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Table Manners is an etiquette column exploring modern dilemmas related to food and drink. From eating at restaurants to entertaining at home, including quandaries such as how to best return cell phone calls at the table, columnist Helena Echlin offers expert advice. See all of Helena's columns in chronological order.

Table Manners
Dining Out

On choosing a restaurant, ordering, behaving properly in public, handling the bill, and more.

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When to tip more, or less, or perhaps not at all.

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On being a gracious guest or a consummate host at everything from fancy dinner parties to casual potlucks.

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Using Technology

From iPhones to digital cameras, new technology presents new etiquette dilemmas.

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Dining With Family

The ins and outs of dining with your kids, parents, and in-laws.

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On romancing, proposing, breaking up, and dealing with friends’ dates.

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Modern Dilemmas

Whether to drink before yoga class, what food to give to the homeless, which fork to use, and more.

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