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Wow! Now THAT is Liverwurst: Karl's Sausage, Peabody

opinionatedchef | Mar 24, 201510:29 PM     13

After reading CH raves about Karl's for years, we finally made it up there last week.
We were so lucky that there were no other customers at the meat counter in that late afternoon, so I got to sample many things, which was great because I was not familiar with almost all their meats, and many of their cheeses as well. The woman counter staff could not have been nicer.
I ended up with :
smoked liverwurst
beet red head cheese
bacon , sliced to order
weisswurst, a mild veal sausage
westphalian ham
These were all made in-house except the smoked liverwurst.
(Smoked porkchops were not available til the weekend.)

Everything I sampled and then bought- has been delicious. I have never tasted liverwurst (both theirs and the smoked) like this. So creamy, rich and flavorful, but mild and delicate at the same time. The smoked has an outer ring of yellow fat that melts on your sandwich and is sooo decadent! Had I tasted it blindfolded I might have thought it was some hybrid of a goose pate. Of the 2 white and 1 red headcheeses, I was def. won over by the robust red - redolent of allspice and thyme- like a French country pate. I had them slice it paper thin and , aside from warming it, I haven't quite figured how to serve it- maybe as a side for potato pierogi or a white bean or lentil dish. Fun to have some new meaty things to play with for dinner. It was a really fun experience at Karl's. We'll return and learn alot more, I'm sure.
Thx again, hounds!

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