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Ask and Ye Shall Receive: Ginger Altoids


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Ask and Ye Shall Receive: Ginger Altoids

Marty L. | Mar 23, 2003 11:26 PM

As you may recall, not long ago Altoids stopped production of the single best mint product in the known universe, Ginger Altoids. Chowhounds, and other ginger lovers everywhere, despaired. See link. Just this evening I was at my local (DC-area) TJ's, and, almost as a matter of reflex, or old-habits that haven't quite died yet, I stole my pro forma glance at the Altoids display and . . . lo and behold, I could not believe what I was witnessing -- dozens upon dozens of ginger tins with the magical elixirs within. After getting over my shock, it occurred to me that this must be merely a tease -- that my local TJ's had stumbled upon an old stash in a dusty corner somewhere and had decided to give us one last hurrah. But I asked the manager, and he informed me that they're back in production! He was a bit befuddled to note that he had never before gotten such a reaction to the presence of a product on his shelf -- apparently several of his customers prior to me had likewise jumped for joy this weekend upon noting their return.

Please let it be for real . . . and may we never again hear the dreaded words "ceasing production."


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