Looking for something good in Aurora by Paramount Theater

Chicago Wine Geek
by Chicago Wine Geek 9 years ago

Taking the family to see Grease at The Paramount Theater this Saturday. Looking for something good in the area. Any suggestions? I'm up for anything that is kid friendly. I'm thinking there are...

Jimmies Hotdogs reopens in Aurora.

by snootcity 10 years ago

Jimmies Hotdogs, which opened in 1926 and closed in 1969, reopened in Aurora, Illinois, on Saturday, June 25th. It is open every day during the warm months of the year (as it used to be) from 11am ...

Comfort Zone BBQ in Aurora

Georgia Sommers
by Georgia Sommers 11 years ago

Comfort Zone BBQ is a new place located just west of the gambling casino on New York St. in downtown Aurora. Has anyone eaten there?

Anyone eaten at the Turf Room in North Aurora?

bon oeuf
by bon oeuf 11 years ago

Just looked at their menu online and found many appealing things. Anyone have experience here? http://theturfroomrestaurant.com ----- Turf Room 650 Randall Crossing Ln, North Aurora, I...

Greek Resturants in Aurora/Naperville area?

by mppaul2 12 years ago

Hi, Are there any good Greek Resturants nearby? I know the Greek Resturant In Arlingto Heights is terrific, but I need something closer to home. TIA

Dinner near the Paramount Theater in Aurora, IL?

by pm1214 12 years ago

My bf and I are going to the Paramount Theater in Aurora on Thursday night...and wanted to grab dinner somewhere in the vicinity of the theater before the show. I'd like to avoid eating at a big bo...

Good Italian food in or near Aurora

by Brian B 15 years ago

Just moved to Aurora and would like to eat some Italian food. Thanks Brian

Boorah(sp?) on Route 59 (Naperville/Aurora)

by wineaux 13 years ago

We don't get out to this area often, but when we were driving down Route 59 last night, I noticed a Thai/Vietnamese restaurant that I think was spelled Boorah. Just wondering if anyone has been th...

cheap eats in Aurora

by Danimal 13 years ago

I'll be out there tomorrow night and I'll have to get dinner somewhere. I'm shooting for less than $10. Pizza, ethnic, burgers, etc. I just want to avoid the chains.

Anyone been to Miga 59 in Aurora/Naperville?

by fern 14 years ago

Just heard about a new Korean restaurant in Aurora. Would love to hear about your visit if you've been. Thanks!


by LENA123 14 years ago

Awesome food in the food court great portions and very cheap prices the Kabobs, hummus and falafel are great

Jibarito in Aurora

by qzq 14 years ago

Is there anyplace good to get a Jibarito sandwich in the Aurora area?

Found a BBQ Gem in Oswego/Aurora

by chipkillian 14 years ago

I stopped by Thomas' BBQ on Montgomery between Hill and Eola yesterday for lunch. Awesome pulled pork sandwich! Excellent sauce and real pulled pork--not just some smashed up left overs. The place ...

Fish Tacos? Aurora/Naperville

by chipkillian 14 years ago

Anyone know where I can get some good fish tacos in the Route 59/I88 area? I just got back from Texas and I need a fix. Thanks!

Aurora dining recs?

by MilwFoodlovers 15 years ago

My wife and I booked a room at the Comfort Suite next door to The Roundhouse for 2 nights in June and we'd like to explore the downtown area (hopefully by foot, but not necessarily). I see lots of ...

Aurora (OUTLET MALL) Breakfast?

by chipkillian 14 years ago

I'm looking for a place in the Naperville, Aurora area for breakfast before a day of shopping at the outlet mall.

Fun Restaurant for Homecoming kids, Aurora/ Batavia area?

by ellaj 15 years ago

Any suggestions for a group of teens for dinner before the homecoming dance? They'd like something inexpensive to moderate and with a fun atmoshphere. Last year they went to Ju Rin where they co...

Pre-show dinner in Aurora

by Vito 15 years ago

Would appreciate any recs for dinner in Aurora. Will be attending show at Pararmount Theatre. Any cusine, but trying to avoid chains Thanks.


by Abe Froman 15 years ago

Looking gor a good place in the area that is not too expensive but with a good atmosphere. I love Maciano's italian food but I haven't found much else.

Family Dining in Downtown Aurora

by TheDiner 15 years ago

Are there any good family restaurants with American food menues in downtown Aurora or nearby? When I'm in the downtown area, I don't see anything even similar to an American family restaurant. Pl...