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What are you baking these days? August, 2018 edition

by migmigmig 17 days ago

It's the peak of summer fruits with the glimmer of fall just around the corner. If you can bear to turn your oven on ...


sallyt commented 17 minutes ago

Academic Home Cooks who are avid cooks and/or bakers - why do you do it?

by nofunlatte 2 months ago

Over on the Home Cooking board, there's a concentration of us who are academics, So, if you are an academic, why do y...


Querencia commented 1 day ago

Wonderful Oatmeal Cookie Mistake

by barbk71 3 days ago

Two days ago I made oatmeal cookies from an old recipe. After making they are falling apart in the cookie jar. They t...


tcamp commented 2 days ago

Boiling ribs before grilling them?

by jazo 9 days ago

Since I don't have a smoker, Im planing on boiling 10 lbs of ribs in half beer, water and garlic and dried spices the...


Njchicaa commented 3 days ago

Game Pie Seasoning & Sauce

by pjcaruso 5 days ago

I am looking to bake a game pie. My thoughts are for three meats: 1) Elk, 2) Wild Boar, and 3) Duck. What I am unclea...


treb commented 5 days ago

Myers Briggs and Baking

by bsugarcream 13 days ago

Yes, this is an unusual discussion but I was thinking the other day how the MBTI relates to baking. For instance, I a...


Sooeygun commented 6 days ago

Tough Baked Sandwich

by lbrekke 7 days ago

I recently made a baked sandwhich, wrapped in foil, and the bread turned out hard and impossible to eat in some parts...

cookie monster

cookie monster commented 7 days ago

Condensed Milk Caramel

by tweetie 8 days ago

I've been making this for years as filling for brownies and ice cream cakes and love it. i just recently saw it use...


tweetie commented 7 days ago

Wheat and Whole Berry Bread Recipe

by drhowarddrfine 9 days ago

This is driving me crazy. A few years ago I made this bread from a book. I thought I copied the recipe, word for word...


drhowarddrfine commented 9 days ago

Pressure cooker for pot roast

by codmeister 24 days ago

I would like to know what your experience is cooking pot roast with three devices 1. Pressure cooker 2. Dutch oven an...


ratgirlagogo commented 10 days ago

Using a Silicone Mold

by vinyljunkee 12 days ago

Can anyone share recipe ideas that utilize the mold pictured? I purchased this a long time ago for some reason I cann...


vinyljunkee commented 11 days ago

What are you baking these days? June, 2018 edition! [Old]

by buttertart 3 months ago

Out of the merry, merry month of May and into June. Graduations? Weddings? Garden parties? Soirées? Birthdays? Baki...


LulusMom commented 11 days ago

Baking supplies in Mexico City

by Masfar 7 years ago

Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone knows a good place to buy supplies for baking or cake decorating. Things like bak...


pioneerwoman commented 13 days ago

What are you baking these days? July, 2018 edition!

by buttertart 2 months ago

So it's Canada Day and my MIL's 95th birthday! Big party here. Have made 2 cakes, both Bravetart, the Devil's Food ...


Forapani commented 13 days ago

How do people get those perfect drizzles on strawberries?

by Mizztaurus 16 days ago

Hello, I am trying to make those decorated strawberries and I’m curious to how people get them to be perfect. It’s al...


Multifoiled commented 16 days ago

Need advice upgrading from my 30 year old toaster oven

by LostArk 20 days ago

For the past decade I've been using a toaster oven my dear late gran bought in the 80s. It's about the size of a shoe...


zackly commented 16 days ago

Where to find Italian lady fingers in the Twin Cities?

by taylorrush 18 days ago

I want to make Tiramisu and want to know where to find Italian lady fingers! Meaning, I want the hard lady fingers. N...


sandylc commented 17 days ago

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