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Yang's Sushi Buffet- #7 east of Warden

Vinnie (Benny) Vidimangi | May 1, 2005 09:16 PM

Following the favourable postings on March 12 2005 I attended at Yang's Sushi Buffet for lunch. Almost all the customers were Asian and I had great expectaions as I sat down. Yang's did turn out to be the best Chinese owned Japanese buffet that I have been to, but this is not saying much. It still is Chinese Japanese, an dto me obviously Chinese in character. But I know very little about Japanese cooking. For all I know the cooking may have been authentic southern Japanese truckstop. For me a test is the salad dressing. Theirs was bad "French" dressing glopped on some indifferent shredded lettuce. The udon soup was so strong and coarse that I left it. But enough of the dishes were tasty, even very tasty, even if they were not within a Japanese aesthetic. Eg the veal ribs and sirloin steak; the tempura was pretty good from memory.

Now for price. It starts off cheap, $11.99 if I remember. Then come the add ons- 10% service, sales taxes and 5% if you use a credit card. So it ended up at $16.00. This is at lunch and I didn't need to eat so much and it was work going through the dishes that I didn't like. I could have had a very nice japanese lunch at Asahi, NW corner Steeles and Bathurst, fo r$7 plus tax. I would have enjoyed everything and been satiated.

Yang's is considerably more than $16.00 at supper, but I wouldn't want to pay more. $16.00 is enough for all the pleasure that I got from it even had it been supper.

Words of caution. First. The Asian waitress knelt at the table, looked up, smiled at me and took my order. I wanted to excoriate myself for having been pleased. Second. There is a huge TV or whatever screen in the middle of the room. What was being shown was an Asian film which featured a young man and a young woman who were shackled and being garrotted with more chains. And at lunch yet! I suppose in Yang's defence I should say that Yang's is a buffet after all, and they must cater to many tastes.

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