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WWYD with no Chowhound?


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WWYD with no Chowhound?

RoraCraving | Apr 15, 2009 09:34 AM

Inspired by this recent post ( about our lesser foodie moments, I wondered what Chowhounds would do in a new city and no access to the Chowhound board.

I have often travelled to new cities without doing the proper research, and been stuck with the local Where magazine or other tourist propaganda as my guide on where to eat. I know I shouldn't trust the advertising or the "recommendation" as fueled by ad dollars, and yet I go and try the place with the prettiest pictures or the most stars. Inevitably it turns out to be even more disappointing than room service.

What do you use as your spidey sense when you're on the road? Are there key words/phrases/signs that you intuitively use to filter out the overrrated from the good?

(Especially in small town USA, I often find solace in chain restaurants. At least I know what to expect.)

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