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yummy yummy dumpling - my preferred spot downtown

pinstripeprincess | Mar 13, 201205:09 AM

the menu is quite short and i haven't had amazing success with dishes outside of the dumplings or the beef pancake (though i think the fried red pork combo deserves a mention if you want a seriously homey dish) but those two things are fantastic.

dumpling skins are taut, tender and chewy. i think they do one of the best jobs with fried dumplings i've seen. not greasy but crisp enough. all the fillings are ridiculously juicy. the beef pancake is just a fountain of deliciousness, trust me when i say you want to be careful biting/cutting into one of these babies. they're gorgeous. considering my pig obsession, i haven't tried the pork version yet but i'll have to the next time.

they make their own chili oil, it's a sweet and simple spot. the owner has a familiarity.... it's northeastern chinese cuisine, no xiao long bao on the menu here, but it's my preferred dumpling spot downtown right now. prices are in line with it's predecessor of the same location, mother's dumplings, but significantly better.

they're usually quite empty except for a trickle of mandarin speaking chinese. i really want them to do well. they're definitely doing some things right. my only real wish is that they'd offer more than two options for beverages. i love me some cold soy.

photos from a blog post: www.tongueandcheek.ca

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