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Woodhouse Fish Company – I just don’t get it…

Pssst | Jun 19, 200606:55 PM     20

So we swung by Woodhouse Fish Company the other day for dinner. We’ll probably check back in six months or so just ‘cause they’re in the neighborhood, but currently the food is just not working for me.

Particularly since the chef at Woodhouse seems to have the exact opposite cooking philosophy than I do. He seems to think that if you add enough fat, you don’t have to use any seasonings at all – okay I’m not so extreme as to really think that if you had enough seasonings, you don’t have to add fat - but I do think that well blended/balanced seasonings can go a lot farther than gratuitous fat in making a dish extraordinary.

Anyway, on to the meal --

We split the Boston Clam Chowder ($6) as a starter, and had the New England Roll ($12) and the Stuffed Avocado ($16) as our mains. The bill with wine & tip was about $50.

Boston Clam Chowder – It was incredibly rich, they clearly used all cream for this soup. The last time I was in Boston, I ordered clam chowder at every meal and none of them were anywhere near as plain yet overwhelming as this soup. At Woodhouse, we peppered the hell out of the chowder to try to balance it out and make it a little less like a bowl of hot cream with potatoes & clams.

New England Roll – I only had a couple of bites of this and have never had a lobster roll in New England so what do I know? Well, I thought - "Yuck! Fresh lobster smothered in mayo & cheese? What’s the point of that?" If it had a lot less mayo & some fresh herbs this could be a nice dish but it reminded me of so many of the crab cakes in Louisiana – excellent fresh crab with so much filler you loose the beauty of the crab. The L roll came with french fries and coleslaw – the french fries were quite good, the coleslaw was so bland it was just crunchy mayo.

Stuffed Avocado – This is two halves of an avocado resting on bed of salad, one filled with prawns, one filled with crab with little cups of lemon mayo and cocktail sauce on the side (& garlic toast). The raspberry vinaigrette on the salad was nice. The lemon mayo was quite nice. The fresh unadorned seafood was nice. Although I did have a “if these are prawns, what’s the difference between prawns and shrimp?” moment. Honestly, I almost never order shrimp in restaurants anymore because they are so flavorless these days – I thought I was safe ordering prawns but these were just as flavorless as the small shrimp they resembled. But it was okay since the lemon mayo perked them up.

Maybe they'll hit their groove. But I've learned and important lesson - nice menu + fresh ingredients does not always equal great food!

FYI - They have a tiny "Cost Plus" wine list so definitely stick with beer or non-alcoholic drinks.

Link: http://woodhousefish.com/

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