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Using "Hidden" anchovies in cooking

by IndyGirl123 7 days ago

I bought an 800 gm(!) can of anchovies online by accident. I really like anchovies, but the family only likes them in...

Ttrockwood commented 6 days ago

How to store leftover canned salt-packed anchovies?

by IndyGirl123 7 days ago

I purchased online an 800 gram(!) can of salt-packed anchovies stored in salt. How best to store them--it will take ...


MikeG commented 6 days ago

An Idea for Anchovies (Maybe)

by WommackAttack 2 months ago

I have an idea to use canned anchovies or anchovy paste as a cure for meat. Specifically, I want to use anchovies to ...


Dogboa commented 2 months ago

What is the difference between boquerones, sardines and anchovies?

by rworange 10 years ago

I'm just not getting a satisfactory answer goggling. Today's lunch was a can of boquerones in olive oil. If no one...


blisco commented 4 months ago

Boquerones in Toronto

by prima 7 months ago

I noticed Cantabrian anchovies on Bar Isabel's menu, and a Boquerones Coca at Patria. Which other tapas restaurants...


DDD commented 7 months ago

Uses for anchovy oil?

by albanis 4 years ago

Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for what to do with leftover anchovy oil? Besides tossing it with pasta,...


buckytom commented 8 months ago

How to Neutralize Anchovy Flavor

by DeeBK72 9 months ago

Hi all, I made a tomato sauce from scratch that called for a small tin of anchovies (2 oz) and 2 28oz cans of cru...


DeeBK72 commented 9 months ago


by sea97horse 10 months ago

So I bought this very small, very expensive bottle of colatura di alici. What should I do with it, please?


sea97horse commented 9 months ago

Tips for how to eat anchovies

by Jennyjenzjenz99 9 months ago

Based on this article,


GH1618 commented 9 months ago

Fresh Anchovies

by pizzaiolo_23 1 year ago

Hello, I was on hear over a year ago looking for fresh anchovies with little response. Thought I'd try again. These...


pizzaiolo_23 commented 11 months ago

Fresh Anchovies

by jasmurph 12 years ago

Berkeley Bowl had fresh anchovies 2 weeks ago, and WOW were they good (and cheap--$1.99/lb). Alas, no luck this past ...


pure_garcia commented 1 year ago

In a cool place ?

by emglow101 1 year ago

I purchased a jar of Agostino Recca anchovy fillets in olive oil . I opened them and that is what it reads on the jar...

mbfant commented 1 year ago

Uses for Anchovy Paste (Other than Caesar Dressing)?

by momnivore 6 years ago

So I have a tube of anchovy paste that I needed for a marinade and now I have quite a bit left. I've already added i...


hrhsassypants commented 1 year ago

Emergency anchovy expiration question!

by ManhattanLawyer 8 years ago

I have an opened can of anchovies packed in olive oil (that I then put in tupperware to make sure the entire fridge d...

BobB commented 1 year ago

anchovies -- best brand?

by J.A. 11 years ago

So, which are the ultimate anchovies? Oil- or salt-packed? What brand? The choices at my local gourmet/internation...


GuidoIV commented 1 year ago

Fresh Anchovies?

by smaiolini 1 year ago

Does anyone know where I can buy fresh anchovies in the SF Bay Area?

Melanie Wong commented 1 year ago

Anchovies on your pizza?

by Ed2014 1 year ago

I just searched for the top ten most popular pizza toppings and I couldn't find one that listed anchovies, yet almost...

Will Owen commented 1 year ago

Whole canned Anchovies

by penick_99 1 year ago

Hi, I brought a can home of whole Anchovies , that still need cleaning...any recipe ideas I treat them like ord...

linguafood commented 1 year ago

What are white anchovies?

by Fiona 10 years ago

Last week I had white anchovies for the first time. I was at a fairly upscale restaurant and ordered a Caesar salad w...

JoanN commented 2 years ago

You Are Cordially Invited To the Marriage of Italian Anchovies and My Killer Pasta Sauce

by caiatransplant 2 years ago

Hi Y'all. What would I do without all of you out there??!!! So, you read the heading: The marriage of Italian Anch...

caiatransplant commented 2 years ago

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