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Yesterday, we had a "Share" button, Today?


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Yesterday, we had a "Share" button, Today?

mcsheridan | Aug 14, 2014 04:03 AM

We've got four to make the ability to share obvious, I guess; if you're going to go that way, we should have five. Where is the Link button for the OP that was part of the Share button just yesterday? I just got through telling someone on a Site Talk thread yesterday that the share button was the Permalink for the OP; now, I'm a liar. Yes, I know I can tap on the Location bar and get the link that way; that's not intuitive for the non-techie.

Yes, I see we have an email option. But what if I don't want to use a Chow e-mail function? I just want to grab the link and paste it into my iPad email, or if on my PC, Thunderbird. Or, as many do here on Chowhound, I want to paste a Permalink to the OP into my response in a new thread, referring to it to answer a question. C'mon. This is not an improvement.

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