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Any good pizza in Athens, GA?

by dallen 14 years ago

Heading there for the afternoon this Saturday. Looking for a good place for thin crust pizza (pls- no chains). Bischero comes up a lot on this board, but it looks like they might be closed from 2:...

East-West Bistro - Athens, GA

by Awall25 14 years ago

Has anyone tried the new menu at East-West Bistro? I thought the new menu looked interesting and I like the idea of having a tasting menu in Athens.

glum food in Athens, GA, or: are Latinos going to save the South?

by Derek 17 years ago

I'm wrapping up a two-and-a-half year stint in Athens, and wondering whether there's hope for the food scene in town. Also wondering whether the problems here are specific to Athens or signs of mo...

What happened to Bischero in Athens,GA?

by historyknit 14 years ago

Greetings! This is my very first post. Wondering if anyone knows what happened to Bischero? I've heard that two partners (from Atlanta?-- did they own something there already?) opened a yummy, yumm...

The Daily - Watkinsville/Athens GA

by BigSkyCap 14 years ago

We tried The Daily - in Watkinsville/Athens, GA area the other day and had a great meal! I think their website is http:// www.thedailydeli.com This is a lunch/catering type restaurant with a ow...

Athens - Mirko

by uptown jimmy 14 years ago

Actually, this restaurant is located in downtown Watkinsville, in the new Town Center development. But Athens and Watkinsville are sort of a package deal, so.... Wow. These guys make really good...

5 and 10 Athens....wow,...once again

by leahinsc 14 years ago

This is one of our all time favorite restaurant. Just wish it was closer. Had a wonderful dinner there on Saturday nite. The best part was how the went out of their way to accomodate our 10 yr o...

ISO: Athens GA Chocolatier

by creativeusername 14 years ago

I need my Athens hounds! I'm traveling on business soon, visiting a colleague of mine whose wife loves chocolate and want to bring something regional for her. Are there any good local chocolatier...

Athens, GA: a few reports

by uptown jimmy 14 years ago

The National (downtown Athens): this is the new joint partly headed by the mighty Hugh Acheson of Five and Ten. The atmosphere is sorta stark and awkward, with really friendly yet amateurish and ra...

wilson's soul food in athens, ga.

by richard 21 years ago

just came back from the atlanta area, including a traffic-clogged drive to athens, home of the university of georgia. Athens is a beautiful town, but what really made the trip worthwhile was lun...

dog friendly in athens

by batdown 14 years ago

hey, I'm looking for a list of restaurants that you can take your dog to. I know that places like la fiesta and mexicali wont let you, but the grit will. anyone know of any other places where i...

Ingredient Shopping in Athens GA

by batdown 15 years ago

Hey, I haven't lived in Athens long and I'm looking for things like xanthan gum, bulk fresh herbs, blood orange, and other stuff you can't get at the Kroger. Is there anywhere I can go to get th...

Athens, GA - nice dinner w/ 10 yr old

by leahinsc 14 years ago

We'll be in Athens on a Sat. nite w/ 10 yr old. If it was just the 2 of us we'd do 5 & 10 but would like something nice but less expensive w/ him. Any suggestions?

athens - the grill

by batdown 14 years ago

this place is really nothing to write home about, but i occasionally pop in for a coffee and a bit of breakfast on my way to the library. tried a new item today on the breakfast menu - their chicke...

Two recs. in Athens, GA

by uptown jimmy 14 years ago

Tried two new (to us) places last week. La Estrella - This place is a sit-down joint located in a shoddy little strip-mall on Hawthorne next to Barron's Rental. We had two plates: the carnitas p...

Where to get good olive oil in/near Athens, GA?

by cnale 14 years ago

Where can I get some good olive oil in or close to Athens that doesn't cost a ton? I'm sure EarthFare has some great stuff, but it's overpriced. I saw some for sale at The Sultan on Atlanta Hwy l...

Thai in Athens

by batdown 15 years ago

I haven't lived in Athens long and I'm feeling a craving for Thai. There seems to be a lot of options here, but I'd really like to know what place is the best. So hook me up with Athens' best spic...

five and ten in athens, GA

by hotfood322 17 years ago

My wife and I will be travelling through the Athens, GA area this September. We've heard and read a lot about the Five and Ten. Is it worth the time and money? Thanks.

Best Seafood Store in Athens, GA

by Awall25 15 years ago

I just recently noticed that their seem to be a lot of posters from Athens on this board. So, I pose the question, which has better seafood, Rainbow Seafood or Athens Seafood Company, both on B...

Atlanta to Athens - need advice...

by advisor_Girl 14 years ago

Hi ATL Hounds> I am planning a surprise birthday "kidnapping" and need your advice (you do not risk arrest for helping me out!). B-day boy and I fly into Atlanta on a Wednesday in November and d...