Bacon makes everything better: fact. Chowhounds talk about the best bacon to buy, how to cook it, and where to find bacon dishes on a menu anywhere.

Pinterest's Hottest New Trend Is Carrot Bacon

With quarantine cooking well underway, home cooks are certainly all turning to the internet for recipe inspiration. After all, cooking the same plate of pasta, three times a week, won’t suffice anymore...

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A Bacon Article

by Shep 14 years ago

from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Body of article is "I knew that", but brand comparisons are nice. Link: http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/05272/579266.stm

Bacon fried in the frier and not grilled-- bother anyone else?

by tspinns 15 years ago

I've noticed quite a few places don't grill bacon anymore but just throw it in the fryer, thus french fries, fish or any other food supposedly cooked in vegetable oil is now cooking in a mixture of...

Bacon Making Alarm Clock

by StriperGuy 15 years ago

Cool link below. Just sync it with a coffee maker and you're set. Link: http://www.mathlete.com/portfolio/wakeNbacon.php

Uh oh - I forgot the bacon

by krissywats 15 years ago

I planned to make a quiche a while back and completely forgot about some bacon I had in my refrigerator. The 'use by' date says May 3rd. I've never used 'old' bacon to my knowledge. Since I'm su...

Cookbook Report #1: "Drunken" pintos w/ cilantro and bacon

by Carb Lover 15 years ago

Hi hounds. You may have noticed that a couple of weeks ago I was contemplating cooking my way through one cookbook and got some great feedback and encouragement. Well, I decided on using Rick Bayle...

mysteries of bacon

by miss kensington 15 years ago

Having finally broken free from the influence my bacon-free childhood (it was a religion thing), I need some advice. (1) how do I cook bacon so it is crispy but not burnt? I've tried playing wit...

Potatoes Dish with Bacon

by Roxy 15 years ago

I need help with a valentine dinner I am planning. I am going to make a quiche with Brie cheese and Canadian Bacon. Before I read the recipe I bought just regular bacon so had to go back and buy ...

Bacon in the Oven (with brown sugar?)

by Chris 15 years ago

I could swear I once saw a recipe for this. Anyone have it? Has anyone tried it? I am actually having a brunch party and am looking for a way to cook bacon in bulk. Let me know if the oven is ...

"Bacon of the Month" and Other Offbeat Food Gifts?

by Lila 15 years ago

I'd love to buy a client some sort of bacon gift for Christmas, but the "bacon of the Month" club offered through Grateful Palate is just too expensive (it's around $300). Can anyone suggest anot...

Gourmet bacon recommendations?

by Sunshine girl 15 years ago

So, my 92 year old grandfather loves his bacon, toast and eggs in the morning. And he loves trying new things. Considering this man has tried all sorts of things in his life, I'm in search of some ...

Dakin Farm (Vermont) Good Bacon?

by Funwithfood 15 years ago

I got the Dakin Farm catalog. Their cob-smoked bacon sounds good. Has anyone eaten their smoked meats, etc? Can you recommend them? TIA :)

Turkey Bacon - Recommendations?

by Angie5 15 years ago

I bought some Jennie-O extra lean turkey bacon, but it was a disaster: too salty, too much weird tasting artificial smokiness, and floppy texture. I know the term "turkey bacon" makes some folk...

Panceta or Bacon?

by good-dog 15 years ago

What is the difference between panceta and plain bacon?

Oven cooking bacon

by sara 15 years ago

How long at what temp? For thick and regular bacon. Thank you.

baking bacon!?

by ben f 18 years ago

As I was eating my extremely unhealthy bacon chicken cheddar biscuit sandwich for lunch today, a colleague declared that the best way to cook bacon was to bake it in the oven. He was a little hazy...

Bacon strip pancakes

by Paul Lukas 16 years ago

While looking thru a book of old breakfast-related graphics, I came across something I'd never seen before: a photo of pancake batter being poured onto cooked slices of bacon on a griddle, so that ...

Asparagus Wrapped Bacon Yakitori

by elmomonster 16 years ago

I'm trying to replicate this Yakitori I've had Japanese pub places like Honda-ya in Tustin, CA. It ought to be simple, but I want to get it close. Has anyone got a recipe for this appetizer? I a...

bacon cooking

by leslieo 16 years ago

Isn't there a way to cook bacon in the oven? How is it done, and, most importantly, does it taste okay?

Bacon and . . .

by Wisco 16 years ago

Ok, I'm trying to think of some sandwich to make with a bunch of bacon. I'm feeling Alice Watersian and therefore want to avoid BLTs, given that it's not the season for tomotoes. Any good ideas? Ex...


by anne 16 years ago

i'm looking for a foolproof way to cook bacon to a crispy crunchy (but not rock-hard) perfection. i don't like my bacon to be chewy or soggy. so far, the oven has not worked for me. the best i've ...

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