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Silkie/Black Chicken?

by blaidd82 11 hours ago

Hi all! I’m looking for a Boston-area Asian restaurant that has silkie/black chicken on the menu. Thanks!

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How are you weathering the lock-down?

by dcbbq 11 months ago

This question arose in a thread, and I thought it was a good topic for people to talk about. One issue -- which restaurants are selling food whose taste isn't hurt by delivery -- and which dish...

Loaded Mexican flavors at El Barrio, Scarsdale...

by gutreactions 17 hours ago

The former 808 Social morphed into El Barrio last year and the playful south-of-the-border flavors coming out of this kitchen are exciting. Stopped in for an early evening dinner this past week and...

Setting the way back machine - Sadie's Steak Tips, Waltham

by Amandarama 8 days ago

Now that the snow is beginning to melt, I'm thinking ahead to firing up the grill. Was thinking back to the steak tips at Sadie's, which was off Moody St. in Waltham. Anyone have thoughts on how ...

Olympic Peninsula - Washington

by Saabiar 2 days ago

Looking for a place for a nice 10th anniversary dinner, cuisine not important. Any suggestions? Thank You.

ISO Black Forest Cake in TO

by prima 21 days ago

Has anyone bought a good Black Forest Cake lately? I remember Fabian's being recommended years ago. Gerhard's sells one: https://gerhardscafe.ca/cakes/ols/products/black-forest-torte Thank...

2021 Newly OPENED Toronto Food Places

by magic 2 months ago

Perhaps we can list 2021 openings here. Looks like a new Summerhill Market on Eglinton seems to be coming along.

GTA takeout/delivery in the era of COVID-19

Dr. John
by Dr. John 12 months ago

Inspired by prima's recent updates to her sandwich threads, I thought I could start a thread focusing on everyone's recs for takeout/delivery options as we move forward over the next few months. S...

Pluckemin Inn

by EDANTES 3 days ago

Went to Pluckemin Inn to celebrate Valentines. The meal did not disappoint. Appetizers were Lobster Salad, and grilled scallops, both were prepared with exquisite attention to detail, blending ...

A Couple of Shout-Outs

by Guilty Gourmand 6 months ago

The Southeast board has been pretty dead which I've chalked up to our collective inability to dine, explore, or try new things but maybe also partially out of fear (or respect) for publicly comment...

Pizza wasteland in OC? HELP!!

OC Mutt
by OC Mutt 5 months ago

I'm going to try again. I'm looking for NY Style / Slice-Style pizza in OC, preferably within the boundaries of areas like, Irvine, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, and Santa Ana. A place I can go regu...

35th Annual Patty Day Toronto. Who makes your favourite?

by Googs 12 days ago

Recently opened PATTY CAKE and ICE CREAM is mine. It's located at 2600 Eglinton Ave E on the north side just a wee east of Midland. Their housemade patties are flavourful and filled with beef, je...

Coffee and Tea in Toronto, 2021

by prima 10 days ago

With so many Starbucks and a few Aroma locations closing, and shorter hours, I found myself frustrated while looking for coffee last Sunday, right at the corner near the HotDocs theatre and Pauper'...

b. patisserie & b. on the go | san francisco

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 11 months ago

"B patisserie is temporarily closed. We are open at B on the go — FRI, SAT, and SUN from 8am to 4pm. Visit B on the Go website to place order and pick-up." Online ordering: https://orders.cake.n...

Reckless Noodle House

by equinoise 7 days ago

A combination of SE Asian food and tiki-ish cocktails is a concept with obvious appeal to me. This is a friendly neighborhood joint with a congenial vibe. IIRC it was founded in 2018 by a Australi...

Lincoln South Food Hall

by equinoise 7 days ago

Here is a place where the concept exceeds the overall execution. A one-stop food court in Bellevue with burger, pizza, pho, bakery/sandwich and "street" tacos choices. I am still unable to abide ...

Sabich in Seattle?

by broksonic 13 years ago

I just spent a wonderful week in Israel, and came to love an Iraqi dish called Sabich (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sabich for more), which is often called falafel's little cousin. This one is ...

Sonoma County Restaurant Week, Feb 19-28, 2021

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 15 days ago

Sonoma County Restaurant Week kicks off today, February 19 and continues for ten days. This year is a bit different in that participating restaurants were not required to offer discounts, given the...