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Zeke's Smokehouse - ate there and then...


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Zeke's Smokehouse - ate there and then...

MPKen | Nov 10, 2002 01:40 AM

Zeke's BBQ

Now I haven't been to too many Q places, but I do know what I like. Dr. Hogly Wogly's, good and plenty. Jaybees, tastey and satisfying. To me, these are the standard bearers. Tonight I tried Zeke's BBQ in Montrose after reading Tajunga Mike's review of the place.

Upon arriving, parking, and walking down the back entrance ramp, our party was ready to grub on some good Q. We paruse the menu on the wall and decide to order two Zeke's Feast (3 items, 2 sides for ~$20) to be shared among the four of us. We order chicken, brisket, link (not links), baby backs, spare ribs, and pulled pork. For sides we order slaw, potatoe salad, and a double order of mash potatoes. After ordering we find a booth and await a meaty treat. The place wasn't crowded at 8:30 on a Saturday night. There is a counter to sit at and four tables aside from the 3 booths along the wall.

On the table are the three sauces: a mustard based, a spicy texas style, and a Kansas style sweet sauce. Our plates arrive and to our surprise, there is a lot of white space on our two platters (read: small portions). We get a quarter chicken (dark meat), 6 slices of brisket as thin as thick sliced bacon, three spare ribs, three baby back ribs, one link, and no pulled pork. We were so shocked at the chincy portions that we didn't even notice that we didn't get the pulled pork.

Now, I'm not knocking what Tajunga Mike wrote about the place. The place is as advertised. The sauces are great, the meats are tasty, the help quite informative, and the place is nicely adorned, but we were all expecting a mound of meat on each plate. I'm used to Dr. Hogly Wogly portions at $20 a plate. Now maybe I'm naive, but I expect a $20 BBQ plate to be able to take some home if I'm eating by myself. The meats come with no sauce so you can apply what you like.

I use the mustard based sauce on my chicken leg and it was pretty darn good. Juicy leg with a tangy mustard sauce left me wanting more. I used the spicy sauce on the link and found it sufficiently flavorful with a nice snap. The ribs get the Kansas City style sweet sauce that is OK. We didn't realize until coming home that we didn't get any pulled pork. We'll we finish our meals and walk out in disbelief that we are still hungry. On the way to the car we run into some staff in the parking lot and I didn't have the heart to gripe about our meal. In retrospect, I thought that we should have. They seemed to like working there and it could help the place last longer.

So we head to La Cabinita (down the street) for some tacos and marguritas. That place is pretty damn good with their hand made tortillas and sopes. The marguritas were definitely fortified, but mixed to perfection. All in all the night was salvaged by the late night tacos and drinks. If you are into BBQ, give it a try if you are curious, but don't go too out of your way for this one. I'll stick to Dr. Hogly Wogly's and Jaybees for my BBQ in the future.


p.s. Zeke's on the web at Only a front page, no menu.


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