Beyond Jello Shots: The Ultimate Guide to Using Gelatin in the Kitchen

At some point in life, you’ve probably taken advantage of the wonders of gelatin. Your first encounter was likely as a child to make Jello (‘member that agonizing hours-long wait for it to set?), and...

Where to find Agar Agar in Calgary

by MaxineJ 10 years ago

I'm using a tiramisu recipe that calls for gelatin but I want to use a vegetarian substitute, I've heard Agar Agar can be used instead. Does anyone know where I can find this in Calgary?

Agar "sheet" problem when attempted with herbs

by calf 9 years ago

I've been trying to make an agar film with basil juice (finely puréed and filtered), but the basil keep precipitating out when the agar sets. Is there a way around this? I am following the Basil Ge...

Agar Agar-know what it is, but how much do I use?

by Woodog 19 years ago

Need to find out how much agar agar to use per liter of water to obtain a jello like consistency. Thanks Woodog

Agar Agar with Soy Milk - looks funny after aolidify

by canceria 6 years ago

Hi Guys, Don't know if you have run into similar problem. I am making some soy pudding with agar agar powder and soy milk. I have dissolved the powder into soy milk and simmer for a while. Howev...

Can't remember brand of vegan flavored gelatin

by rasputina 6 years ago

I used to buy this brand of natural flavored gelatin that came in a pouch and used agar agar. Can anyone remember the brand? I've moved from the area where I used to buy it and I want to see if I c...

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