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yeast types: instant, bread machine, active dry...?


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yeast types: instant, bread machine, active dry...?

amy3 | Sep 30, 2002 11:58 AM

I got a great bread book by Peter Reinhart from the library and want to try some recipes from it. The recipes all call for instant yeast, so I wanted to find some of this to try. However, there doesn't seem to be any commercially available yeast that is labelled 'instant'. It seems that sometimes rapid rise is considered to be the same as instant, but I've also read that they are two different things. SAF has something called 'perfect rise', which claims to work in recipes calling for any type of yeast. Is there any way to get instant yeast? If not, which yeast would work the best in recipes calling for instant yeast? Normally I would be more adventurous and just try stuff, but I've already made two inedible loaves of bread and I'd like to the next one to come out right.

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