Antipasti platters overflowing with olives, meats, and cheeses make our heart beat faster. Discuss what belongs on an antipasti plate, find great restaurant antipasti, and ask questions about serving antipasti at home.

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by Steve 17 years ago

NONNA, 84th and Columbus, has the best antipasto you may ever have. For the truly discerning, Sam DeMarco blows more hyperventilated colleagues out of zee water! Zeppole light as air, rice and mozz...

antipasta craving, didn't see it at Pomodoro

by coffeebeast 17 years ago

Last night went to Pomodoro in Manhattan Beach with some friends. Looking through the window it looks like it could be a cool spot, but once inside you see it's much closer to a family diner with ...

Seeking source for vegetable antipasti takeout

by Ben 18 years ago

I am organizing a party that will be attended by a number of vegetarians, therefore I'm seeking the names of some take-out specialists that excel at vegetarian antipasti. Thanks, Ben

Where to get great antipasti?

by Tiffany 18 years ago

Anywhere in the city, but I mean an antipasti platter for one or more not a great menu of salads and appetizers.

Italian antipasta buffet table

by Patrick 20 years ago

Anybody know of a good Italian restaurant with a full scale antipasta buffet table like you sometimes find in Rome? I'm not talking about a few offerings just for display, but a true help-yourself ...

mushrooms for antipasti

by tanyal 20 years ago

Any advice welcomed.... I purchased a variety of mushrooms at the farmers market, Maitake, hedgehog, white oak shitake and button. I want to serve them as part of an antipasti platter. I planned to...

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