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Great delivery experiences in San Francisco

by david kaplan 2 days ago

This is mostly a post of gratitude for several places that have either kept up or pivoted to home delivery during this period. First: Hing Lung roast meats on Stockton St, offering delivery on ...

Millbrae’s Broadway Bistro

by Melanie Wong 15 years ago

After Saturday’s picnic in Golden Gate Park, I drove to SFO to pick up a friend arriving from London. Hard to believe after the chow day I’d had, but we were to have dinner together. Offered a ch...

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Royal Feast | Sichuan and Tanjia Cai in Millbrae

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

The latest and, for me, most thrilling installment of “Find the Sichuan Chef” . . . Chef Zhongyi Liu has returned to the Bay Area! He soft-opened Royal Feast in Millbrae at the end of November. ...

Take-Out & Delivery services right now in metro N.Y...

by gutreactions 2 months ago

During the coronavirus crisis, the restaurant business has now been whittled down to take-out & delivery within prescribed hours in New York, New Jersey & Connecticut. While some establishments off...

Great American Food & Beverage Co. (L.A.) - Who Remembers?

by tayres 4 years ago

Something got me to thinking about a place I went to long ago, The Great American Food & Beverage Company. It was somewhere in L.A. and they had something on their menu called an "orgy". Does any...

Ohio Style Pizza

by Sandwich_Sister 10 years ago

Is there any good Ohio style pizza places in Florida? The only one I knew of was the famous chain, Dontatos, which has now closed up shop in Florida. It's a shame because it was one of the only fe...

To Go Meals from Michelin Stars

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

In this time of Covid-19 and stay at home orders statewide, restaurants are limited to take-out and delivery services. Many have closed. Others have soldiered on converting their operations to offe...

GTA takeout/delivery in the era of COVID-19

Dr. John
by Dr. John 2 months ago

Inspired by prima's recent updates to her sandwich threads, I thought I could start a thread focusing on everyone's recs for takeout/delivery options as we move forward over the next few months. S...

Jū-ni Chirashi To Go | NOPA - San Francisco

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 20 hours ago

When Covid-19 ended dine-in services, Michelin one-star Jū-ni was quick to regroup to offer take-away chirashi bowls, $39, beginning March 19. Last month after picking up yakitori at its sister res...

Hina Yakitori Bento To Go | NOPA - San Francisco

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 22 hours ago

Hina Yakitori opened in September with a 16-course $110 tasting menu utilizing the entirety of a pasture-raised, parted half-chicken grilled over binchotan along with other dishes. Chef-owner Tommy...

Golden Star Newtonville, MA

by KSB7 1 day ago

Is there anyone else who remembers Golden Star Chinese Restaurant in Newtonville? My husband and I started eating there in the 70's when we were in school and brought our family there each time we...


Signs of restaurants reopening in Fairfield County, CT...

by gutreactions 5 days ago

We crossed the Westchester line into Greenwich, CT. yesterday afternoon to observe the partial reopening of restaurants in Fairfield County. Outdoor seating is now allowed, with restrictions. Drove...

Aubergine To Go | Carmel-by-the-Sea

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 day ago

Aubergine, the Michelin one-star restaurant within L'Auberge Carmel has been closed during the Coronavirus crisis. Then, as noted here, https://www.chowhound.com/post/meals-michelin-stars-1089805?c...

Sonoma's Best (Sonoma)

by Malcolm Ruthven 17 days ago

All posts I've found here for Sonoma's Best are several years old, so I thought I'd start a new thread. This has been one of my favorite lunch places since it opened. They're now open for take-out....

Fresno Tostada Compuesta

by FAT Traveler 7 years ago

Long ago, Fresno had a Spanish restaurant called "Estradas" and they had, by far, the best salad on a tortilla that they called Tostada Compuesta. Anyway, I've tried a lot of comparable dishes at ...

How are you weathering the lock-down?

by dcbbq 2 months ago

This question arose in a thread, and I thought it was a good topic for people to talk about. One issue -- which restaurants are selling food whose taste isn't hurt by delivery -- and which dish...

Barbecue in Cloverdale!

by Mick Ruthven 10 years ago

We had just left Hwy 101 onto 128 on the way to Anderson Valley today when I spied a large "BBQ" sign so we stopped. It was Hamburger Ranch and Pasta Farm! I had a brisket sandwich and I'd say it ...

Boston-area COVID reopenings for takeout?

by youngho 10 days ago

Lots of places had been closed, but some have started reopening for takeout. In our area, we've noticed Branch Line in Watertown, Ritcey East (on a very limited basis), Rox Diner in Newtonville for...

Fingerling Steak Sandwich

by BerkshireTsarina 12 years ago

Does anyone else remember the days before I-95 and the MA Turnpike, when Route 15 into Route 5 (or was it Route 9?) was how you got from Long Island to Boston? The long drive would get more interes...

Holiday Buñuelos @ Valdez Hot Dogs estilo Mexicali | Salinas

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

On the first sign of chill in October, I stopped by Sr. Valdez's Hot Dogs estilo Mexicali cart (Market Street @ Ivy Street) in Salinas for a champurrado. The milk chocolate-flavored corn drink is m...