What Is the Difference Between Mayo, Aioli, and Hollandaise?

You'd be forgiven for not knowing exactly what is the difference between mayonnaise and aioli (and even hollandaise); they do have a lot in common, true. But please don't confuse or conflate them if...

RIP Lulu Peyraud

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Lulu Peyraud of Domaine Tempier has left this mortal coil. Rest in peace Lulu, 1917–2020, thank you for sharing your wonderful Provençal recipes and Bandol wines with the world. https://www.i...

Help with Aioli

by NemoNadie 3 years ago

I made it... it tasted wonderful. It was fully emulsified, I thought. It didn't look split, it looked creamy like mayonnaise. But then I put it in the refrigerator for a day. When I took it out, I ...

Aioli Sauce

by yeggy 6 years ago

Can someone recommend a good Aioli Sauce that I can buy in a supermarket or smaller store. Or even online if it's not too pricey. Thanks

Is there a way to rescue an aioli that's too thin?

by marthadumptruck 14 years ago

My aioli's very, very runny. I put in cold yolks and processed with room temperature oil, which I think caused my problem. Is there any way to save my aioli, or am I better off starting over? ...

Aioli help...

by thursday 13 years ago

Every time I've tried to make aioli it comes out...subpar. Not awful, just not restaurant quality (and I'm not even talking fancy restaurants, I'm talking burger joints). It's a little bitter, or...

Broken Aioli help!

by lestblight 8 years ago

So i have to turn out aioli in bulk.. Like large deli containers for a party. But when i do this i go slow incorporating my oil and it goes from creamy and smooth to gross and well not so creamy. I...

Left over aioli

by thimes 9 years ago

I had a big party this past weekend and I have almost 2 cups of left-over home-made aioli. It is getting towards the end of its "safe" lifespan and there is no way I can go through it all as "aiol...

Do you make your own mayo/aioli?

by Puffin3 9 years ago

I just made another jar of aioli for the week. Do you make it? After some disasters over the years I think I have some simple tips to making/saving aioli/mayo. I'm looking for others who have 'gone...

help! my bacon aioli is breaking!

by lestblight 9 years ago

been having some trouble with my bacon aioi, all is fine and the. when i put it in the fridge.. traces of the oil seem to leak out. not alot.. but just enough to make me want to fix the issue. ...

How long can I keep homemade aioli?

by theannerska 12 years ago

Hello all, I finally made my first batch of mayo from scratch, by hand -- and, as someone who absolutely can't stand store-bought mayo, it really is worth it. But since I cook for one and have ...

Bagna Cauda or Aioli?

by lattelover 10 years ago

Noticing that my proposed apps for a holiday party are all protein, I want to make some vegetable option. So I was thinking of making bagna cauda or aioli for vegetable dipping. Which do you thin...

Eggless Aioli - Does it break down shortly after it is made?

by Rella 10 years ago

Eggless: After stirring in a mortar and pestle for a length of time; after finishing, will it break down within a period of time?

Brasa's Cilantro-Ginger Aioli [Moved from Minneapolis-St. Paul Board]

by anabug 10 years ago

I love this sauce. It's fantastic - I could eat it (and everything else at Brasa) every single day. I have been scouring the internet for a recipe for something similar, and can't find anything...

Aioli in Rice

by madtheswine 10 years ago

I made a lemon aioli last night and I have some leftover. I'm making some rice today and was thinking about mixing it in once the rice was cooked. Are there any health repercussions to doing this...

Are condiments (ketchup, mustard, mayo, aioli, etc.) necessary for burgers?

by ipsedixit 11 years ago

Y'know, burgers ... the good kind. Freshly ground, good quality cuts of beef. Not fast-food burgers in other words. No ... is what I say. I don't like condiments when I have a really juicy burg...

I made aioli . . . now what?

by Altarbo 10 years ago

I made aioli today. Since I had to use at least one egg, I made way more of it than I needed for today. In the future I'd like to eat it on something, so I'm looking for suggestions. Before I ...

truffle aioli

by vivers 10 years ago

I was at William Sonoma and they had jars of Tuffle aioli on sale so I couldn't resist. Any suggestions on where to use it?


by mamaciita 14 years ago

I need help! My aioli turned out bitter--anyone know why? What is the correct ratio of egg-to-oil? Should I use the "good" olive oil or the lighter stuff that I sautee with?

aioli - what am I doing wrong?

by onecaketwocake 11 years ago

I absolutely love aioli, but after trying to make it for the third time today, I'm close to giving up. My first couple attempts were utter failures, but today I got what I thought was a perfect aio...

a new recipe!?! -Spiced Beef Medallions, Pea and Coriander Pancake with Lemongrass Aioli

by smilingal 11 years ago

Thought there were interesting components in this. Haven't tried it yet. If you do, please report back to us! It came from australian-meat.com I especially liked the pea and coriander pancake a...