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Best Yogurt I've Ever Eaten - Sophia's Belmont

StriperGuy | Oct 27, 201008:01 AM     131

Okay I've never been a huge fan of this place. It's just fine for what it is, but almost everything they sell can be bought at Arax etc. AND Arax has literally 1,000 additional amazing items.

Nevermind it used to be kinda dumpy. Though they just did a fairly nice refurb, and have more stuff then they did.

Also their prices are sometimes insane, i.e., 1 Pound box garden variety arborio rice $8. Same box anywhere else is between $2.99 and $6. Have ya been to the supermarket and price compared? I mean really.

For some things they have stuff no one else has. All kinds of barley. Interesting (haven't tried em) "sour Greek pasta" and a few other things.

That said, the other day I was in there and she was serving homemade yogurt out of a fridge in the register area. I asked what it was: "Oh, our homemade sheep and goat milk yogurt, would you like to try?"

Okay, full stop, end of discussion, most amazing yogurt I have ever eaten. Rich and tangy, yet light, fluffy, and fresh at the same time. Sort of like the very finest creme fraiche without quite as much fat. Though I am fairly sure this stuff ain't fat free.

Closer to a fresh cheese, creme fraiche than an "eat it with a spoon" yogurt (though it would certainly be amazing that way.) Not as thick as a thickened yogurt cheese (labneh).

I have been eating it smeared on everything. Heck I'd smear it on myself then lick it off ;-). WAY more flavorful than cream cheese on a bagel.

A remarkable, local, artisanal product. And a fairly big tub (1lb size) was between $3 and $4. One of the most amazing food products I have ever eaten. I WANT SOME now.

Sophia's Greek Pantry
265 Belmont Street
Belmont, MA 02478-3749
(617) 489-1371


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