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The Best Turkey Roasting Pan review:

The holidays are stressful enough—don’t sweat over which roaster to buy

A roasting pan should be a once-in-a-lifetime purchase—something you buy once, then rely on for an unbroken string of Thanksgiving turkeys and birthday rib roasts. We tested three midpriced roasters (between $70 and $200): the All-Clad Roti Pan Open Rectangular Stainless Roaster, the KitchenAid Gourmet Distinctions Stainless Steel Roaster, and the Viking Stainless Steel Roasting Pan. Which is worthy of holiday go-to status?

We performed three crucial tests on each. First, we roasted a family-size Thanksgiving turkey, either whole or butterflied. Second, we used the pan drippings to make an old-fashioned flour-thickened gravy right on our cooktop. And third, we made a jumbo batch of caramel corn, using each roaster to mix and bake this easily scorched treat. What we found was not terribly surprising: Quality construction and thoughtful design really do yield the kind of durable roaster you’ll look forward to pulling out every year.