Good appetizers set the mood: Discuss which restaurants have the best and talk with our community about appetizer recipes and suggestions for what to serve when you're entertaining.

9 Baking Mix Hacks to Transform Basic Dishes into Fancy-Ass Appetizers

Whatever the occasion—Valentine's Day dinner, swanky Oscars party, holiday appetizer cocktail hour—you need some shortcuts, but you sure as hell don't want anyone to know you took them. Use a baking...

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Do you have a favorite appetizer or dip you like to make?

by Sara 18 years ago

Looking for a fabulous recipe for something nice to put out when guests arrive. I already do a nice brie appetizer, put out cheeses- but looking for something else you may enjoy making...

Most Memorable APPETIZER of 2003..so far........

by russkar 18 years ago

GOLDEN TRUFFLE in OC is leading so far with super fresh HOMEMADE CROSS CUT "POTATO CHIPS" around a dollup of Sour Cream with a Heaping TABLESPOON of CAVIAR, incredible! Expensive but worth it.

Drinks/Appetizers recommendation at Venice and Lincoln

by Tracey 18 years ago

Heading to the theater tonight. Location of performance is at Venice (3 blocks West of Lincoln). Can anyone make a recommendation on where to go for drinks and good appetizers/salads??? Thanks!

Ready to Serve Appetizers

by jaydee 18 years ago

I've been invited to a bbq with fellow co-workers, and I have been asked to bring one appetizer dish (others are bringing cheese and crackers, etc.). Any suggestions on delis, stores, restaurants ...

Does anyone have quick and simple appetizer

by Ace 18 years ago

recipies? I'm making a birthday dinner tonight and forgot about the appaetizers! Thanks.

Need help with appetizers for grad party this weekend

by Lorin 18 years ago

Hi: I love to cook, but noshy, snacky appetizers are not my strong suit. Told my stressed sister that I would bring some of the above to my nieces graduation party from high school(this Sunday) All...

Need a killer appetizer for a Texas bbq

by Spencer 18 years ago

The staff where I work are getting together for a bbq and I need to bring a killer appetizer. The usual stuff will be brought by other staff- beans, potato salad, bread, etc. I'm drawing a blank ...

Appetizer suggestions for pizza party?

by Anjali 18 years ago

Hello, I'm having about 20 people over for a surprise retirement party for my father. We're picking up deep dish Chicago pizza - and probably serving a typical leaf salad. Any appetizer sugge...

Hors d'oeuvre ideas?

by Millicent 18 years ago

We need some suggestions for a dish to bring to a family party this weekend. There will be about 15 - 20 people altogether, bringing either an hors d'oeuvre/appetizer or dessert to share, and we'll...

Happy Hour Appetizers in D.C. Metro Area

by Wayne Manigo 18 years ago

Greetings All: I am creating a list of the best happy hour appetizers in our area, that are accessable via metro. So far I have found these establishments (with a small list of what's being offe...

Puff pastry appetizers - best way to prepare/store?

by Mariko 18 years ago

Hi all. I am planning to make some of those puff pastry twists for a shindig. The thing is, I also signed on to make a couple of cakes, so I don't want to be scrambling around making those twists a...

Yummy cheeses, meats needed for hors d'ouevres -- I HAVE NO OVEN

by at203 18 years ago

OK, Chowhounds, please help. I'm cooking a special dinner for my boyfriend on Saturday, but my oven broke, and the only landlord-sanctioned oven guy is on vacation until Friday. The burners work,...

Oscar Party Appetizers

by Ruth 18 years ago

I am having a few people over for the Oscars next weekend and I am looking for some simple yet creative finger foods and appetizers to have around. Thanks for your help.

Hors d'oeuvres for a wine party?

by Kevin 18 years ago

Hello- I'm having a 'start of spring' wine party and would like to serve finger foods. About 15-20 guests, casual, from 7-10 on a Saturday in good ol' Pennsylvania. I have some basic ideas, but I...

hors d'oeuvres

by Jim Leff 19 years ago

What do I know about buying hors d'oeuvres for parties? I generally just bring dozens of baby empanadas and/or corn fritters from a great Colombian bakery I know. What better hors d'oeuvre could th...

Baltimore- fun and good restaurant for drinks and appetizers or tapas

by Sara 19 years ago

I am a Philadelphia chowhound. A group of us are coming to Baltimore for my friends bachelorette party and we are looking for a nice place, near the inner harbor to reserve a table for cocktails a...

Bad service but good appetizers at the Compass Rose

by Mrs. Smith 19 years ago

On Union Square sits a hotel you may have heard about; the Westin St Francis. A fine hotel, I recommend it to my business associates for the center-of-the-city atmosphere, the cablecars swinging ...

Ratings: Bar Appetizers

by GG Mora 19 years ago

Okay, so I was bored today. But I thought this was kinda funny. Plus I thought it might lead to some lively discussion. Link: http://www.brunching.com/barappetizers.html

Good rest's in Rittenhouse Square area for appetizers and drinks?

by Audrey 19 years ago

We are having dinner at Salt, Striped Bass and Pasion on our next visit to Philly. We would like to do something lighter one night- drinks and appetizers (or tapas). Any great suggestions?

Good rest's in Rittenhouse Square area for appetizers and drinks?

by Audrey 19 years ago

We are having dinner at Salt, Striped Bass and Pasion on our next visit to Philly. We would like to do something lighter one night- drinks and appetizers (or tapas). Any great suggestions?

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