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Trattoria La Buca, Zibello

by allende 3 years ago

Miriam Leonardi has died. She was 78. My wife and I knew her well for 39 years. She was sui generis. Miriam made La Buca a wonderful place to enjoy a true Emiliana country meal "down by the Po....

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Qian Noodles

by equinoise 7 hours ago

An unassuming noodle specialist on Aurora Ave North, the business' self-description on Yelp is telling: "We have soup noodle and dry noodle. Please see our menu. We will provide more dishes in the ...

Little Chengdu

by equinoise 7 hours ago

Little Chengdu opened a few years ago on Hanford St. off of Rainier Ave S. It may be an off-shoot of an LA-based franchise, which is suggested by the slick menu and Clover hardware on display in w...

Lil Woody's/Great State Burger

by equinoise 7 hours ago

A joint review seemed in order for these two multi-location Seattle burger emporia. Both are similar in their embrace of a Shake Shack-oriented trend (founded in 2004) favoring a kind of nostalgic...


J. Kenji Lopez-Alt in Seattle

by patsully 4 days ago

I thought this bit in particular would resonate… “But “influencer” doesn’t sit well with López-Alt because it comes with negative connotations of clickbait or free meals. ‘I wouldn’t consider...


GTA Patios in the age of Covid-19 - 2021 edition

Dr. John
by Dr. John 7 days ago

With patios opening up on Friday, I thought I would start a new version of this thread. Have you booked any reservations yet? Where are you hoping to go? We haven't yet booked anything as places...

Portsmouth stuff

by Joanie 15 days ago

By the time I realized how crappy Mem Day weekend was gonna be, it was too late to cancel the hotel. So we slogged around but still had a good time, here's what we hit. Drove up Sat. (from Boston) ...


Dining Recs for 2022 trip to Disneyworld

by amack 4 days ago

My in-laws are planning to take everyone to Orlando next April. We will be staying at the Waldorf, and we are a mixed group (8 adults, 5 kids ages 4-12), a few vegetarians, one traditional meat 'n...

Food in Toronto

by prima 3 months ago

Where do you enjoy food in Toronto? I like the Roman pizza al taglio at Eataly and the Vietnamese banh mi at Rustle & Still. The pork souvlaki at Megas is pretty tasty. I also recommend t...

Planning a Paris trip for January 2022

by PenelopeWitherspoon 2 months ago

Given all the developments over the last couple of week, I am very, very optimistic for my January 2022 birthday trip to Paris. I thought I would put this out there to get a discussion going. In ...


Any good doughnut places open in Midtown Manhattan?

by MisterBill2 2 days ago

We're heading into Manhattan tomorrow for the Colbert taping. Was hoping to get a Dough Doughnut but it seems like their midtown locations are closed. Doughnut Plant at GCT is also closed, and I'm ...


The Rotunda at Neiman-Marcus Re-opens June 15

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 days ago

The Rotunda, the one piece of the beautiful City of Paris building preserved as a restaurant, will re-open on June 15. The Rotunda Neiman-Marcus, Level Four 150 Stockton Street San Francisco,...

Finding Caul Fat In Los Angeles

by Paliman 14 years ago

Saturday seems like the first hint of Fall. I was thinking of soon making boudin blanc with aligot. However, I need some caul fat to encase the boudin. Any ideas? Thanks.

Frybread Love | Humboldt County

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 day ago

After reading about Frybread Love in this extensive profile, https://lostcoastoutpost.com/2021/may/6/sharing-frybread-love-taste-native-comfort-food/ , I know where I'm going when I next visit Trin...


Daiquiris, Piña Coladas, etc

by prima 5 days ago

Anyone know where to get a good daiquiri or piña colada in TO? Rhum Corner, Bar Chef, Civil Liberties and Patois don't have them on their current menus. Thanks for any tips!

We May Lose Eastern Standard

by hotoynoodle 1 year ago

it became an institution under the steady hands and driven minds of garrett harker, andrew holden, jackson cannon and the devoted staff they managed to assemble over the past 15 years. it helped re...

icafe bakery | Chinatown - San Francisco

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 day ago

This year, today, June 14, is Dragon Boat Festival. 'Tis the season for consuming zongzi (aka joong), the tamal-like parcels of stuffed sticky rice wrapped and steamed in bamboo leaves. A month ago...


China Wok - Tysons Corner / Vienna / McLean

by MikeR 1 day ago

I'm pleased to report that, contrary to my experiences re-visiting restaurants that I regularly visited pre-pandemic not being as good now, China Wok, which is now open for indoor dining, is as goo...