The best steak with BEER (budwiser)

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The best steak with BEER (budwiser)
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Ingredients (10)

  • Prim rib eye
  • one can of budwiser
  • oyster sauce a table spoon per steak
  • garlic salt, sprinkle on both sides
  • Cilantro, sprinkle on both sides
  • Rosemary
  • papper corn
  • sweet onion 1 to 2
  • sugar
  • corn starch

My family like steak. With 6 of us, it was hard to please each one of them. Finally, a steak with the right beer to make it happen!


  1. Put oyster sauce to cover the whole steak, approx. one table spoon per steak
  2. sprinkle garlic salt on both sides, don’t over doing this.
  3. sprinkle enough papper corn on both sides.
  4. put the marinaded steak onto a corning pan and pull the beer to reach about 80% height. Don’t cover it. Put it back to fridge for about 1hr or enough time to let the season to sip into the meat.
  5. chop the onion into strip form for later use.
  6. drain the juice out from the pan, but keep the juice for later use.
  7. grill or pan sear the steak into your perfer way.
  8. use a small pot heat up the juice.
  9. add the chopped onion, add Rosemary and corn starch to thicken the gravy.
  1. add proper amount of surgar to balance the tast.
  2. put the gravy on the bottom of the steak to serve.
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