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New Orleans 3.0

by saffrongold 3 months ago

Hi, on this trip I have plans to try some new, lauded places and return to a couple of favorites. And I have some blanks to fill. We are staying in Irish Channel/Uptown area and nothing is set in...

Lantern Festival Dinner at Royal Feast in Millbrae

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 26 minutes ago

Another late post to fill in the banquet menu picture . . . two weeks after this initial Chinese New Year dinner at Royal Feast, https://www.chowhound.com/post/goodbye-monkey-rooster-chinese-year-b...

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Armistice Day Dinner at Royal Feast in Millbrae

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 hours ago

Last month a family member asked me to help her order from Chef Liu. I told her the best way was to just give him a budget, a couple days notice, and let him cook for us. Despite my 16+ year hi...

Countdown to the Year of the Boar at Royal Feast in Millbrae

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 hours ago

On Super Bowl Sunday, 11 friends gathered for an epic luncheon at Royal Feast in Millbrae prepared by Master Chef Zhongyi Liu. His celebration menu opened with eight cold appetizers, then eight dis...

Birthday Celebration at Royal Feast - Millbrae

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 hours ago

Whenever asked what to order in advance for a special occasion at Royal Feast in Millbrae, my standard answer is always going to be to put yourselves in Master Chef Zhongyi Liu's hands and let him ...

One Meal - Santa Fe, NM

by klebb 3 years ago

My wife and I have a sitter for our kids for one night and are trying to figure out what restaurant to go to. We've narrowed it down to the following: The Compound Coyote Cafe Restaurant ...


Villa Girgente

by AslK 15 hours ago

After seeing article on Villa Girgente, does anyone know the name of the rib restaurant down the block on Paulina?

San Miguel De Allende... very brief food notes

by erica 3 years ago

I’ve just returned from a 17-day Mexican visit, split between San Miguel de Allende and Michoacan. There is not much recent info here on San Miguel eating, so I will offer a few brief notes on the...


2019 Paris Cheese Restaurants

by GourmetPiggy 1 day ago

Will be visiting Paris in mid Jan and am looking for a restaurant that offers a cheese plate / cheese tasting that will allow me to try a little bit of many cheeses. Perhaps something like the Andr...


Thanksgiving in Mexico - Eating well in Mexico City, San Miguel and Queretaro

by rrems 12 hours ago

My husband Stanley and I spent 9 days in Mexico, staying with our friends Danny and Patricia, and had many wonderful meals. I will submit several posts here. Part 1 - Mexico City We began with ...


You Garden Xiao Long Bao 豫园小笼包

by stuartlafonda 1 day ago

Visited for the first time Sunday. Excellent. Soup Dumplings, skins were a little thicker then paper with a delicious broth. Loved the $1.50 duck buns with a perfectly cooked piece of duck, crisp s...

Openings & Closings Sept-Dec 2019

by JerkPork 3 months ago

No point in going with quarterly threads as the Montreal board is nowhere as busy as it used to be unfortunately. Seems like Uniburger on Cote de Neiges is closed down that or they are completel...

Haute Eggs

by eggsthusiasm 17 days ago

I am researching eggs, and am interested in eating some fancypants eggs at a fine dining restaurant on the eastern seaboard, somewhere between Boston and Washington DC. Anyone have ideas for places...

Lima 2 lunches

by veddeshpande 17 hours ago

I am in Lima for 2 days and so have 2 lunches that I want to fill these restaurants: El Mercado, La Picanteria, La Mar, Pescados Capitales. Which two of these four should I choose?

Ernie's Wine Bar, Bronxville, starts Book Club...

by gutreactions 2 months ago

I enjoy stopping in at Ernie's Wine Bar in Bronxville. It is a good place to unwind, savor a good wine, indulge in a signature dish. Among the different events held at this clubby space, just found...

Minis Latin Fusion opens softly in New Rochelle...

by gutreactions 3 months ago

Nicole Pirraglia-Piparo of City Island has opened Minis Latin Fusion at 237 Main Street, New Rochelle, in a charming refurbished space that had formally operated as Fratelli's. She is joined by tal...


Menu suggestions for a 40th birthday dinner at Royal Feast?

by Lillian Hsu 2 days ago

I'm turning 40 this week, and we are having a birthday dinner for 10 people this Saturday at Royal Feast to celebrate. Any recent favorites from the menu that you would recommend? Any dishes that w...

What are your favorite Holiday Venues in metro NY?

by gutreactions 9 days ago

Whether you've been naughty or nice, it's time to gather with friends and family and enjoy the Holiday Season. What are your favorite venues for dining & cocktails this time of the year? Places tha...

Whither Hiroo Nagahara?

by Dmnkly 8 years ago

Greetings, all! I made the now tragic decision, in January of 2010, to wait on Bar Charlie until I could return to Vegas with my ladylove, whose tastes seemed perfectly suited to his style. O...

"The One Fusion Chinese Restaurant" - A sad attempt of fusion cuisine resulting in a $56 failure dish!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 1 day ago

I learned a couple of valuable lessons after my latest dining experience! 1) When it comes to food.....Do not believe in everything you hear, even from so called foodie/experts! 2) When it come...