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Kimchi Dumplings!

by adoboking94 18 days ago

Does anyone know where I can find good steamed Kimchi dumplings in the GTA? Like those translucent ones. Or any place...

Irene Kuo's Key to Chinese Cooking Discussion Group

by bluesman13 4 months ago

I'm interested in a thread that discusses this cookbook. Also, I'm interested in discussion about the recipes that yo...

bluesman13 commented 25 days ago

Gochujang fermented chile paste concentrate

by mrshalf 1 month ago

There are no silly questions, right? So mine is... which of the ingredients in Dunlop's Every Grain of Rice is ...


medlar commented 1 month ago

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Places to buy ready-made Gỏi Cuốn (Vietnamese salad rolls)?

by LotusRapper 1 month ago

*Other* than T&T Supermarkets, where else can I find them ready-to-eat? I don't mean restaurants, but stores. TIA.

Koji/shio koji for meat = magic!

by carophil11 8 months ago

I've recently become obsessed with working on fermentation projects (kimchi, lacto-fermented everything, yogurt, miso...


MikeG commented 1 month ago

Tusino vietnamese curing powder : bột nêm nướng

by DLovsky 2 years ago

Anyone out there picking up this product at the Asian store and using it? Any clue what the Sodium Nitrite (NO2) per...

paizley commented 2 months ago

Shanghai Rice Cakes

by dgunning 2 months ago

Hi all -- Looking for Shanghai stir fried rice cake in or around the Sherman Oaks area... Any Suggestions


beeceeinla commented 2 months ago

Asian chili paste

by Magycmyste 3 years ago

So, I went to a teppanyaki restaurant recently, and when I asked for a little extra something to spice up my meal, th...


Magycmyste commented 2 months ago

Curry: red, green, yellow. What's the difference?

by junescook 7 years ago

Can anyone give me a pretty simple explanation of the difference between each of the curry pastes? At our Asian mark...


chilliesnspice commented 3 months ago

Has anyone here switched to a mostly Asian diet, from a typical American one?

by TheBigLeChowski 3 months ago

If so, I would be really interested to know how you went about it, and any informative resources you may have. I'v...


Dogboa commented 3 months ago

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Sushi Burritos are Amazing! (Arizona)

by thezeta 3 months ago

I am from Phoenix, AZ. I have tried Poke bowls numerous times but I wanted something new. I saw this new place pop up...

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Can someone tell me give me a good description of what this meal I ate in Shanghai is?

by MadaMirjam 3 months ago

They sell it at almost every supermarket, but I had never seen or heard of it before. You could choose a neutral or s...

Good brand of Chinese Black Vinegar?

by ninrn 4 months ago

Hi, I wondered if anyone can recommend a good brand of Chinese Black Vinegar (aka Chinkiang Vinegar). I've been u...


BwinCA commented 3 months ago

Lunch recommendations for Ann Arbor

by asiansunshine33 4 months ago

I will be in Ann Arbor the third week of August. Looking for recommendations for Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, and Germa...


freddyeats commented 3 months ago

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Komo Asian Cuisine - Bellmore

by Gastronomos 3 months ago

It's probably going to get really busy very soon, but they're worth it... Komo Asian Cuisine in Bellmore http:...

Asian Market in or near Winston-Salem

by wreckers00 6 years ago

Looking for an asian market--hopefully Japanese, Chinese or Korean--that sells some interesting Asian products in or ...


jthannikary commented 3 months ago

Angkor Cambodian Bistro, 408 E 64th St -- a gem (short review)

by buttertart 4 months ago

I have been hoping for a Cambodian place to open in this area for years, and am very happy with this place, which has...

buttertart commented 4 months ago

Tenderizing meat with Coke???

by Wayne Keyser 11 years ago

I have seen the suggestion that many Asian restaurants tenderize beef by marinating in Coca-Cola. I've had some mir...


ASteffen commented 4 months ago

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Markham Asian Night Market

by highlyunlikely 4 months ago

Thinking of trying this for the first time this weekend. Worth the trip from downtown? Any recs? Anything to avoid?

Asian Noodle Conundrum

by delys77 5 months ago

Alright, I give up on Asian noodles. I am not a novice cook and can usually follow instructions fairly well but I ca...


Billy33 commented 5 months ago

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