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Albuquerque to Yosemite

by wulf325 16 years ago

I am driving to Yosemite from Albuquerque. I-40 and then up thru Bakersfield and Freso areas. Returning on the other side of the park down 395 with a stop to death valley. Would welcome any advi...

Albuquerque's Weekly Alibi Readers' Choice Restaurant Poll

by Erich 16 years ago

The 2005 Poll is in this week's issue. I'm posting a link for those who may be interested. Link: http://alibi.com/editorial/section_display.php?di=2005-10-06&scn=feature

Quick! Rec's for dinner tonight in Albuquerque?

by Christo 16 years ago

Any rec's for the best southwestern/newmexican in Albuquerque for dinner tonight? Thanks so much! Christo

Crazy Fish - Albuquerque

by Zachary Aron 16 years ago

There were a couple of negative reviews on Crazy Fish when it first opened (link to discussion included below), however, my girlfriend and I decided to check it out last weekend. Based on our exp...

Albuquerque Farmers Markets - where's the produce?

by Jo Puffs 16 years ago

The first two markets I tried (Corrales and Los Ranchos) had NO produce at all - just people selling plants. The third market (Bernalillo) had ONE farmer selling vegetables, and he was sold out 20...

burritos in albuquerque

by Eric 16 years ago

Just moved into town for a temporary 2 month stay and noone here can really recommend a good (non breakfast) burrito. i like both mexican style and california style so i would like all sorts of re...


by Sam 16 years ago

The Hyatt Regncy Tamaya is a wonderful resort. The Corn Maiden restaurant provides a good sampling of SW cuisine. Two other notable eateries were in Albuquerque. The top on my list is Graze loca...

L.A. Hound needs Help. Salsa in Albuquerque @ underground mall in the city

by Like-Go-Eat? 16 years ago

About twelve years ago a friend and I ate at a great Mexican food resturant in Albuquerque, NM. The palce was at the extreme end of a underground mall in downtown Albuquerque. I recall walking up s...

Albuquerque--Casa de Benavidez & Perea's

by Chimayo Joe 16 years ago

Had good meals at both places on my most recent trip through Albuquerque. Dinner on the patio of Casa de Benavidez was more tranquil than the bustle of lunch at Perea's, but food is the top prior...

on the road from alamogordo to albuquerque

by erika 16 years ago

hey everyone...ill be traveling in october and was wondering what was the best chow AND scenic route between these 2 places. i already have some places i know i want to go to in NM...chope's and l...

Albuquerque Airport

by Helen 16 years ago

We'll be arriving about noon and will pick up a car to drive to Santa Fe. Is there a really good pick near the airport? One person has suggested The Range in Bernalillo but I don't know how long i...

Main/entree salads in Albuquerque?

by Miss Tenacity 16 years ago

I'm looking for nominations for the best whole-meal salads here in Albuquerque. Basically, this means the salad must be: 1. not a side salad 2. contains notable amounts of protein 3. Not be laden...

Bumblebee building in 'Burque! (Albuquerque)

by Erich 16 years ago

Hi all, I don't recall that this has been reported here yet, but I could certainly be wrong. Anyway, Bumblebee's Baja Grill is coming to Albuquerque, just W of the intersection of San Mateo an...

Albuquerque - El Pinto

by desert rat 16 years ago

I had the occasion to dine at El Pinto last night. I was with a number of colleagues who were in town for business (including 2 from Hawaii!) One of them had lived here before and liked El Pinto, s...

Outdoor dining in Albuquerque

by Camba 16 years ago

I need to find a nice place for outdoor dining in Albuquerque, perferrably not Mexican/Southwestern/New Mexican. I am looking for an upscale-ish place to take Dad on Father's Day next week.

Albuquerqueans - Costco is on the Vitamix tour!

by Miss Tenacity 16 years ago

Just an FYI - I was in Costco yesterday (on Eubank) and the Vitamix demo dude was there, coverting the masses to the glories of 1380 watts of blending mania. I already have one, but I know that t...

Fresh ricotta in Albuquerque?

by Miss Tenacity 16 years ago

No, not Food Hole, please.... any cheesemakers in town that I can get fresh (as in, today) ricotta cheese? Relish on Menaul has contemplated making it from their mozz leftovers, but as far as I ...

Albuquerque to Oklahoma City Lunch Stop

by Al 16 years ago

Leaving Albuquerque in the morning and driving to Ok. Cty. Would like a good place for lunch about midway, which I guess would be around the Texas Panhandle. Food preference would be American, S...

Siam Cafe - Albuquerque

by desert rat 16 years ago

My husband and I live in Santa Fe and rarely are in Albuquerque together for anything but going to the airport (although I'm in ABQ a lot on business.) But last night we both were in ABQ after havi...

Albuquerque Dining

by Will Person 16 years ago

Wife and daughter will be in Albuquerque 5/29 and 30 and would like recs on good places for dinner. Any ideas?

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