new mexico green chile

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serving for 4 Easy
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Ingredients (1)

  • new mexico roasted green chile, tomatoes, garlic, onion, cumin, flour, water, salt, pepper and chicken broth, meat, pork, beef or chicken if you desire.

locally grown green chile roasted and peeled is like no other. once you have peeled the chile you chop it rough chop. you may eat eat with homemade tortillas and garlic or you may fry it with other ingredients to make a sauce or stew.


  1. 1rough chop peeled green chile, chop tomatoes, garlic, onions and fry in small amount of oil if not using meat. if you use meat i prefer the pork. cut meat into small pieces and fry with a little oil until tender. add all ingredients until tender, add approx, 2 tablespoons of flour, to mixture until incorporated, add chicken broth, and salt to taste. add 1/4 tsp or more to your taste of cumin, cook until all is simmered into a sauce. taste to your liking. eat with homemade flour tortillas. yum.
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