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Ziplock's vacuum pump storage bags. Tried 'em?


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Ziplock's vacuum pump storage bags. Tried 'em?

Caroline1 | Nov 5, 2008 05:55 PM

Bought both sizes today. And the pump with sample bags too, of course. They look so easy and magical in the TV commercial! For lunch today I made a mountain of linguini with scallops and thought it would be great to freeze the leftovers as individual portions. Got the food in the bags with no problem. Sealed the zip part with no problem. Then began trying to vacuum out the air. It was rather like trying to inflate a semi truck tire with a bicycle pump. THEN I noticed the little wing-nut like protrusions under the pump handle. WHY do they ship the damned things "unloaded," so to speak. Once I tightened that down, it became more like inflating a bicycle tire with a bicycle pump.

Reynold's battery operated pump is MUCH easier, but I haven't had much luck with their bags holding the vacuum in the freezer. I don't need to pay good money for freezer burn when I can get it free with any old garden variety zip bag. So the payoff for me with Ziplock will be whether the bags hold their seal in the freezer better than Reynolds does. If not, this toy will go in the drawer with my cubed egg mold and plastic sushi press. I hope I don't end up wishing the Reynolds battery pump would work on Ziplock. Oh, wait! I'm already wishing that!

Anybody else taken the plunge? Are you happy with it?

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