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RSVP International Onion Goggles review:

Slicing and Dicing in Style

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The Good

Comfortable to wear while chopping. Didn’t slip off or fog up.

The Bad

Snug fit means they won’t work on larger faces or over glasses.

The Bottom Line

These goggles work as advertised, keeping the onion tears at bay.

The Basics

For many of us who love to be in the kitchen, onion prep is the moment we dread, since it literally brings us to tears. There are many tips and tricks to help avoid crying while chopping onions, but we’ve found that the best defense is a good offense: quickly slicing an onion with a sharp blade to get the job done before your eyes can get too irritated.

Unfortunately speed isn't enough for some of us—this reviewer's eyes are particularly sensitive to onion fumes. So when the CHOW Product Review Team decided to test the RSVP International Onion Goggles, I jumped at the chance to see if they could protect my eyes and get me chopping again.

Design & Construction

RSVP International is a Seattle company best known for its Endurance line of cookware. It also has an extensive collection of kitchen gadgets, which includes these Onion Goggles. Available in playful colors like Fiery Red, Pink, and Tortoise, the goggles have sleek plastic frames with a foam lining that fits snugly on your face. They certainly make you feel as if you're about to do something a lot cooler than chop onions. A plus is that they come with a storage case, so you can throw them in any kitchen drawer and not worry about scratches.


For our testing, we used a pair of the Fiery Red goggles over the course of a few weeks. We were skeptical that they'd work—the seal didn't seem strong enough to keep out the onion fumes—but the goggles proved us wrong. They fit comfortably, and while we did feel the tingling of fumes in our nose, we remained tear-free through all of the tests. The soft foam lining acts as a seal while also keeping the goggles from pressing against your skin, the way ski goggles or swim goggles might. Since our eyes tend to burn even just cooking onions, we left the goggles on for most of our dinner prep. We wear glasses, though, and had to take them off to use the goggles. (If you're farsighted, we wouldn’t recommend this!) The key to these goggles is that they fit snugly, and while they worked for this reviewer, other members of the team thought they were too tight, or had to bend the goggles out to get them to fit. So pass on these if you have a larger face.

To sum up: Given that we made it through multiple rounds of onion-chopping with dry eyes, we'll be buying a pair of these goggles to keep at home. One caveat: While RSVP International claims its Onion Goggles fit most faces, we found that they weren’t well suited to anyone with a medium to large face.

Photos by Chris Rochelle