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Zinc Lozenges

Tord Svenson | Jan 6, 2000 09:52 PM

Subject: zinc lozenges
From: (Liza)
Posted: January 06, 2000 at 13:39:47

In Reply To: Re(1): 'flu therapy/feed a cold some curry
Posted by Barb. H. on January 06, 2000 at 11:30:10


Sounds kooky. I know. I was a non-believer til I tried
them and while they don't eliminate the symptoms, the
zinc did seem to reduce them.
Also, hot and sour soup, definitely. Next time I feel a
sniffle, though, I'm heading straight for the wasabi.

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I am very sensitve to flu viruses --I get bed-ridden and have all sorts of serious complications. Some of these viruses are "chowhounds" and are happy to eat us alive. I tried using zinc lozenges a few years ago. They have worked amazingly well for me.

It is critically important to start them right at the point of the first symptoms -- or better yet --prophylacticly.

When my wife comes home with symptoms I start the lozenges although I have no signs of a cold. For the first time in my life I am not getting her or my kids' colds! Anybody who has extensive contact with the public should be sucking on these like your health depended on it. Yes --wash your hands every time you are out in public places.

When you are already sick its too late --but as you said -- zinc lozenges can shorten the cold's duration.

I just posted a letter on Vietnamese pho (soup) on the Boston list. Yes -- chicken pho with added sambal will break up mucous even better than the chicken soup my Jewish NY friends would fill me with when I was sick.

Also -- I see that the doctors have a new technique of scarring the mucous membrains in the nose to prevent swelling and blockage. This is a permanent solution to part of the problem.


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