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Yogurt strainer or chinois?

skyline | Aug 20, 2011 07:30 AM

Since I haven't been able to find an organic Greek style yogurt that we both like at a reasonable price (the usual case when something is currently trendy, LOL) I've decided to just take our usual organic lowfat and employ a yogurt strainer instead. Don't want to mess with cheesecloth bags particularly, so I noticed this 'wave' shaped strainer by Donvier:


I like that it is stainless steel mesh although I wish its shape didn't restrict it to use with only the square plastic container it comes in (would rather have it strain into/stored in glass, frankly). I was wondering if a stainless chinois would accomplish the same thing or is the bottom shape too narrowly pointed in those?

I also came across an article recommending the use of a typical paper coffee filter for straining yogurt. Does that really work? It sounds as if not enough of the liquid would actually drain through, compared to an actual mesh.

The Cuisipro/Donvier got great reviews on Amazon but it's no longer available there, btw.

Any opinions from experience on the Donvier vs using a chinois? We don't have either at the moment so it's a question of which one would work better if there is a difference.

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