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The Best Places to Buy Baking Ingredients Online

If you're ready to dust off your best baking cap to usher in fall—or anytime, really—you'll need flour, yeast, sugar, and other baking essentials. Don't risk a run to the store if you don't absolutely...

Sauce for dry frittata

by laredo 3 days ago

I made a mushroom frittata last night and overcooked it. We will eat the second half tonight. To improve it, I'm thinking of sauteing mushrooms and scallions for a "sauce." Does anyone have a be...

May–July 2021 Baking COTM: Yossy Arefi’s Snacking Cakes, Sweeter Off the Vine & Blog

Caitlin McGrath
by Caitlin McGrath 2 months ago

Welcome to our May–July 2021 BCOTM, where we’ll be baking our way through Yossy Arefi’s books SNACKING CAKES and SWEETER OFF THE VINE and her baking blog, http://www.apt2bbakingco.com/. You can ...

First Quarter 2020 Baking Cookbook of the Month: FOOD52 GENIUS DESSERTS

Caitlin McGrath
by Caitlin McGrath 1 year ago

Welcome to our First Quarter Baking COTM, running through March 2020, FOOD52 GENIUS DESSERTS: 100 RECIPES THAT WILL CHANGE THE WAY YOU BAKE. We’ll use this thread for all reports and discussion of ...

SOFT Flour Bags

by mobiledynamics 7 days ago

Call me crazy. Just got some Made in Italy flour via mail (Caputo 00).....just one of those things I cannot find locally aside from a 50lb sack. And of course it came in a mess....rip in bag. Ri...

What are you baking these days? May 2021 edition!

Caitlin McGrath
by Caitlin McGrath 2 months ago

It’s May, month of Mother's Day, warmer weather for garden get-togethers, and perhaps even fresh berries in your neck of the woods. Whatcha baking up?

Don't eat Cicadas if allergic to seafood?

by gutreactions 13 days ago

Are Cicadas on your menu? They only appear every 17 years or so. The FDA has issued a warning. Don't eat them if you are allergic to seafood. Apparently, there is a connection. Check it out: https:...

Best New-to-You Recipes for 2020

by masha 6 months ago

What recipes did you make for the first time during 2020 that were a hit? Links to the recipe and/or to your earlier CH report on it are encouraged. For myself, I would note that I made many ...

Baking Ingredient Pantry Storage Containers

by orlybabe 1 month ago

Hi everyone! I am moving into a new apartment soon and am planning the food storage containers. I originally wanted to get Oxo Pop Containers, seemed to be the most widely recommended and popular, ...

ISO Quark

by StevietheFish 2 months ago

Title says it all. I'm resurrecting an old recipe for a berry pie. I substitute sour cream to good effect, but I'd like to try to make it as traditionally as possible. Where can I find quark, prefe...

Baking Love by Joanne Chang

by mrshalf 22 days ago

I just got a ton of cookbooks to help feed the masses at my place. I don't see a lot of chatter about this one, and can't figure out why. It's gorgeous and the recipes look quite spectacular. I ...

Fall Quarter 2020 Baking Cookbook of the Month: MIDWEST MADE

Caitlin McGrath
by Caitlin McGrath 9 months ago

Welcome to our Fall Quarter Baking COTM, running through the end of 2020, MIDWEST MADE: BIG, BOLD BAKING FROM THE HEARTLAND by Shauna Sever. We’ll use this thread for all reports and discussion of ...

DOTM April 2018: No-Knead Bread

by RainyRamone 3 years ago

Welcome to our Dish of the Month reporting thread for April 2018! Our dish, this month, is No-Knead Bread. No-knead breads have been around a long time, but have recently enjoyed a resurgence ...

Leaving a scoop in a container

by orlybabe 1 month ago

Hey, I’m getting new Rubbermaid Brilliance containers for my dry baking ingredients. I was wondering if its ok to leave a scoop inside the containers, say like resting inside the flour or sugar - d...

January–March 2019 Baking/Dessert Cookbook of the Month: BRAVETART by Stella Parks

Caitlin McGrath
by Caitlin McGrath 2 years ago

Welcome to our Baking and Dessert COTM for. January through March 2019, BraveTart: Iconic American Desserts by Stella Parks. We’ll use this thread for all reports and discussion of recipes in the b...

Can any cookie recipe be made into a roll and slice cookie?

by hungryinmanhattan 5 years ago

I love baking cookies but they are very time consuming. I prefer to make roll and slice cookies. My question is, can any recipe for unfilled "plain" cookies be made into roll and slice refrigerator...

Beginners Questions About Measuring for Baking

by cgxy96 2 months ago

So I just started on my baking journey, with my first attempt being pita bread. Recipe calls for 1 cup of flour, which for my continence, I converted to 136 grams. My question is 1. So is it 13...

Date syrup cake / sticky toffee pudding...

by yerbamate170 3 months ago

Recently I purchased a can of date syrup from a middle eastern store and I've been thinking of ways to use it: I opened the can and it's thinner than golden syrup and less sweet but a syrup that ta...

How to convert tea leaf to liquid tea for baking?

by cgxy96 1 month ago

So the recipe calls for 3 tablespoon of tea or quarter cup tea from tea bags. I don't have a grinder and I can't be bothered to chop it separately. Do I just brew 3 tablespoon tea leave in quarter ...

What Are You Baking These Days? April 2021 Edition

Caitlin McGrath
by Caitlin McGrath 3 months ago

It may be thawing out and warming up where you are, but I bet your oven's still being cranked up. What goodies are coming out of it this month?