Celebrate Negroni Week with 13 Twists on the Classic Cocktail

The Negroni, a cocktail that brings together spirit, bitter aperitif, and sweet vermouth in a knife’s-edge balance, is a modern essential. The classic (with gin and Campari) may have been the Negroni...

Local sources for bonal?

by jgg13 5 years ago

I'm looking for a liquor store in the boston area, preferably near camberville, which sells an apertif named Bonal. Anyone know where I might find it?

Favorite Aperitif while preparing dinner

by FoodExpression 10 years ago

For me it depends on whats for dinner....I love pouring that first drink while preparing my mise en place. But most of the time its one or two stiff cocktails.....ive been drinking lots of makers ...

Aperitivo in Bologna

by mommabear 6 years ago

I'll be in Bologna this fall and read about Bologna bars that provide complimentary snacks with an aperitivo. Do any of you have experience with this in Bologna? Any particular recommendations?

Finding the Right Use for Gran Classico Bitter & Cynar

by patsully 7 years ago

Hi all, long time reader, first time posting. Some suggestions wanted for enjoying Gran Classico Bitter and Cynar. The Negroni is currently my go to drink, but it's been an acquired taste. I hat...

Amaro, Aperitifs, Bourbon selection in Boston?

by alittlesomethinsweet 8 years ago

Heading to Boston this week and want to seek out some new treasures. Any suggestions for the best selection of bourbons, vermouths, amaro and aperitifs? I'm looking for some eccentric bottles off...

Spanish vermouth / aperitif / digestif

by ASingh 8 years ago

I'm off to Marbella this week and keen to hear from anyone with experience of Spanish versions of the above that are a match for their more popular Italian and French cousins - for gin and bourbon ...

Spanish vermouth / aperitif / digestif

by ASingh 8 years ago

I'm off to Marbella this week and keen to hear from anyone with experience of Spanish versions of the above that are a match for their more popular Italian and French cousins - for gin and bourbon ...

COTM August 2013 MEDITERRANEAN HARVEST: Aperitifs and Desserts

by greedygirl 8 years ago

Welcome to Cookbook of the Month for August 2013, which is MEDITERRANEAN HARVEST by Martha Rose Shulman. This is the reporting thread for the first and last chapters of the book: A Few Aperit...

Aperitifs in LA

by Danihum 8 years ago

Hi! I have lived in LA my whole life and I know that going for an aperitif isn't really part of our culture...we're more of a Happy Hour, drink til things are blurry, kind of culture. Still, ...

Aperitifs - Downtown Montreal tonight

by picklebird 8 years ago

Please help me last minute. I'm going to a work dinner at Ferreira at 7 pm. I need to take our visiting guest out for drinks/glass of wine beforehand very nearby. Where should we go? We could make ...

Bonal Gentiane Quina Aperitif Wine

by equinoise 9 years ago

Where to get this in Seattle? Relatedly, what outlet has the best prices on the entire Haus Alpenz line of products? I saw some of them at Esquin, but the numbers were just over the top. T...

American aperitifs for French friends

by debclark 10 years ago

I've invited our neighbors, a couple from France, over for dinner. I'm serving a U.S.-themed menu (no way am I cooking French), including shrimp cocktail, pot roast, mashed potatoes, and apple cris...

School me on aperitifs, digestifs, and fancy medicinals

by blkery 10 years ago

I love herbal and citrusy flavors. My spirit of choice is gin, and I'm fascinated by everything it works with - LIllet, St Germain, Luxardo, Pernod, etc. There are so many other Euromedicinals out ...

Best bets for frozen puff pastry "aperitifs" in the US?

by anakalia 11 years ago

When I lived in France, my husband and I used to enjoy buying frozen puff pastry "aperitifs" and having a few before dinner with some wine. We never bought expensive brands, but liked the sim...

(DFW) Aperitifs/Digestifs

by sike101 13 years ago

Does anyone know of a good liquor store in the area that has a good selection of aperitifs and digestifs? Specifically, I am looking for Fernet Branca. Any bars in town serve it? The holidays ar...

Where to have an aperitif?

by DaisyM 13 years ago

It will be my husband and my college aged stepdaughters first trip to Paris. Among other things I'd like for us to go to a very beautiful bar in a hotel for an aperatif. Can you suggest where we ...

Where can I find Sanbitter- San Pellegrino's Aperitif Soda- in Manhattan?

by jlge 14 years ago

My boyfriend fell in love with this stuff at a restaurant in the West Village several months back. We've been searching for it in grocery stores and specialty shops around town ever since--with no ...

Dining hour in Paris and ordering aperitifs

by Dave Fahey 14 years ago

At what hour should we reserve a table in Paris in order to have it for the remainder of the evening? We want to settle in for 3 or more hours of drinks, conversation and food, but are mindful tha...

Nocino - green walnut aperitif

by chyxx 14 years ago

I like making my own liqueurs, and just stumbled across this post in The Grinder (http://www.chow.com/grinder/3068) about making green walnut wine. Anyone have any idea where I'd find green wal...

Italian Aperitif Wines?

by MMRuth 14 years ago

My husband and I enjoy sherry and Lillet, and wonder if there are any Italian aperitif wines - we've asked an Italian friend and at a couple of Italian restaurants, with no luck. Not a fan of camp...