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There is nothing worse than bad cake...

Gobstopper | Feb 18, 201003:53 AM

And bad cake is rampant these days - but let me preface. I am a dull guy these days: new family, less urban, more dinners in, date nights are too rare to risk on mediocrity. It's great in a lot of ways, but it makes me less of a chowhound - my list of go to is short and steady - and you've all heard me bang the drum about it enough. We try to do a nice job with house guests - and since I hate making dessert, we usually pick something up. This has gone over well in the past.

The Good:

Strawberry and Pistachio tart from Latruwe. 5/5. Unbelievable. Can taste pistachio. If you have ever shelled an entire bag of pistachios, and eaten them with a spoon, you would have less pistachio flavour than this. Sublime.

Lemon Cake from Brulee. I think this is the first cake I had, years ago, that cracked the door on great cake and the idea of a great calgary bakery. Prior to this moment I think the Dutch something or other was the best I had. Perfectly balanced. As a chocolate guy, this satisfies me and the non-chocolate guy.

Berry Genois (sp?) and Fruit / Profiterole cake from Eclaire De Lune. Both awesome, and literally half the price of the two above. I would skip his chocolate log though.

The Bad:

Mixed cupcakes from Crave. or Mixed mini cupcakes from Crave. or Cupcakes from anywhere else. Go ahead - put that blindfold on - take a bite - can you tell the difference? from one colour to another - from one bakery to another (even safeway?). Please let this trend end. It's embarrassing. Your customers are getting laughed at. In the grand tradition of stealing entrepreneurial ideas from other cities, give up your leases so a new series of NYC simulacra can appear.

The Worst:

40 dollars for styrofoam from Nectar. Punky Brewster Plus Duncan Heinz does not equal baking prowess. I see the price Inglewood is paying for cable tv's cake shows - it's all about looks and not about taste. Red Velvet = ass in a box. It wasn't just me either - everyone who was over was so excited for that first bite - and as soon as it was in - the forks slowed to a stand still and I threw out a pile of cake. Plates were covered with leftover icing. This doesn't happen with Brulee. People lick plates from Latruwe. I have 2/3rds of a Red Velvet in my freezer. Maybe I can make breadcrumbs out of it - ruby red chicken fingers (just hold your nose).....

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