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Lunch Deals: 2017 Edition (Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto)

by JBG89 1 minute ago

Hi Folks, I'll be fortunate enough to be taking a short trip to Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka and the budget concious tr...

Dog Friendly Restaurants (aka) Outdoor, Brunch, Peninsula?

by MsMary 12 hours ago

Looking for a dog-friendly restaurant for a Sunday brunch on the SF Peninsula between San Mateo and Menlo Park. Thank...

pilinut commented 31 minutes ago

Copenhagen review - Pluto and Amass

by ronakshah2000 3 days ago

In early June we had a few short days in Copenhagen prior to our cruise. Some recommendations (and not): 1) Amass...

Melanie Wong commented 2 hours ago

Native American Restaurants - Pacific Northwest/Oregon

by GailT 1 day ago

Looking for Native American Restaurant recommendations in the Pacific Northwest in general and if possible within Ore...


GH1618 commented 2 hours ago

Mild Sauce - Only in Chicago?

by xbeetfarmx 13 years ago

So this is my first post to chowhounds. Hi! One of my favorite things about Chicago, is something called "Mild Sauce"...


masha commented 3 hours ago

Help with restaurants in San Diego

by charlie_neri 15 days ago

Hello! I'm looking for recommendations of AMAZING restaurants (I'm in charge for dinner for 2 nights) in the San D...


charlie_neri commented 3 hours ago

Dinner at Cala

by Mattaalong 4 hours ago

Hadn't been back to Cala for over a year (except for their excellent weekday lunch only taco shop) and went for dinne...

Berlin at the end of August

by Kurtis 12 hours ago

We are taking a short trip to Berlin for the opening gala of the Philharmoniker on 25th. (fam of 6 with two elderly ...

PBSF commented 4 hours ago

5 Days in New York - Vegetarian Trip Report

by sobbuh 2 days ago

Just finished day 1. (I'm usually a pretty tough rater, just think we hit some very good places today. Also, how ...

Peter Cuce commented 4 hours ago

Vietnamese in Paris

by kaleokahu 7 days ago

I will be in Paris in early September, and am looking for recs for Vietnamese eateries. I'm especially interested in ...

macdog commented 4 hours ago

Laili Restaurant: Seriously good food in Santa Cruz

by mastrude 5 hours ago

Billed as Mediterranean/Afghan, the cuisine is nothing like what I expected. Seriously subtle, delicious flavors. Not...

Philadelphia dinner recommendation, please

by lilaki 28 days ago

hi hounds, toronto-based CH-er, here. heading to philadelphia for a few nights for work, traveling with two c...


lilaki commented 5 hours ago

Solo diner in Florence

by vinominer 1 day ago

I am looking for restaurant and wine bar suggestions in Florence. I will be in Florence in early July and prefer to e...

jen kalb commented 5 hours ago

Taylor Railworks to close in Portland

by grayelf 5 days ago

I'm typing with a heavy heart. This restaurant is one of my favourites (ever), offering the full boonah of interestin...

grayelf commented 5 hours ago

nem nuong cuon Ninh Hoa

by mphelan 2 months ago

I tried wonderful central Vietnamese spring rolls while visiting the restaurant Nha Trang in Fairfax, VA's Eden Cente...


mphelan commented 5 hours ago

Paris & Barcelona in August

by jntill 17 hours ago

Help! First time trip to Paris & Barcelona. We are so excited but also overwhelmed! Looking for suggestions for mu...


jntill commented 6 hours ago

Rec for best German restaurant in Manhattan

by UES Mayor 8 days ago

Prefer something along the fancier side as I will be taking an elderly lady of status (ok, ok, an old fart) out to dine.


foodwhisperer commented 6 hours ago

Reservations for French Laundry

by The Chowhound Team 2 months ago

Hello there, Due to the increase of threads about exchanging French Laundry reservations, we have created this pos...


stevensma1021 commented 6 hours ago

ISO Nigiri sushi in Oakland

by free sample addict aka Tracy L 4 days ago

A friend is coming to town and I would like take him for sushi. He prefers Nigiri and is not much of a roll person. ...


GH1618 commented 8 hours ago

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