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Best New Baking Cookbooks for Fall 2019

As summer melts away and fall starts to sharpen the air, we're getting ready to hunker down and cozy up—and with ovens happily back on again, the agenda includes a lot of baking. Good thing that among...

Table Talk with Kim-Joy of The Great British Bake Off

The Chowhound Team
by The Chowhound Team 15 days ago

What came first, Instagram or Kim-Joy? The answer is unclear but what is crystal clear is both make the other one way more fun. Kim-Joy -- one of the breakout stars from England's smash hit The Gre...

Fall Quarter 2019 Baking Cookbook of the Month: THE BAKING BIBLE

Caitlin McGrath
by Caitlin McGrath 11 days ago

Welcome to our Fall Quarter 2019 Baking COTM, THE BAKING BIBLE by Rose Levy Beranbaum, running from October through December 2019. We’ll use this thread for all reports and discussion of recipes in...


Sweet use for rye flour

by tweetie 5 days ago

I'm continuing my pantry/freezer/stockpile cleanup. I made SK's apricot pistachio bars with a handful of nuts and 1/2 jar of apricot preserves in lieu of fresh apricots and they were delish. I'm ...

"Muscadine Black" grapes - use other than jelly/wine?

by CookingChemicalEngineer 1 month ago

Hi all - I bought a few pounds of grapes labeled as muscadine "black" grapes. They're tasty, but between the, um, quite substantial peel (it actually pops and crackles as you try to chew it) and t...

Hazelnut desserts

by tweetie 7 days ago

got a bunch and now must bake! do you have a favorite recipe to share?

Does anyone know anything about aquafaba?

by Howard_2 9 days ago

Aquafaba is the water that chickpeas are packed in. I've read that it can be used like egg whites--can be whipped like eggwhites, used in cooking like them. I've just started experimenting with...

Lost Recipe Babka with meringue filling

by elysianfields 9 days ago

Help! My grandmother made amazing babka and can't find the recipe anywhere. It was huge. Made by putting rolls of dough with filling in large tube pan. The thing that made it special, is how she ...

Alternative uses for Beignet mix

by pbauer 10 days ago

I've been gifted with a box of CDM beignet mix. However, I don't like to fry things. Is there anything else I can make with this? It does not have to be in the beignet/donut family. I'm not familia...

Anybody have a tried-and-true vegan vanilla frosting recipe?

by Gretchen 22 days ago

Hosting a dinner in honor of some newly married vegan friends, and I think I've got the cake itself covered, but I've never managed to make a vegan frosting that I actually enjoyed eating. Grateful...

Fall 2019 Baking Cookbook of the Month VOTING

Caitlin McGrath
by Caitlin McGrath 15 days ago

Welcome to the voting thread for our Fall 2019 Baking COTM, which will run from the time the vote closes through December. Though there were a number of different nominations, one emerged with th...

Seeking recipe for oatmeal cookies (etc)

by Howard_2 13 days ago

Does anyone have any ideas, or a specific recipe, for cookies, cupcakes, etc made with oatmeal, sugar, etc, but no flour? I've been doing some experimenting, and my results so far have not been ...

Summer Quarter 2019 Baking Cookbook of the Month: GOLDEN (aka Honey & Co.: The Baking Book)

Caitlin McGrath
by Caitlin McGrath 3 months ago

Welcome to our Summer Baking and COTM, running through September 2019, GOLDEN: SWEET AND SAVORY BAKED DELIGHTS FROM THE OVENS OF LONDON’S HONEY & CO. by Itamar Shulavuch and Sarit Packer (aka Honey...

Summer Quarter 2019 Baking Cookbook of the Month Nominations

Caitlin McGrath
by Caitlin McGrath 3 months ago

Welcome to the nomination thread for our baking COTM for the third quarter of 2019, July through September, from the first appearance of ripe stone fruits and berries right through to their heyday...

Fall Quarter 2019 Baking Cookbook of the Month NOMINATIONS

Caitlin McGrath
by Caitlin McGrath 21 days ago

Welcome to the nomination thread for our Baking COTM for the final quarter of 2019, October through December, covering the first crisp autumn weather straight through the celebrations of the season...

Can you use nuts as pie weights?

by sophie5311 16 days ago

Wondering if you could use nuts such as almonds or walnuts as pie weights. Thanks!

Substitute for refrigerated crescent rolls please

by twodales2 11 months ago

As you must have noticed, many appetizer recipes use Crescent roll dough. I am not a fan. To me they have an artificial or chemical flavor. What would you suggest I substitute in their place? TIA

Bread Spread

by small h 2 months ago

I've gotten pretty good at Jim Leahy's no knead bread, which I knead (because I have a KitchenAid and because I am a REBEL). The dough rises overnight in a bowl in the fridge, and then I loaf it an...

Internal Temperature of Baked Goods

by melajoh 18 days ago

This is in response to an old thread, thought it might be helpful to others out there. All the temps of finished baked goods, all in one place. I taped it up inside a cupboard so I don't have to lo...