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by adamstoler 22 years ago

it's now pastrami queen on 85/lex and i haven't had the pleasure to sample their pastrami.if it's 1/2 as good as the heavenly pastrami king-kew gardens version...then we're in luck! now, for the...

Lunch at Rose Pistola in SF

by Jim Zurer 22 years ago

I made a quick trip to SF for the weekend and can report on a very satisfying lunch that my two sons and I had at Rose Pistola. We ate on the street after the sun made its appearance and we sha...

LA Report -- Cinnabar

by Jim Zurer 22 years ago

Cinnabar was recommended as an alternative to the high price Asian fusion restaurants; it is located in Glendale--surprisingly convenient to downtown LA if you have a car--on Brand Avenue, also ...

LA Report -- 410 Boyd

by Jim Zurer 22 years ago

410 Boyd is an comfortable, neighborhood type place without a neighborhood to speak of. Plunked down in the shadow of Little Tokyo and on the edge the Toy District, 410 Boyd (the address and th...


by allison louis 22 years ago

Has anyone had the opportunity of eating at Avenue, located on the Upper West Side? It's a French bistro- ish type of place and the hot chocolate has been very well rated. I'd wanted to eat the...

Soy burgers

by Jesse 22 years ago

I have always wanted to try a soy burger. Does anyone know any places to get a good soy burger?

La Pizza Fresca is fine.

by JEN KALB 22 years ago

Had lunch at Pizza Fresca for the first time today - really enjoyed it. The tastes were genuine and evocative and ingredients absolutely first rate. Pizza quattro stagionale's crust was a litt...

Thai food

by Adrienne 22 years ago

Can anyone recommend a good Thai restaurant? We're looking for one which will serve "real" Thai food, not a melange of Indonesian, Malaysian, Chinese, etc. It should also be pretty fiery stuff. We...

LA Report--Campanile

by Jim Zurer 22 years ago

I have enthusiastically recommended Campanile on this board in the past, but I will have to mute some of my praise after my meal there last week. The food was still excellent, but they are pack...

LA Report -- L'Angolo

by Jim Zurer 22 years ago

I had some very good meals in LA last week...and one disappointment. The best meal was at L'Angolo, a moderately priced Italian restaurant on Melrose; the food was terrific. Ravioli with brow...

Very Large portions restaurants

by jg 22 years ago

I am trying to find a restaurant in Manhattan NY, that serves very large portions of food I saw a story on tv about it but don't have the address can anyone help me?

reservation dances

by Caroline 22 years ago

I'm wondering what fellow chowhounds think of the demanding reservation policies frequently encountered in 'hot' restaurants?? For years I have accepted calling to confirm at a designated time/ da...


by Allison 22 years ago

Any suggestions for good eats in Florence or Venice? I'll be there next month.


by Gail 22 years ago

Figs is a new restaurant on West 27th Street. Not only is the food great mediteranian, the room pretty but the service is warm and friendly. When we were a little cramped for space and they were...

Where to eat in Theater District

by Denise 22 years ago

Looking for a good place to eat in the theater district. Any good suggestions? Open to all types of food. Thanks, Denise

Late Lunch/Early Dinner in Fort Greene and Environs

by Steve 22 years ago

Fellow Chowhounders, do you have any recommendations for the above after a mid-afternoon Sunday movie at BAM cinema? I am looking for something fairly informal, reasonably priced but nice. I h...

roasted chicken--the best

by Denise S. 23 years ago

I'm on a roasted chicken kick? What's your favorite? Right now, I have to vote for Home (Cornelia Street)

yemmenite steak

by stephen kaye 22 years ago

anybody have the name number of this restaurant in brooklyn, that serves meat/yemmenite style?/ thx

Atlantic City

by Alex 22 years ago

I am going to Atlantic City this Saturday and would appreciate any restaurant suggestions. I will be staying at the Tropicana which is on the Boardwalk.

Brazilian BBQ in Eatontown, NJ

by Jerry Bank 22 years ago

Last night I ate at the Brazilian BBQ in Eatontown. It official name is Brazilian BBQ, but in Portugese. DI (information for the oldsters among us) lists it under Brazilian BBQ. It was very ...

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