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Tastevin alternative in Paris?

by bonjourvirgil 2 days ago

Hello Paris-goers! Tastevin was one of our all-time favorite restaurants in Paris, but it closed about a year ago. We...


bonjourvirgil commented 34 minutes ago

Nassau County

by jnjn 4 years ago

At the risk of offending, and sincere aplogies if that is the case, I'd like to go on record and say that among...

Gastronomos commented 44 minutes ago

Where to eat along Miditerrenian coast of Valencia, Catalonia and near Perpignan?

by dostrovs 20 hours ago

We are planing a September road trip Valencia - Tarragona - Girona, ending up in Fontjoncouse, France (where my favor...


dostrovs commented 1 hour ago

Favorite Korean dishes and restaurants in Koreatown?

by Torolover 3 months ago

What are the best Korean restaurants in Koreatown and what's your favorite dishes there? Kang Ho Baekjeong seems t...

Monica commented 2 hours ago

Springfield, VA area spots

by FoodDude2 18 hours ago

I recently moved from Arlington to Springfield and thought I would provide some updated reviews of local spots we hav...

TheMatt commented 2 hours ago

August Restaurant, Does it still have it?

by Tiger66 2 months ago

Friends told us about this place, but we'd like a little verification. Is August still good? Worth the $$? Will be in...


Marysteele commented 3 hours ago

Lunch Advice Michelin Restaurant

by soitgoes 3 hours ago

I will be in Paris the first week of September, and I’m overwhelmed by the food options. My wife and I have never bee...

Anthocyane Paris: a mixed experience

by mbcraw4d 8 hours ago

To meet our friend halfway, we were looking for a restaurant on the rue Daguerre, and we chose this instead of Cantin...


Ptipois commented 7 hours ago

Knights Ferry Creamery (and Espresso Bar) in Stanislaus County

by Melanie Wong 7 hours ago

Last month I took a slight detour off the highway to take a look at the Knights Ferry Historic District and find some...

Three Days in Paris Writeup-- June 2017

by jacobw 3 days ago

Hi, all. My wife and I recently celebrated our 20th anniversary with a trip to Paris. Chowhound and John Talbott's b...


mbcraw4d commented 9 hours ago

Chesa Is Closing for Good July 1

by stevewi 9 hours ago

See: -- sw

Santa Barbara - 7 days

by suetibu 15 days ago

Hi, We are a family of 4 (2 kids) planning a week long stay in Santa Barbara (hotel Milo). Can you please suggest res...

glbtrtr commented 10 hours ago

Lunch in Rockridge near BART

by jane21 13 hours ago

I have to meet with a former work colleague. Would like something nice, but not as sophisticated as Oliveto's. Any ...

Caitlin McGrath commented 12 hours ago

Montreal Jazz Fest frolic

by anitra 12 hours ago

Hello all! Former Montrealer visiting my old city for the first time in over 10 years. We're coming from Toronto for ...

Off The Beaten Path

by Wolftaz 25 days ago

Have had the pleasure of dining at most of the big name strip restaurants....Joel Robuchon, e by Jose Andres, etc.......


Dave Feldman commented 13 hours ago

Herbsaint or Cochon?

by Kashei 1 day ago

Herbsaint or Cochon? If we only have time for one of these, which one would you recommend?


Dave Feldman commented 13 hours ago

Arpeggio reopens

by cwdonald 20 hours ago

Arpeggio has reopened in a larger space in Spring House, near where the new Amazon Whole Foods, and Starbucks are goi...

cwdonald commented 15 hours ago

Gunther's available at Mel's Mocha & Ice Cream in Walnut Grove

by Melanie Wong 6 years ago

As National ice Cream Month draws to a close, I wanted to mention at Sacrmento's home town favorite, Gunther's Ice Cr...


Raimnan commented 15 hours ago

Rijsttafel in Chicago

by modgirl69 6 years ago

Does anyone know of a restaurant serving rijsttafel in Chicago? I recently had it in Amsterdam and it was delicious.

nsxtasy commented 15 hours ago

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