Bacon makes everything better: fact. Chowhounds talk about the best bacon to buy, how to cook it, and where to find bacon dishes on a menu anywhere.

Baked Eggs in Mini Pumpkins Are Peak Fall Breakfast Fare

These baked eggs in mini pumpkins from Chowhound video producer Olivia Geyelin are the ultimate fall breakfast, even before you get to the bacon butternut squash hash with rosemary or sage on the side...

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Bacon and . . .

by Wisco 16 years ago

Ok, I'm trying to think of some sandwich to make with a bunch of bacon. I'm feeling Alice Watersian and therefore want to avoid BLTs, given that it's not the season for tomotoes. Any good ideas? Ex...


by anne 16 years ago

i'm looking for a foolproof way to cook bacon to a crispy crunchy (but not rock-hard) perfection. i don't like my bacon to be chewy or soggy. so far, the oven has not worked for me. the best i've ...

Duck bacon

by brooklynmonkey 16 years ago

I spied a package of D'artagnan Duck Bacon at my local market today. Has anyone tried it? Is there anything redeeming about it? The package said "half the fat of regular bacon" which actually ma...

Bacon: Can it be frozen?

by Paul Lukas 17 years ago

In a fit of generosity from which I'm still reeling, a friend has sent me a sampler of 13 different packs of bacon. Obviously, I can't eat it all at once (altho it would be fun to try..), so I'm wo...

Any recipes for bacon wrapped asparagus?

by fooddude1 17 years ago

Like the title says(I know the title "is" the recipe, but would like to know any other specifics) =) Do you make it simple, or with garlic oil, parsley, basil, etc. Wrapped each or bundle wrapped? ...

Deep Fried Bacon

by suekiyaki 17 years ago

Ever have a day when you have a few too many brews and feel the need to deep batter-fry everything in reach? Well, allow me to wax rhapsodic over one of those once-in-a-lifetime culinary accidents...

New York Times Bacon Tasting

by BarbaraF 17 years ago

This odd little article from today's New York Times gave me a pre-coffee, pre-breakfast series of giggles. It is about a "bacon-tasting" party where the participants wrote reviews of a series of...

Julia Child's Rustic Potato Bread Recipe-wanna sub bacon grease for olive oil

by Karla 17 years ago

I am making Julia Child's potato bread from Baking With Julia, and I have this wonderful smoked bacon from a German butcher. I save all the grease. I want to use this bacon grease instead of the ol...

English-butchered bacon

by mjr_inthegardens 17 years ago

It is one of the great tragedies of my current existence that I cannot find English style bacon retail anywhere in the US. I'm talking about nice thick, non-streaky, meaty, sweet life-fulfilling...

Bacon ratings in the Wall Street Journal

by Kirk 17 years ago

This morning's "Weekend Journal" section has a story on mail order vs. grocery store bacons. (Not exactly the most pressing business story of the day, but it IS the Weekend Journal...) Here's wh...

Green Streaky Bacon?

by Tom Meg 17 years ago

I've been cooking from a British cookbook (Fergus Henderson's "Nose to Tail Eating"), and many of the recipes call for "green streaky bacon". What is it? Link: http://meglioranza.com

Bacon shelf life

by Dax 17 years ago

what is the typical shelf life of American bacon? Ie I have some Farmland Hickory smoked that I keep around for whatever (pan fried, deep fried, stir-fried. There's pineapple bacon, lemon bacon, c...

How to prepare Venison steaks wrapped in Bacon?

by James G 17 years ago

I bought two beautiful vension tenderloin steaks wrapped in bacon yesterday and want to make them for tonight's dinner. They are pretty thick--maybe 1.5" or so--and I have never prepared such stea...

Shad Roe *without* Bacon

by galleygirl 17 years ago

It's a sure harbinger of spring, posts about shad roe popping up on every board...I wannah be ready to take advantage of nature's bounty when it hits my town. So, the challenge is, what's the best ...

streaky bacon---What is it?!?

by L 18 years ago

Hello! I'm making a soup recipie out of a cookbook from the UK and it calls for "streaky bacon". I'm figuring it's another term for thick cut bacon or pancetta or some other pork product I'm jus...

Can we make nitrite free bacon?

by Twofer 18 years ago

The carnivore, having used his smoker for just about every hunk of meat imaginable, (the buffalo tri-tip was fabulous!) now wants to make bacon. While supporting him in all this madness, even haul...

white coq au vin (no bacon)

by Alexandra 18 years ago

Dear Friends: I have lost a lovely white wine coq au vin recipe that I have made in the past. Does anyone have one without using bacon? We are kosher style, and refrain from eating pork products. ...

Fairway: Pig's feet and apple smoked bacon

by Pat Goldberg 18 years ago

I shopped at the Harlem Fairway this morning and found both whole pig's feet and apple smoked bacon, both of which had been the subject of relatively recent inquiries. Pat G.

Makin the bacon

by MichaelB 18 years ago

I've hatched a plan to cure and smoke some bacon, and I was hoping that fellow hounds can provide some advice. I have several recipes (from a recent Gourmet article, a Good Eats episode, and a few ...

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