Bake Sale

Need a great bake sale recipe? Ask here and ye shall receive. Plus, Chowhounds weigh in on bake sale decorum, how to host one, and favorite bake sale foods.

This One Secret Ingredient Is the Only Thing Between You and Flawless Rice Krispie Treats

I’ve been a huge Rice Krispie treats fan since back in the day. It was hands down my favorite sweet as a kid—I memorized the recipe from the back of the cereal box and made them regularly. Post-college...

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ISO Best Bake Sale Items

by Nemsynr 7 years ago

Every year, there is a bake sale held at my husband's workplace to benefit a different community charity. I sent in cupcakes last year and they were devoured within 15 minutes. I'd like to send i...

Bake sale? What should i bake?

by bakerslove 7 years ago

My daughter's gym is having a local meet and they are offering some baked goods along with drinks. The gym is asking parents to bring a little something. I'm not sure what to bake though and was wo...

Past owners of Gourmadises de France (Raleigh) holding Bake Sale for Cancer Treatment

by meatn3 8 years ago

I'm not associated with this in any way... Over the years many on CH have voiced how much they miss Gourmadises de France bakery, formerly on Creedmoor road in Raleigh from 2000- 2007. The follo...

Your West Coast Bake Sale Best Sellers, please

toodie jane
by toodie jane 8 years ago

A local group of stores is holding a BBQ Auction and Bake Sale to bebefit an employee with health care issues. This is a semi-rural conservative community, old world ranching family values, etc....

Help! I need "healthy" ideas for bake sale goods!

by somervilleoldtimer 8 years ago

Years ago, I perfected the art of making 150 pretty cupcakes in only a few hours, for bake sales. However, we have an upcoming musical-related bake sale that will take place over a few days, (duri...

Savory bake sale items?

by leanneabe 12 years ago

We're holding a bake sale to raise some money for our company's Breast Cancer walk team and someone brought up the idea that we might want to add some non-sugary items to the table. Now, she may h...

Bake sale bestsellers

by mollyomormon 8 years ago

Maybe there's another thread somewhere with responses to this query and if so, point me to it. I posted a couple of months ago for ideas for jams to take to a bake sale and got great responses. Now...

2nd Annual SF Food Bloggers Bake Sale & Taiwanese American Cultural Festival 5/14/11 report

by hhc 8 years ago

I went to both the 2nd Annual SF Food Bloggers Bake Sale & the Taiwanese American Cultural Festival Sat 5/14/11. I went to 18 Reasons in the Mission. Tons of stuff to buy at the Bake Sale. I m...

Bake Sale

by sanddollarmama 9 years ago

I have been asked to make a few things for a bake sale next week, I used to be quite the baker but now don't have as much time with two little ones. Does anyone know of any items which can be freez...

Need your best cheap/easy make-ahead recipes for bake sale

by Anne 13 years ago

I'm in charge of our church's bake sale, to be held Sunday 10/22. I'll be making some of my old stand-bys (pumpkin spice muffins, chocolate cupcakes, butter thumbprint cookies, snickerdoodles, may...

Bake Sale (on Kingsway in Etobicoke)

red dragon
by red dragon 9 years ago

Saw this place advertised in the Toronto Star today. The website looks very delicious. Has anyone been there yet? http://www.bakesaletoronto.com/html/home.shtml ----- Kingsway Restaurant 51...

NY schools ban bake sales

by greygarious 10 years ago

But Pop-Tarts are allowed: http://www.newyorker.com/talk/2010/04/12/100412ta_talk_peed

BBQ signs across the street from Bake Sale Betty's?

by nicedragonboy 10 years ago

Anyone else notice these signs. I thought I saw some signs mentioning some sort of BBQ event or something but was making the turn and couldn't get the whole gist of it. Anyone else notice it?

Bake Sale Help!

by normativestructures 10 years ago

I play in a community jazz band, and next weekend (the 9th) is our annual pancake breakfast and bake sale. I need to bring a couple things to the bake sale, and I'd like to do something beyond the...

Bake sale items for St. Patrick's day

by MIss G 11 years ago

I'm already making soda bread and scones. Does anyone have any holiday themed sweets that don't need refridgeration? Thanks!

Suggestions for a Bake Sale

by Gary Rolin 15 years ago

I am trying to figure out what to make for a Bake Sale coming up this weekend. I'm trying to figure out what I could make that would: 1. Stand out from the crowd, and 2. Make the most money. ...

great bake sale today near Ft. Greene flea market

by eeee 11 years ago

As I was heading back to the G from the flea market this morning, I happened upon a little Move On bake sale, the proceeds of which support the election of Obama. The selection was amazing - rum p...

Tips for Holding Charity Bake Sales

by Pamela 12 years ago

Hello, O wise, great, and wonderful Chowhounds. A bunch of us (we live in Southern California--South Bay area) are planning to hold a charity bake sale, but we are having a problem finding a ven...

Bake sale, no conventional oven, help..

by marycarol 12 years ago

I need to take something to a bake sale, and have recently moved into a home with only a GE Advantium Oven. I really don't know how to use this oven that well, yet. I'll save that for another thr...

Market/bake sale/etc. to sell baked goods?

by aquariusrs24 12 years ago

Could someone please recommend an open air market or ANY place where one might be able to purchase a table or space to sell baked goods? Thanks in advance.