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yeasted blini? ukrainian?


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yeasted blini? ukrainian?

lacy | Nov 28, 2001 09:43 AM

several years ago when i lived in california, i was invited to a holiday party by an older ukrainian woman with whom i worked. she made a lot of traditional ukrainian food, most of which i was familiar with. however, she made these blini that were unbelievable and i've been searching for them ever since. i remember her telling me they had to rise something like 3 times. i also seem to remember folding something into the yeasted batter during the final proofing. she used buckwheat flour (tho i don't know if she mixed it with white) and produced these dreamy little pancake-like things on the griddle that were simultaneously fluffy yet substantial and utterly delicious. i've been in many russian and ukrainian restaurants but every blini order has produced something akin to a french crepe. i once asked a ukrainian chef and she said they were just too complicated and involved for yr average restaurant. i believe she scrawled down an approximate recipe for me, but it was a crazy williamsburg, ny halloween night and i'm just really not sure.... anyone have a recipe or know where to get the real thing in nyc?

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