The Best Thing I Ate (or Drank) in 12 Countries This Year

Following a fever dream at the end of 2018, I decided to embark on a travel project that took me to 12 different countries in the 12 months of 2019. Focusing on the viability of short term, budget travel...

Only in Amsterdam... neighborhood restaurants you would head back to first

by kayreed 2 years ago

DH and I will be visiting Amsterdam for a week next April. We love to eat local, seasonal delights. For those of you living in or frequenting Amsterdam, please answer the question Calvin Trill...


by rachel24 2 years ago

My husband and I are going to Amsterdam in July. We are looking for a few recommendations for dinner and more casual ones for lunch. Thanks!

What Asian foodstuffs are difficult to find/in demand in Amsterdam?

by pinkpajamas 3 years ago

I'm considering sending a care package to the Netherlands to a Korean-Japanese-Chinese food enthusiast. Is there anything that's scarce/difficult to find/sought after that would make my gift super ...

Amsterdam Dining

by mardisk 3 years ago

Staying at Hotel Estherea for 3 days after a Viking cruise. Looking for 3 good restaurants - 2 with regional food, and one continental menu. Looking to spend no more than $75-100 pp. We will be usi...

Restaurants in Amsterdam?

by MadameTortefois 3 years ago

Does anyone have any restaurant / food recommendations for Amsterdam?

Amsterdam Trip Report

by shanshan 3 years ago

Best Restaurant: Kaagman & Kortekaas. All locals. Pre-set menu where they bring multi-courses out for you, but accommodate allergies. Food was on the flavorful and bold side, and delicious. Al...

Amsterdam restaurants for limited mobility food lover

by maya1 3 years ago

I will be staying at Amstersteen for four days in September at a friends house and it's about an hour by bus to Amsterdam. My partner will be coming a day after me to help me. I had two questions....

Amsterdam dining

by alperja 3 years ago

Will be there 2 days in April and open to suggestions for lunches and dinners. Not heavy food or Michelin stars.

Rice Table

by ScoobieSnack 3 years ago

Hello- Myself and 3 friends are heading to Amsterdam in Mid April. We would really like to have a nice Indonesian Rice table while there. What are some spots that people recommend ?

Amsterdam, Berlin or Paris (or ???) for Active (walking), Cultural, Foodie (fine-dining & exotic) 5-day City Trip in July? (self.travel)

by Kalenden 3 years ago

Hi, My companion and I want to plan a city trip in July and were doubting between Amsterdam, Berlin or Paris for a city trip. We explore the city on foot, like to do cultural activities (i.e....

Het Ketelhuis-- Utrecht, The Netherlands

by pflaume 4 years ago

Utrecht is a lovely Dutch city with small canals and old buildings. It's less touristy than Amsterdam but just as charming. There's one ambitious restaurant in the old city center (Karel V) but for...

Amsterdam restaurants with small kids

by purpleceline 3 years ago

We're going to Amsterdam with our 1 yr old and 4 yr old. We love restaurants and in pre-kid life, would approach trips with an eye to the top places to eat (not just "fancy" but also great ethnic o...

Amsterdam picks (3 days)

by alantz21 4 years ago

Hi all! Wanted a little information about my potential picks for Amsterdam. I'll be staying in de Pijp with a group of 20-something friends for 4 days in March. I love food, and it's my first t...

3 Dutch Farmers Crisps / Hoeksche Chips

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

Running through Schiphol Airport a couple years ago, I spent some of my euro coins on a bag of 3 Dutch Farmers Crisps. Apparently this is the English-language branding that Hoeksche Chips uses for ...

Amsterdam Restaurant Recommendations

by clcorbi 4 years ago

Hi all! I am planning a 9-day trip to Amsterdam in mid-September. My boyfriend and I live in Brooklyn and are adventurous eaters, so we are interested in basically any good food, but I would like t...

Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Berlin

by Meggers12 4 years ago

Hi there - my husband and I are spending 3 nights in each of Amsterdam, Copenhagen in Berlin at the end of the month. Would love some recommendations for great cafes and restaurants. We're in our e...

Dinners for a family trip

by anotherjennifer 4 years ago

Hi. I'm hoping for some help with a family (me, husband, 15 year old son) trip to Amsterdam at the end of the month. I've read all the relevant Chowhound posts I can find and looked through 2 lists...

Amsterdam Suggestions: Vegan, Seafood, Surinam; local and inexpensive: nothing touristy

by madsdadus 4 years ago

Heading to Amsterdam later this summer with my wife and two older teens. Wife likes to eat vegan. Teens more beef and chicken. I love seafood, but eat anything. Heard Indonesian food in Amsterdam i...

Four nights in Amsterdam

by ejr 4 years ago

Hi -- we're coming to Amsterdam for the first time in more than two decades. We'd like to have some memorable meals -- have thought of Graham's Kitchen, Restaurant de Kas, Visaandschelde, Vinkeles...

An outstanding new restaurant in Amsterdam

by princetonchowhound 5 years ago

Graham's Kitchen opened about eight weeks ago in Amsterdam. My husband and I were looking for the restaurant that had previously been at the site. We lucked out to find a place for dinner early i...