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Not About Food 39

WWCD? (What would Chowhounds do?)

janetofreno | Nov 7, 201309:21 PM

OK, I feel really petty for even caring about this a week later, but here goes:

About a week ago I went to a local Mexican market which is known for good produce at great prices. It is near my office, and I often buy produce there, and am rarely disappointed.

My husband is on a gobi (cauliflower) kick lately, and had asked me to pick some up along with the other veggies. Now, I admit that I didn't look at the prices as I picked out the produce. As I said, that particular store almost always has good prices. I just bought what I wanted.

But when I went to checkout I was shocked to find that my cauliflower rang up at over six bucks. For a cauliflower?? I asked the checkout clerk to check to make sure she had hit the right key, she had. It was priced at 2.99 a pound and was slightly over 2 pounds. And no, it wasn't organic. Or one of those fancy ones that are yellow or purple. Just a plain white cauliflower. A full head, not processed florets. I asked to speak to the manager...yes, the price was right per her. (She went and checked the posted price, but didn't look it up anywhere else).

I was in a hurry, and hungry and tired, and anxious to get home and let my husband cook the damn cauliflower. so I paid and left, cursing under my breath and wondering if maybe I should shop elsewhere.

But twice since then my husband has bought cauliflower in other stores (stores that often have prices for produce that are quite higher than this favorite Mexican Market). In both cases he paid around 2 to 3 dollars PER cauliflower, not per pound. I am convinced that the cauliflower was marked with the wrong price (ie it was meant to be a per each head price and not a per pound price). But remember, the manager already told me otherwise.

Would something like this keep you from shopping at a favorite store? (of course, I will NEVER buy a cauliflower without carefully checking the price again:-) Talking to the store manager got me nowhere...should I try and figure out the owner and talk to them? Would I have had better luck if I tried complaining in Spanish (the manager's English was perfect btw). There is a part of me that wants to do a survey of cauliflower prices in the city and take it to the produce manager. Do chowhounds let things like this bug them; try to remedy it, or just move on?

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