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Latinx- and Hispanic-Owned Culinary Businesses to Support Right Now

National Hispanic Heritage Month has just begun, and with it comes the opportunity to support a slew of small, culinary-minded businesses around the country. Below you’ll find some of our favorites...

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Bakery in Newark, DE

by Karen K 9 years ago

My son, a freshman at U Del, turns 18 later this month. Is there a good bakery in the Newark environs that might deliver a cake, cupcakes, or cookies to a student at the university?

New in Santa Rosa/Roseland area-"Michoacana Ice Cream and Coffee"

by snarkygirl 10 years ago

I've been doing recon on this business since the "opening soon" sign went up a few weeks ago. It's in the strip mall on the northwest corner of Dutton Ave. and Sebastopol Rd. I did a drive-by...

Bread Basket Bakery in Cheyenne

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 10 years ago

My first stop in Wyoming on Wednesday was the Bread Basket Bakery in Cheyenne. It’s website had turned up when I was researching places to grab a quick bite and I was interested in trying a cabbag...

Cold Weather = Saltenas....new places to try

by CoconutMilk 12 years ago

I've had Luzmila's, La Caraquena's, Tutto Bene's and Pike Pizza's. Want to try My Bakery, Victors Grill....has anyone had them? Any other recs. Viva la saltena!

Paleteria problems in Sonoma Co.

by Columba 11 years ago

Neither of the local Mexican ice cream stores are currently producing paletas (popsicles). It seems that the state has cracked down on them, requires a separate manufacturing room for both types of...

Sourdough near Union Square

by Scott_R 13 years ago

I'll be in SF this Monday-Saturday. I'd like to be able to pick up some sourdough loaves to bring back with me. I'll be staying about 2 blocks west of Union Square, and leaving for the airport a...

Flashback: Menu ideas for 70's/80's potluck. Tupperware optional.

by thedragonlady 12 years ago

I'm helping to plan a friend's Birthday party and we're having it themed around the types of party foods we grew up with at our own parent's dinner parties. Fondue, meatballs in ketchup and grape j...

Pan de Elote and Fresh Romeritos @ Mi Pueblo supermercado in Salinas

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 11 years ago

Yesterday I stopped by Mi Pueblo to pick up some miscellaneous produce. I noticed small branches of fresh romeritos for $14.99/lb. These are traditional during the holidays, served with fresh or ...

Best place for an "Over the top or Exotic" cake for the holidays

by steakrules85 12 years ago

Looking for a place with some truly great over the top confections- preferably layer cakes or something high. As the Christmas hoiday approaches, I want to get something special this year. For thos...

Need Birthday Cake-PURPLE FROSTING! Help!

by janie 12 years ago

Love Cannelle, but did them last year for my son's birthday, and this year he is insisting on a Purple Cake. He is obsessed with Burt from Mary Poppins, so would like to have the cake decorated wit...

Ferrisburgh Bakery & Deli, VT

by masha 12 years ago

We were driving from Burlington to Middlebury last weekend, and looking to pick up a quick lunch on the way, but did not want to go to one of the national chains in S. Burlington. We pulled into t...

Expansion at 9 Island Bakery (Rohnert Park)

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 14 years ago

Got a scare yesterday afternoon when I drove up to the Nine Islands Bakery (Padaria 9 Ilhas) where the windows and original entrance were papered over. But as I got closer, I could see the arrows ...

Help finding meringue cups

by elc515 12 years ago

Does anyone know of a bakery in the city that sells meringue cups? When I was growing up, we always had them for Easter filled with ice cream and topped with strawberries. I have a craving, but c...

Bolillos (pan francés) from El Aguila, Salinas

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 12 years ago

Today's banh mi-making project needed some good bread. A six-pack of Columbus sweet french rolls at the supermarket wouldn't do. I find the crust on La Brea's baguettes too hard for this use, and...

Frosting Bakeshop, Mill Valley - cupcakes, cake bites - anyone try them?

by hhc 13 years ago

I just found a mention on Frosting Bakeshop in Mill Valley. Anyone try the cupcakes or cake bites there (bite-sized cupcakes)? Flavors found on their website: black & white chocolate obsess...

Hu Tieu Nam Vang at Lyn Sandwiches & Bakery in Fresno

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 13 years ago

When I visited Fresno in May and had my eyes open for Hmong chow, a banner flying on a small storefront near the corner of McKinley and First promoted “Hu Tieu Nam Vang”. I knew what hu tieu (pork...

Sydney, NS, Cake decorators edible photo frosting

by capebretoner 13 years ago

I will be visiting Cape Breton and want to have a cake made with edible photo frosting, I want to surprise some of my girlfriends with a photo that I had taken a few years ago. I tried to do a goo...

Australian Foods

by Rani 18 years ago

I spent a few years of my childhood growing up in Sydney and still crave all the traditional aussie foods like proper meat pies, tim tams, twisties, vegemite etc. Does anyone happen to know if the...

La Plaza Bakery & Cafe, Greenfield

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 13 years ago

Yesterday's breakfast was a stop at La Plaza in Greenfield, on the corner of Oak and El Camino Real. La Plaza: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3073/2637086078_8c7cd2c387.jpg?v=0 I tried an in...

Pistachio Buttercream Frosting

by MaryC 13 years ago

Every year leading up to his birthday (June 19th) my husband talks about the pistachio buttercream cake that his father would get for his birthday cake. He claims his dad got it at a German bakery...

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