Anaheim's got more than Disneyland and conventions. Get advice on the best restaurants in the area and share your tips for where to eat.

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Anaheim Packing District bang^4

by ns1 6 years ago

Am I doing it right? So I went to APD with the wifey and parents this past weekend. Really a beautiful spot with a ton of restaurants and a great outdoor space. Reminiscient to me of a land ...

anything decent for quick or relatively quick lunch or decent within walking distance of anaheim convention ctr, and then for dinner driving distance is fine ????????????

by kevin 6 years ago

and no worries, on anaheim packing, already not a fan. discount all the chain crap, including bubba jump shrimp et c and how's captain kid's ???????? anyone been to Marri's Pizza, these jo...

ANAHEIM -- Anything Chow-ish near the Convention Center?

by BernieBrewer 6 years ago

I'll be attending an event at the Anaheim Convention Center in late October, and I'm flying solo. Anything remotely Chow-worthy near that area for someone willing to explore? An initial scan o...

Delivery to Anaheim hotel?

Steve Green
by Steve Green 6 years ago

We'll be staying at the Anaheim Hilton next week, and will need to have food delivered to our room a few times (I'll be trapped at work while SO will be in the hotel room, and she doesn't drive. A...

Wheat & Sons at the Anaheim Packing House

by revets2 6 years ago

Posting this for friends not on Chowhound: This is our second food adventure to the Anaheim Packing House. In our 2nd visit, we found the hidden gem. The MUST DO place is Wheat & Sons Butcher/Ro...

New Penzey's store coming to Anaheim

by Michelle 7 years ago

Got an email from Penzey's today saying that they are opening a new store in Anaheim and are currently hiring!

Anaheim Packing District opens this Saturday

by js76wisco 7 years ago

On the corner of Anaheim Blvd and Santa Ana Blvd near the Umami Burger and Anaheim Brewery. OC's answer to the Ferry Building. A pretty good list of shops http://anaheimpackingdistrict.com/me...

Where to eat in the Anaheim area

by lisamw 7 years ago

I'm going to be in Anaheim while my kid is at Disneyland. Any restaurant recommendations for a Bay Area foodie?

Italian in Anaheim

by adi 7 years ago

Hi Will be in Anaheim for a conference next week staying at the Anaheim Hilton. Any good ideas for moderate Italian in the neighborhood? Tia

Fantastic Chorizo: Ochoa's Chorizo in Anaheim & Santa Ana

by adamclyde 7 years ago

Stumbled on this place while driving around Anaheim today. I did a quick search and didn't see any mentions here yet, so I thought I'd write up a quick post. The place is called Ochoa's Chorizo ...

Drinks and Appetizers (Happy hour?) near Anaheim Convention Center

by heychrisa 7 years ago

Looking for places within walking distance or 15 min cab ride for business drinks after day at Convention Center. Very adventurous eaters, cost not an issue. Also a nice Korean rest for dinner?...

Need private or semi-private group dining in Anaheim.

by spafoodie 7 years ago

We need to find a moderately nice restaurant for a group of colleagues who will be at a convention in Anaheim in October. We'll be 25-30 people and are looking to keep it to about $100pp. We've bee...

LAX to Anaheim: Any good restaurants between those two points?

by wolive 7 years ago

We are flying in to LAX and taking the 105 to Anaheim for a few days at Disneyland. Before we descend into Disney dining purgatory, we would like at least one decent meal. Since I don't know the LA...

Heading to the Stanton, CA (a little west of Anaheim) area for the T-day holiday

by L2k 7 years ago

plus a few days. Suggest a place I can take the in-laws, who are not very adventurous. They eat at chains when they go out. Ethnic won't work, seafood and BBQ will work. Also need at leas...

New Anaheim recs needed!!

by anvali 7 years ago

I'm meeting up with a friend who I have not seen in over a decade and I'm looking for a reasonably priced chow-y restaurant that is: A) Open on Mondays B) Would allow lingering so to be able to c...

Kid-friendly between Anaheim and Manhattan Beach, and Mexican

by bostongallovesfood 7 years ago

Going to be staying in Manhattan Beach this weekend. Day 1: meeting my sister for early lunch with her 5 kids. Have to find a place we can meet between Anaheim and Manhattan Beach. Any recs are w...

Looking to meet between Anaheim and Simi Valley

by SIMIHOUND 7 years ago

I want to meet my cousin who is staying in Anaheim for Sunday night dinner. I am coming from Simi Valley so maybe we can meet halfway. My cousin is gluten free, loves Chinese food (can those two mi...

lunch in anaheim

by linus 8 years ago

or parts north, near the five will be dining with not overly adventurous out of stater 16 year old girl who claims to eat anything but thai. i dunno, what do sixteen year olds like to eat? wher...