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Nian Gao (frozen rice cakes not the kid's snack disks)!

by Libby5503 7 days ago

Is it just me or have the big chain groceries (even Whole Foods and Fresh Market) limited the variety of Asian ingred...


Leonloveslemons commented 6 days ago

Edison, NJ: New Asian Food Court

by piney 3 months ago

Old Post Road in Pepless Boyz shopping center. Too crowded to try. Open every day 10:30 am - 10:30 pm.


piney commented 10 days ago

Where to find fresh yuzu in Los Angeles? (Ideally westside)

by Eatisan 6 years ago

Searching for the small Asian citrus fruit in L.A., ideally the westside or in Koreatown. http://en.wikipedia.org/...


MeenaP commented 12 days ago

Guahan Grill in Oceanside

by Melanie Wong 18 days ago

Last week my friends in Oceanside joined me for a first visit for all of us to the original location of Guahan Grill....

Melanie Wong

Melanie Wong commented 14 days ago

Needed: Hound Intel on Wok Mon

by dickgrub 15 days ago

Love to stir fry w/ my wok, but have same problem most Westerners have: the stove cannot get the wok hot enough. Ent...


dickgrub commented 14 days ago

Keepin' It Island: Guamanian Chamorro in Vallejo

by Melanie Wong 1 month ago

Last week I detoured through Vallejo on my way home to check out Keepin' It Island for some of Guam's Chamorro style ...

Melanie Wong

Melanie Wong commented 15 days ago

Authentic Chinese restaurant in Indianapolis

by NujraKayan 2 months ago

Are there any authentic Chinese restaurant in Indianapolis? I am new to Indiana and really love Chinese food. Not t...


nofunlatte commented 20 days ago

Huge Asian Grocery in Cranston RI?

by RIBobbie 5 years ago

My acupuncturist told me there's a wonderful newish large Asian (mostly Chinese) grocery store in Cranston.. She's...


andrew08 commented 25 days ago

Red Yeast Rice

by Steve 2 years ago

I tried to make red yeast rice (a Chinese product) for the first time. I read that it can be made like regular white...


Steve commented 2 months ago

Looking for childhood candy- SOS PLS HELP

by toritetel 2 months ago

Hi so I just had a flashback to when I was little and my babysitter used to give me a special asian candy that I’m no...


seefoo commented 2 months ago

Favorite Asian Noodle Soups in NYC?

by chefdekoven 5 months ago

Hey guys I was wondering what some of peoples favorite Asian noodle soup dishes around the city? I am definitely a bi...


small h commented 2 months ago

Any recent experience with Ibasaw in Malden?

by sheila 1 year ago

I am not a fan of buffet but mother-in-law's birthday is coming up and want to bring her to a place that her friends ...


rosulate commented 3 months ago

Irene Kuo's Key to Chinese Cooking Discussion Group

by bluesman13 11 months ago

I'm interested in a thread that discusses this cookbook. Also, I'm interested in discussion about the recipes that yo...


masha commented 4 months ago

Where to buy chicken feet besides Chinatown?

by thegforceny 4 months ago

Can't make it to Chinatown. I did see them at Fairway UWS for $3.89/lb. That's too expensive; I usually pay $1.69/lb...


UES Mayor commented 4 months ago

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Chinese Fusion Oatmeal @ Go Bistro | Terminal 1, SFO

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 months ago

When my Southwest flight was cancelled this morning and I was rebooked to depart 2 hours later, I had time for a sit-...

Vancouver/Richmond - Asian or Indian recs

by sasha1 4 months ago

Looking for recs in the Van area for a bday dinner this weekend. I wish I had better criteria, but here is what I do...


sasha1 commented 4 months ago

Outdoor wok burners?

by OaklandGal 4 months ago

Another thread about woks got me wondering if anyone else here uses an outdoor high heat gas wok burner? (I know, I k...


Hiracer commented 4 months ago

Real Deal Shaoxing Wine in Northern NJ/Manhattan

by juliachildish 4 months ago

I just read a post on Serious Eats about foods the writer loved while living in China and she waxed so rhapsodic abou...


saregama commented 4 months ago

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