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You can use this tag to discuss food in Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island. We also have tags for each of those maritime provinces, as well as many of the cities within them, which you can browse here.

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Vancouver, BC

by Vincenty V. 22 years ago

Anyone been to either Quilicum or The Raintree in Vancouver, British Columbia. Recommendation? Thanks.

Nanaimo, BC

by Laura Finnigan 21 years ago

Although I'm new to Nanaimo, I already know that there are a few amazing restaraunts. Gina's is an authentic Mexican restaraunt perched perilously atop a hill looking over downtown Nanaimo. You c...

Vancouver - Help!

by CapHill 21 years ago

Hi, my boyfriend and I are traveling to Vancouver (July 13 - 16) from Washington D.C. Have done a search to dredge up old Vancouver suggestions, but would love any new advice you have to offer! ...

Whistler restaurants

by HARVEY P. SACKETT 21 years ago

My Wife and are traveling to Vancouver and Whistler the last weekend of July. I've picked up a lot of information about Vancouver restaurants from prior messages, but did not notice anything abou...

Chez Piggy - And other Kingston Restaurants

by S. M. Burchell 21 years ago

As many have already mentioned Chez Piggy is a great restaurant in Kingston. I lived there for 5 years and returned for a weekend recently. The food is still great. Here are some other great spo...

Gaspee Peninsula

by Lise 21 years ago

Any advice on finding good food on the Gaspee Peninsula? We'll be traveling there in August and need help - either recommendations for restaurants or advice on good books/guides to help us. Seafo...

Where to eat in Halifax and PEI?

by R. Carter 21 years ago

I'm going to Halifax and PEI soon for a vacation and have been told that they're both culinary wastelands. Any recommendations to disprove this?

toronto (cabbagetown) eats

by D.T. 21 years ago

bagetown you say? Pity. British to the core if a bit long in the tooth, this Toronto neighbourhood has no shortage of strange, eccentr...

Know Any Good Restaurants Near Abbotsford?

by Liz 21 years ago

I am in Abbotsford often on business and would love to hear of any good restaurants in the area. I love all Asian cuisines, Indian, Italian, really everything. I would travel 30 minutes for good fo...

Ottawa Byward Market:Restaurants-and Bistros.

by Marc Bernstein 21 years ago

I'm going to be in Ottawa next week on research/vacation. I would like to know what new restaurants/bistros there are in the Byward Market area? I have been to Domus Cafe,I like the res...

Fort Erie, Ont.

by cinnamon/SDNY 21 years ago

Does anyone know of any good rest.s in the Ft. Erie area? I've only been to Green Acres & the Palmwood. I liked the latter for its inexpen. fish & chips, lake view & deck, and "endless summer" atmo...

Hamilton Restaurants:Bistros.

by Marc Bernstein 21 years ago

I am going to be in Hamilton on business this Friday. What Bistros are there in downtown area? Is there anything in Dundas,Ancaster,Freelton,or Stoney Creek?


by John Knoesel 22 years ago

Looking for suggestions on some upscale places to bring clients during a convention next month. Thanks in advance, JK

Vancouver Report

by Dave Feldman 22 years ago

Just came back from a trip to Vancouver (pleasure) and San Diego (business, sort of). I'm afraid I have nothing exciting to report about San Diego (went to several pleasant but unexceptional re...

Victoria pubs

by Laura Finnigan 21 years ago

Have you ever been to Vic? Well then I'm sure that you've heard about our pubs. I'll make it short and sweet, and just list a few of my favorites. The menu's are all pretty much your typical pub...

Victoria, BC

by Jerry Bank 23 years ago

I will be visiting Victoria, BC and would appreciate some restaurant recommendations. I eat everything, but would prefer things that would not be found in lovely Trenton, NJ, where I live. Tr...

Eating out in Victoria, B.C.

by Hagar Johansen 21 years ago

Thought I would start a bit of stuff on where to get good eats in Victoria. So you know my point of view/taste, I don't really care about how pretty my plate looks. I am very fussy about how the fo...

Chez Piggy-Revised Kosher Menu-Passover,2,000.

by Lon Chaney,Jr 21 years ago

Dear Folks, We at Chez Piggy are proud to present our new Kosher Passover Menu!! Our sponsor is Lon Chaney,Jr. The first dish on our new and i...

Bubble tea

by Jerry Bank 21 years ago

I saw reference to Taiwanese "bubble tea" on this message board. What in the world is it?

Great Quebec City Dinner Recommendations Wanted

by Judith 21 years ago

My husband and I will be visiting Quebec the end of this month for the first time - if anyone can give us some recommendations for where good regional dining can be had, we would appreciate it.

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