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New Year's Day 2012 -- Any twists? Any "Resolutions" regarding Food?

alkapal | Dec 28, 201102:18 PM

Are you doing anything that is a twist on the beans and greens that are reputed to bring good luck and prosperity in the coming year?

I want to make some regular collards with smoked pork, and some black eyed peas or other field peas (Whiteacres, perhaps?) -- but I definitely love that "Texas Caviar" salad made with black eyed peas. I still will have some good cornbread, too -- or maybe lacy johnny cakes instead (a little greasy but so nice and crispy for eating with the beans).

And….by the way…how did it work out for 2011? Eh, maybe this stuff is overrated! LOL.

Do you make any dishes on New Year's Day (or New Year's Eve) out of pure nostalgia? I remember that my mom would always ask me on New Year's Day whether I had eaten my collards and black eyed peas for the new year. Now I wish I could tell her that I wouldn't miss it.

Do you do something different than this "beans and greens" food tradition for New Year's Day to bring in a great new year (other than aspirin, I mean). What is the food tradition where you come from -- or that of your family ancestors for New Year's Day (or the night before)?


Are you making any "resolution" regarding food for 2012? Mine is to make smaller amounts, so I have fewer leftovers, and to police my fridge better, so things don't go to waste.

Lord willing, I will make Mom's Lane Cake this year in her memory -- something I've never made before. I think I'd like to consolidate and share many of her recipes from those she was given on index cards, or had clipped from a newspaper or the back of a package, and make a little family cookbook. (I'm not actually sure if any of the family would care, though, which is another issue entirely. So this plan may get shelved. Maybe I am too sentimental -- or just like some good old-time country cooking too much to let it go).

Happy New Year to all Chowhounds near and far! May your memories be sweet, you eat well. and share.

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