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New World dishes Question

kare_raisu | Jan 27, 200812:18 PM

I am perplexed at comparing the foods of US/Canada and Mexico/Peru. The strain of Pre-columbian Mesoamerican ingredients and cooking techniques are so much more prominent and advanced as a part of the national food culture of Mexico/Peru, yet we here North of the Border cannot claim many wholly native dishes as our "own."

What do we have?
- "Indian" fry bread (huh?)
- "Indian" Pudding
- Pacific NW Salmon uses

What about the great Civilizations of our NOB Native American Heritage? The Iroqouis, Zuni, Pueblo, Cahokia, Huron, Sioux etc?

What are the reasons for this discrepancy?
Were they not advanced as much as Mesoamerica/ Andes to neccistate a need for complex cookery? Did we destroy them rather than absorb their culture and beauty?


This post kind of hearkens back for me time spent out in DC working for the NPS - when I got to eat quite often at the National American Indian Museums restaurant and my usual dissapointment with its Native cuisine representation.

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