

I wanted to make a quick dessert last night while dinner was bubbling away, and I decided to go for the blackberry al...

MmeFleiss commented 8 hours ago

What Are You Baking These Days? March, 2017 edition!

by buttertart 24 days ago

It's March in some of my favorite places in the world, so here we go. Made several Japanese cheesecakes and the doug...

Multifoiled commented 15 hours ago

Home Cooking Be the first to comment

Savory filo pie with cheese

by LakaKuharica 2 days ago

Airy, fluffy texture makes this creamy savory pie wonderfully delicious. Servings: 10 Total time: 60 min ...

baking question- why is my apple pie filled with liquid?

by david de berkeley 15 years ago

so i bake an apple pie this weekend for the first time using a simple recipe (joy of cooking). everything looks good...


fashionfevers commented 3 days ago

Turning cookie dough into cake batter?

by murphlaw152 4 years ago

I would like to figure out how to turn my favorite cookie recipe into something more like a cake, quick bread, or muf...


MomInMO commented 3 days ago

2017 St. Paddy's Day Corned Beef... Past Threads Bump. Results with Pictures.

by fourunder 13 days ago

Just thought I'd bump some prior threads with different methods used over the past few years...with pictures. Oven, S...

tim irvine commented 3 days ago

Quick Bread Disaster

by human2 5 days ago

Hi everyone, I decided to try to make a healthy quick bread that brought together some of my favorite flavors from...

hotoynoodle commented 3 days ago

Sourdough Bread

by raberbm 6 days ago

I'm ready to make a loaf of sourdough bread and I'm wondering if the enamel covered metal pan with lid will work. It...


Nannybakes commented 4 days ago

Is there a right side for aluminum foil?

by Gelatodolci 5 days ago

I was covering pie the other day with Raynolds Wrap and couldnt help but wonder (do to one side being shinier) if the...


TastyReuben commented 5 days ago

A question about yeast for all you bread bakers out there

by ChervilGeorge 7 days ago

My bread making is pretty amateur. I've been making my own, mostly sandwich loaves, buns and pizza dough for a coupl...


MikeG commented 5 days ago

Blue Cake

by luludat3 8 days ago

I made this cake cake last year I entered this photo of it in Evening standard Competition Sainsburys .Did not win Co...


luludat3 commented 6 days ago

Home Cooking Be the first to comment

Peanut butter chocolate drops muffins

by LakaKuharica 9 days ago

Servings: 12 Total time: 30 min Prep time: 10 min Bake time: 20 min Ingredients: 1 ½ cup all purpos...

How to rescue a over risen dough that's left in room temperature for over 48 hours?

by Lk8 10 days ago

I was too busy and over 48 hours later, it's a big sticky mess that couldn't be worked on or shaped. Does it mean I ...


Madrid commented 9 days ago

Happy Pi Day!

by BethNH 10 days ago

Happy Pi Day everyone! While we are hunkered down inside due to a blizzard I had time to make a pie this morning. ...


Splendid Spatula commented 9 days ago

Where to buy Caraway Seeds in Bulk

by EvelynJ 12 days ago

I am looking to purchase Caraway Seeds in quantity. I do not want to buy the bottles in the stores, as they are too e...


KTFoley commented 10 days ago

Irish Soda Bread... pre-make the dough...

by dancingmo 10 days ago

I am going to make a bunch of my favorite loaves of Irish Soda Bread (about 8 of them). Can I make the dough FIRST? ...


dancingmo commented 10 days ago

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