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3 days to eat in Dublin

by foodell 5 days ago

I would love to have one upscale dinner and maybe one upscale lunch that is uniquely Irish. California has lots of French, American, etc. Is there a fine restaurant with an Irish flavor? Can I g...


Moderate Meal Near Met Museum

by 2chesters 15 hours ago

This Thursday I will meet my cousin at the Met Museum at 11AM. We will likely leave in mid afternoon. Any ideas for a moderately priced place for a light meal? Thanks in advance.


Tokyo Izakayas

by NatashaH 1 day ago

I'm going to Japan for the first time in a month (yeah, I know, but you need to start somewhere, right?) I'm looking for a great izakaya for dinner one night. Kotaro was my first choice, but despit...

Menudo Mornings in Salinas

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

Recently I've returned to the weekend ritual of menudo as the morning meal for its restorative powers and leisure time celebration in soup form. I'm starting this thread to collect recommendations ...

Vegetarian High Dining Restaurant

by Mastove 8 hours ago

My mother's birthday is coming up and she's a vegetarian. Due to her diet she sort of eats the same thing all the time (some variation of salad). How she lives with this diet I don't know. It would...

Two Lazy Bear reservation May 1st 6:00pm

by NickYang 8 hours ago

2 Seats for Wednesday, May 1st @ 6:0pm seating of Lazy Bear SF. Let me know if interested! The tickets will be transferred securely through Tocktix.com, the same site in which the original ticke...


Recommendations in Flushing for Vegetarians and Meat Eaters Together

by chefdekoven 14 hours ago

Obviously there are lots of good options just wondering if anyone has any particular favorites. Considering Dumpling Galaxy and Spring Shabu Shabu right now. Haven't been to the latter but I know t...

Sevilla, Madrid, Valencia recommendations

by manny6 9 days ago

We will be in Sevilla during holy week from Friday until Monday! I know it will be very crowded. We have 2 little kids (4 and 6), we all enjoy tapas and prefer casual places. We'd prefer to eat sit...

hei la moon today-longish -question

by JRL 13 years ago

Had excellent dim sum yet again at Hei La Moon this morning. Everything seemed even tastier, and hotter, than usual; maybe it was the time - around 10:30. Had mostly the same things we always h...

Reservations for The French Laundry Spring 2019

The Chowhound Team
by The Chowhound Team 26 days ago

Hi all, Due to the increase of threads about exchanging French Laundry reservations, we have created this post dedicated to that purpose. We have locked the previous French Laundry reservati...

QQ Kopitiam in Pasadena

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 14 hours ago

When I was in town in November, my friend who had lived in Singapore before was raring to take me to QQ Kopitiam.

San Diego upscale dinner spots

by sharimckinley 21 days ago

I am heading to San Diego for a conference in May and would like to take some customers to dinner on few nights while there (Sat and Sun evenings). I am also looking for a restaurant that would ha...

Khao Hom Billerica

by Ferrari328 1 year ago

Thanks to @greygarious for making me aware of this gem of a Thai place. I visited for lunch today and had some of the most well seasoned Thai food I have had in a long time. The Tom Yum Soup was re...

The Best Sichuan I've Ever Found in NYC

Jim Leff
by Jim Leff 2 years ago

Legend of Taste 2002 Utopia Pkwy, Whitestone, Queens 718-423-4888 http://legendoftasteny.com Good photos on Yelp: https://www.yelp.com/biz/legend-of-taste-whitestone Not even close. This i...

St. Ann's Warehouse area?

by farthing 4 months ago

Places for lunch before a matinee near St Ann's Warehouse, 45 Water Street, Brooklyn? Thank you.

Where can I find annatto seeds in Toronto?

by kapalili 10 years ago

I'm hitting SLM and Big Carrot tomorrow morning, so I wonder if anyone's seen annatto seeds at either of these two locations. If not, I'll make an unenthusiastic detour...


Russell Street Deli To Close

by syrup09 1 day ago

Channel 4 just reported that The Russell Street Deli, in Detroit's Eastern Market, is going to close. This is due to a dispute with the landlord over the installation of new floors. I ate their o...

Fernandez Birria Restaurant

by Dagney 10 months ago

I have not posted here in awhile, but I am coming back, because I cannot deal with the whiny babies over at a certain food page on FB. Ugh! anyway, I digress... We had lunch at Fernandez Birri...

Mecha Coming to Stamford

by RickNamer 1 year ago

I've heard gossip that Mecha Noodles is opening in Stamford - Anyone have any info on where? Would love to have a location close by - Fairfield is great and so is Norwalk but the drive home on a...

Mexican - New Rochelle

by jaba 5 years ago

Just moved to the area and can't find any recent threads dedicated to the subject so I'll ask: what are the best Mexican places in New Rochelle?